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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Economy is in shambles
There is a total lack of leadership
Hope is at a minimum
The people feel out of control and without a sense of optimism for the future, they lash out at anyone who is different from them.

Conditions that existed in 1930s tht gave rise to hitler and an extremely xenophobic Nazi Germany, and a Modern day Greece.

(Do you think Malaysia is going on a downward spiral too?)

societies like individuals need to know where they are going. We all need to feel like the work we are doing is advancing some cause or purpose.

To feel the lives we lead and the jobs we toil have meaning and value beyond the daily act of breathing or the monthly routine of paying bills.

Great societies, like great companies, have a bold sense of the future and they employ the population to help build it.

When that bold sense of future is absent, however, we become obsessed not with building our future, but with attacking those, we believe, would prevent us from doing so. Instead of taking responsibility for own our state, we blame others for the state we are in.

(Sounds so much like Political Party we know?)

Worse Still, there are opportunists who would capitalize on the rallying crowds to consolidate their own power.

They feed the frenzy, they stir the paranoia not because its the right thing to do, but because it helps them get elected or gives them a leadership position they have not earned.

This is what happened in Nazi Germany. This is what happened countless times in many Arab dictatorships and this is what's happening in Greece.

(Is this happening to us?)

Article by Simon Sinek
(My opinions in Parentheses )

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It was one night shift I didn’t expect.

Prior, everything went on as usual. Returning home after the afternoon shift, I had a quick Linner (Lunch+dinner) then went to ‘collapse’, as my wife would call it.

It would be 9.30pm when I peeled my eyelids open, a few hours of tossy-turny restless sleep, the only kind my biological clock would allow. Its internal rhythms gone haywire from the odd and erratic working hours of a casualty house officer .

Punching it at 9.55pm, I soon took charge of Yellow/Asthma bay, and received passovers from the previous shift.

Around 1030pm, the Triage Officer came through the Yellow Zone doors holding the phone, a puzzled expression on her face

I was Ke-pohing in the red zone at the time, and overheard the case.

“Dr Fateha, ada kes panggilan dari Fook-Lu-Siew Minta Confirm Death.”

I glanced at my Medical Officer, she, at me; both amused by the request, one none of us had heard before. Fook Lu Siew is a Funeral parlour, dealing with the recently departed of Taoist and Christian Faith. It has been a most unusual request. Only those certified dead are brought there for embalming and last rites.

“Yong, you nak Pergi? ”

I nodded in affirmation, my adventurous spirit kicking back in. This came right after a Helicopter Medical Evac from Kota Marudu a week before;

This time, I think I’m ready to bust some zombie-myth.

As the Ambulance rounded the bend at the Tuaran Road-Bulatan Nanas Flyover
I pondered the possible scenarios

what made them feel the patient came back ?

- I asked my Medical Attendants
“Pukul Berapa patient meninggal?”

“I ada Tanya tadi, bilangnye-6.30pm”

“Sekarang pukul sebelas sudah. 4 jam lebih. Mana Mungkin?”

Were they so distraught they couldn’t let the patient go they started having visions?

“Dari Mana patient tu L/O? (Last Office)”

“Palliative Ward”

Now. Palliative ward. Palliation = Comfort/ End of Life Care. This means the patient’s family should have been prepared mentally for the eventual departure.

There must be signs of life convincing enough to shake them to call the hospital.

I had to consider the possibility of misdiagnosis of death then.

Siapa MO yang certify death kamu tahu tak?”

“Doktor XXXX”

“Tapi, dia baru transfer dari Neurosurgery lah, Mereka tu hari hari certify brain death, tidak mungkin dia boleh miss diagnosis”


The ambulance doors opened.
I wasn’t all that ready to have 20 pairs of eyes looking at me immediately after.
Some held grief, some held frustration, the ones that I avert eyes from were the ones that held, hope. I was afraid I might dash them.

The leader of the pack approached. His eyes held hope. But I had to make it clear.

“Encik, saya faham bahawa kamu orang rasa bahawa dia telah hidup balik. Kalau itu benar, saya rasa keadaan sedia-adanya kurang bagus sebab dia telahpun berada di palliative ward. Kalau betul dia ada peluang, kamu mahu saya tekan dada untuk hidupkan dia balik?”

Looking left and right at his family, he nodded. “Ya Tuan Doktor. Kita mahu dia kembali”

This meant they had expectations of her springing back to life.

This is going to be a difficult counseling session.

As thoughts raced through my head, I was brought into a middle sized room, housing a wardrobe, a bathing tabletop for cleansing the body, and a wide rear area housing other ceremonial items.

I placed myself at the Right corner of the table.
There she was, a young lady maybe mid twenties… maybe that’s why they couldn’t let her go..
Her peripheries were blue, her eyelids tightly shut, no apparent rhythmic rise and fall of the chest.

Most likely a goner, I thought, as relatives streamed into the room, closing the door behind them

My Assistant prepared the AED (automatic External Defibrillator) machine for heart rhythm analysis, while I whipped out the pen torch and the stets.

No Pupil reflex.
Negative Doll’s Eye reflex.
No …Breath sounds.

I could sense that their gaze are all upon me, my breath grew quicker
No heart sounds.
The AED machine was very silent. No beeps. It showed a very flat X-axis line.

“Dia tidak menunjukkan sebarang tanda-tanda bahawa dia masih hidup
matanya, nafasnya, jantungnya semuanya telah berhenti berfungsi.”

“Doktor. Saya tidak Nampak apa kamu buat tadi. Boleh ulang?”
That came from a middle age male in a collared Tee. The one I thought was the head of the family. Fatigue evident in his eyes. He was almost pleading.


This time I explained each and every step as I went through the motions, in Malay.

‘If the Brain and Cranial nerves were intact- the pupils would dilate’
those that stood by the sidelines crept and inched nearer to the table, to see her eyes better.

‘This Corneal reflex is what protects our eyes, when a foreign object threatens our vision. It is absent in her.’

‘If the brainstem was still intact, her eyes would stay fixed on me when I turn her head, evidently this is not happening’

‘She has no carotid pulse, the brain would be severely hypoxic without blood supply’

‘I can hear no breath sounds’

‘There is no heart beat. As you can see, her fingers and toes are all deep blue, that means they have been without oxygen for too long’

A voice came from behind the crowd.
“tadi bukan gitu”

then there was a murmur of voices.

The Man, said: “tadi kami pegang ada denyutan nadi.”
His words carefully measured. No more. No less.
The Strain in his voice can be appreciated.

“Saya tidak pasti, saya bukan kata bahawa kamu orang salah, tapi, ada kemungkinan, ada mungkin kamu terasa nadi kamu sendiri, lebih lebih kalau kamu pakai ibu jari untuk merasa”

Secretly, I wanted to tell them they will feel and see whatever their minds wanted them to see. They would be imagining a pulse in her, when it is their own.

I glanced around the room. Some were fidgeting, some looked at the Man. Others looked at me. The Man looked at the ground

There was a eerie silence that I hope I could pierce. It lasted far too long.

“Apa kata macam ini. Biar ahli keluarga terdekat berada di sini. Yang lain keluar dulu. Saya akan terang dengan terperinci sekali lagi. Lepas tu, kamu orang boleh terangkan kepada ahli keluarga yang lain. ”

At a loss for words, I could sense the Man was glad he could detach himself from the gaze of his family as he ushered them out of the room, save five.

Apparently, he is reluctant to make the call to end the examination. To do so, would mean he is giving up hope, on their behalf.

“Sebelum saya bermula, ada apa apa soalan kah?”

“Doktor, Selalukah orang mati hidup balik? Saya tengok berita itu selalu berlaku”

I almost shook my head in disbelief.
“Itu Cuma berlaku dalam Berita yang diterbitkan Metro sahaja.” -I took the opportunity to have a pot-shot at one of the papers I hate the most for the low quality journalism it carries, with a tendency to sensationalize whatever little bit of inconsequential news it can get- “Kalau yang sebenarnya, ini tidak pernah berlaku dalam pengalaman saya. Tidak pernah yang telah disahkan meninggal hidup kembali, dalam wayang mungkinlah”

“Jadi, Kenapa tadi saya dapat rasa nadi-nya?”

“Seperti yang saya terangkan tadi, besar kemungkinan itu nadi kamu sendiri”

A Male relative chipped in
“Kalau dia mati tadi, kenapa kamu doktor tak tekan dada?”

“Encik, saya tidak pasti apa yang berlaku di wad tadi, tapi kalau tiada tekan dada (CPR), mesti doctor sudah bincang dengan ahli keluarga. Betul tak?

The Man nodded yes.

The Man’s turn to speak. “Tapi, kamu orang tidak shock dia”

I couldn’t help but sigh as I replied, silently cursing all the drama series who showed every heart patient needs to be shocked using a defibrillator-

“Bukan macam tu Encik. Bukan semua patient perlukan renjatan elektrik tu. Itu hanya untuk pesakit yang ritma jantung dia lari encik.”

I Knew I had no one to back me up on everything I have said.
There I was, a young man of 27 trying to convince a family where all its members are considered my elders in age. To make matters worse, I couldn’t speak Dusun.

I knew any waver in confidence or demeanour would mean an immediate failure of the counselling session, followed by an immediate embarrassment at having my superior called here to tell them the exact same thing that I said.

The Man Spoke again “ Mungkin kah dia sekarang dalam coma?”
“ Coma boleh bermaksud banyak keadaan yang lain, Encik. Apa yang saya rasa encik bermaksud, adalah otak yang tidak berfungsi tetapi organ lain masih berfungsi. Tapi encik, seperti yang ditunjukkan tadi semua organ utamanya sudah tidak ada. Lagipun, kalau otak coma, pesakit perlukan bantuan pernafasan dan lain lain, kalau dibiarkan begitu saja, pesakit yang koma pun sukar mahu hidup”

This time, a pregnany lady quipped
“ Tapi badannya masih panas”

I really don’t know how long this is going to drag on. It is very very apparent they just couldn’t let go. And yet I can’t show my frustration.

“Mana kamu rasa tadi puan? Belakang dia kan? Ini bilik berhawa dingin, tadi dia telah dimandikan, seluruh badannya sudahpun sejuk, bahagian yang menghadap ke bawah lah yang akan menahan haba paling lama, iaitu belakangnya.

After that, I went through all the steps to certify patient’s departure.

Then I told them, maybe you can call the other family members and we can open the floor for questions.

They came in once again. This time an elderly lady came to the fore. I think she just arrived from the interior regions of Sabah. She Spoke first

“Urat muka dia masih lembut bah, dia masih hidup.”

I was at a loss.

At this rate, nothing I say is gonna change anything. What am I to do?

To me relief, a family member gently held her hand and brought her to the side, whispering to her along the way.

“Mungkin saya masih muda dan pengalaman saya sekadar 2 tahun. Tetapi kalau anda semua masih musykil, boleh kamu bertanya juga Pegawai saya Encik Ronney, Dia ni sungguh berpengalaman dan boleh membantu saya menerangkan kepada anda semua sekali lagi.

At my cue, my assistant went over to the distraught mother and started explaining to her in Dusun what transpired. The other relatives listened intently.

I could sense the tension in the room lift a little. I walked over to the Man, which I came to learn was the patient’s husband. He squatted next to the wardrobe, holding a cream coloured dress while absent-mindedly smoothing out the edges. I placed my hand over his shoulder

“encik ok tak? Saya tahu memang susah untuk menerima pemergian isteri anda. Kalau kamu semua ingin pihak hospital menekan dada dan cuba sedaya upaya, kami tidak boleh menolak permintaan anda. Tetapi sesungguhnya ia tidak membawa manfaat kepadanya. Ada mungkin tulang rusuknya akan patah.”

He stood up
He nodded but did not reply.

It is almost 12 midnight. An Hour has passed. Just a moment ago, I felt as if I was in the defendant’s box defending the diagnosis of death while the judge jury and executioner were all in disbelief.

“Kalian semua, kami terpaksa balik hospital dahulu. Saya berharap kamu dapat terima pemergiannya dengan hati yang tenang. Kalau ada apa apa soalan, silalah bertanya.”


“Kami pergi dulu.”

As I left the room, I held on to my MA for emotional support.
I felt extreme relief, and I knew I couldn’t have done it without my supporting staff.
When I was a medical student, there was a component of our studies called Personal and Professional development, focusing on self improvement, communication skills and group dynamics. I can really feel its impact sinking in. Without that training, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my cool throughout the gruelling session. Thank you UKM.

I turned to my MA, Ronney

“Bro, berapa lama sudah kerja?”
“Lapan….dekat sepuluh tahun..”
“Pernahkah jumpa situasi macam nih?”
“Tidak pernah boss. Nasib ada boss, kalau saya datang tadi tanpa Doktor escort, entah apa saya mahu cakap”
“saya pun rasa nasib baik ada kamu, susah sangat mereka mahu percaya saya, muda sangat kut”
“tapi boss, badan dia tadi rasa macam suam-lah, macam lain sikit”

Friday, August 5, 2011

Its Eggsciting! Incubating Chicken Eggs!

I was thrilled To note that out of my 8 eggs, 6 had embryos!
those 6 were the smaller type, 'kampung-chicken' eggs, while 2 others were larger, with thicker shells. With my poor candling abilities, I'm afraid I won't know whether the large ones are fertilized or not till much later down the road. And sadly, one of large ones cracked... and mom used it for cooking -.-''

(at least you can convince your parents nothing goes to waste in this experiment... if the whole brood fails, well.. you get a huge omelette for your efforts!)

The thrill came because at the start, all of the eggs registered null and void on "ultrasound", and mom said all are duds.. better use them for cooking while they're still fresh. I persevered, hoping that the little ones inside will grow fast and show themselves.. or else I may abandon the project by Day 5 , not wanting to waste good eggs...

But suprise, Suprise!
On the 4th day of incubation, an egg held in hand, I really scrutinized the whole egg surface while candling, and a black dot showed up. I tot it was a shell artifact, but WAIT, the black dot actually moves around when I turn the egg.... Its an embryo!

egg candling

A Closer look will reveal that it is a round silhouette with tentacles spreading in all directions.. The embryo with blood vessels.

Chicken Embryo

And 6 of them had this!
My Homemade incubator actually works! Yeeha!

Reading online tutorials on incubator making was kinda frustrating actually,
They looked fancy, with detailed instructions, but they do not provide the principles behind the construction. With princicples in mind, we can choose what modifications are necessary to cater to the Malaysian Climate. Many had parts which I felt was unnecessary (leading to unnecessary cost!), and I skipped those in my construction.

A breakdown of an incubator would be like this, with the following accompanying precepts. I hope my explanation cuts it, :-) I had to sieve through lots of information before a whole picture was seen

egg incubator

1) You want a box of any sort (RE-use where you can)- an unwanted ice box, a discarded polystyrene box, a A4 paper carton (or in my case, B5 (=^.^=). The main thing is you need something that can keep the heat in.

2) You need a heat source, to bring up the temperature to about 38Deg celcius or 99.5 Fahrenheit. Eggs Start to develop overseas when temperatures are above 30 degrees (some sources say 20 degrees.. but in malaysia, 20 degrees is considered cold!, my room temeprature averages at 32!!!) at low temperatures, eggs develop too slowly.. and you don't know whether they have stalled, or quit the race altogether. Too high, >40 degrees, and you'll get quarter boiled eggs, the embryos will die.

[did you know that low temperatures make boys and higher ones make girls in Turtle eggs? So, essentially BOYS are COOL and GIRLS are HOT!!!!]

3) Humidity is provided through evaporative methods- and 50-60% RH (relative humidity) for the first 18 days, and 70-80 for the last 3 days. Maintaning humidity is important because moisture is burnt off by the heat. if it gets too dry, the eggs dessicate and the young chick gets plastered to the wall with no room for movement, and deformed chicks result.

4) you want the whole box to heat up evenly, and a fan is used to distribute the heat.

5)Eggs need to be rotated 3 times a day, so that the embryo doesn't get stuck..
the number 3 is arbitrary, so long as you rotate them an odd number of times each day because there will be a period (night) where they will be untouched the longest, and we want the eggs to be in a different position thruout this long period, everyday.

[you may think I'm silly, but I think handling the eggs fosters a bond, which will help with the imprinting process later}

6)Ventilation: fresh air is needed. So making holes on your box near the bottom (heat rises, drawing air from lower areas allows good transfer) does that.

Those are the main points in constructing an incubator of your own.

If you reuse materials-, paper boxes, old light bulbs, your mum's decorative cups (oops!), .. the cost will be below RM5! if you don't go for the gadgets..

Here's what my incubator looks like, on the inside

if you notice from the covered incubator picture, There's this window on the left lower corner for me to see the readings without opening the box. you can make this using thick plastic (or from scrapbook covers/ glass/ or even salvage from those room-with- a- view envelopes).

Inside, Eggs are arranged in 2 rows.
eggs need to be on their sides (natural position), and not in egg cartons(upright) because the embryo may develop upside down and drown when exiting the egg. I made this mistake initially.. so you see the carton at the side, now serving to block off direct heat.

  • The computer fan is mounted on a cardboard cover, and stabilized with four bikibi-s.
  • between the heat source (a 60W lamp) and the eggs are a salvaged wooden lid and the cardboard cover. This is so to prevent direct heat from the bulb.. in which the front eggs will be heated up too quickly, the back eggs too cold.
    [heat is distributed by conduction/ convection/ evaporation/ radiation. We only want number 2 and 3 here. The boards prevent number 4.
  • there are glass cups with tissue paper extending out to increase the surface area for evaporation
  • The Thermo-hygrometer measures the temperature and humidity. I couldn't find a cheaper electronic one other than this.. Which cost RM45 at T.S electronics. If you have a mercury body thermometer at home, maybe you can use that to save cost. There are analog humidity monitors which may cost much less available.
  • Hmmm... what is this black plug thing? Does it look strangely really familiar?DC converterIt's to power the fan! As The fans come in various sizes, you need to adjust the Voltage with a DC converter (direct current, from alternating current). Usually old handphone charges will do the trick. In my case, this is a salvaged fan I kept for 7 years!!! knowing that someday I will use it.. MUAHAHAHAHAHa... :p

    It's a 12 volt fan, but my charger is a 240V down to 6V converter.. half the amount of required voltage... but hey, It works fine!

In this picture below, you can see the carcass of a massacred darlie toothpaste tube.
Because of using a cardboard box, there was a worry that when left unattended at night, the whole box will catch fire, and bring my 70 year old shop-house down. (we sleep at another house at night) So I needed some aluminum thingy to conduct the heat away quick enough.. mum pointed to the toothpaste tube she salvaged.. Hehe.. Family of hoarders!!!!

computer fan, incubator

Ok, part A is done... the next post, will be about candling your eggs!

candling an egg

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Return to innocence

Long time no post! (=^.^=)

Reason for Hiatus- Enjoying my quarter-year sabbatical over at aoteoroa, Land of the long white cloud!

This post however, will not be about the trip, instead, It will chronicle my foray into egg-hatching!

i've built an egg incubator from an A4 paper carton, computer fan, light bulbs with some scientific help from a thermo-hygrometer.

Was scouting for 2 weeks for kampung eggs, a rare commodity these days,
(The western term for it would be free-range eggs)
And finally I've got 8 of them today!

This project would not have been possible without help from

Photos will be coming soon!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


would you be happier, if were someone else all together?
would the sun shine brighter, if you took a different path?

~wondering whether who I am, sucks, again.

Why do I always do it the wrong way?

Been trying to catch myself each time Before I utter something silly
Or do something stupid...

Before it starts to irritate someone.
But I've overwhelmed by my tongue being faster than my brain.

I promise to practice greater restraint.

I'm sorry.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


曾经认为这首歌很得意。。。 如今还是`。。但有不同眼光:-)   恋爱症候群 作词:黄舒骏 作曲:黄舒骏    (989 words)  http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/1asB5UQN7V0/   
 关 於 恋 爱 症 候 群 的 发 生 原 因  
 至 今 仍 然 是 最 大 的 一 个 谜  
不 管 性 别 年 龄 职 业 体 重 学 历 长 像 和 血 型   
没 有 一 个 人 可 以 免 疫  

有 些 专 家 学 者 研 究 后 相 信   
恋 爱 是 内 分 泌 失 调 所 引 起  
却 有 别 人 认 为 恋 爱 属 於 滤 过 性 病 毒 
像 感 冒 无 药 可 救 但 会 自 动 痊 愈  

不 管 你 同 不 同 意   
至 古 到 今 许 多 例 子 证 明 
 恋 爱 不 但 是 一 种 病 态   
它 还 可 能 是 一 种 变 态  

 一 般 发 病 后 的 初 期 反 应   
会 开 始 改 变 一 些 生 活 习 性  
洗 澡 洗 得 特 别 乾 净   
刷 牙 刷 的 特 别 用 力   
半 夜 忽 然 爬 起 来 弹 钢 琴  
有 人 每 天 站 在 阳 台 对 路 人 傻 笑   
有 人 突 然 疯 疯 癫 癫 突 然 很 安 静  
有 人 一 脸 痴 呆 对 著 镜 子 咬 著 指 甲 打 喷 嚏   
有 人 对 小 狗 骂 三 字 经  女 人 突 然 改 变 发 型   
男 人 开 始 每 天 练 著 哑 铃  
食 欲 不 振 歇 斯 底 里 四 肢 萎 缩 神 经 过 敏 发 抖 抽 筋 都 出 现 在 这 时 期   

随 著 病 情 越 来 越 变 本 加 厉   
人 会 变 得 格 外 敏 感 勇 敢 和 恶 心  
写 的 说 的 唱 的 都 像 天 才 诗 人 一 般 才 华 洋 溢   
越 肉 麻 越 觉 得 有 趣  有 人 恋 爱 之 后 每 天 躲 在 厕 所 哭 泣   
有 人 开 记 者 会 宣 布 恋 爱 的 消 息  有 人 总 是 喜 欢 两 个 人 躲 在 黑 漆 漆 的 地 方   
像 做 了 不 可 告 人 的 事 情  每 天 忙 著 找 人 算 命   
挖 空 心 思 改 变 自 己 配 合 对 方 的 习 性  
把 每 天 都 当 作 纪 念 日   
把 自 己 当 作 纪 念 品   

每 天 漫 无 目 的 腻 在 一 起   
言 不 及 义 也 觉 得 好 有 趣  走 著 坐 著 躺 著 趴 著 都 形 影 不 离   
像 是 两 人 三 脚 又 像 连 体 婴  

心 里 想 的 只 有 爱 你 爱 你 爱 你 爱 你   
也 不 管 家 里 米 缸 有 没 有 米  
也 不 管 路 上 有 人 示 威 抗 议   

只 管 爱 你  心 里 想 的 只 有 爱 你 爱 你 爱 你 爱 你   
也 不 管 海 峡 两 岸 统 一 问 题  也 不 管 依 索 比 亚 多 少 难 民   
只 管 爱 你   

经 过 一 番 轰 轰 烈 烈 热 恋 时 期   
不 久 就 会 开 始 渐 渐 痊 愈  
两 人 开 始 互 相 厌 倦 互 相 攻 击 对 方 缺 点   
所 有 甜 蜜 都 随 风 而 去  

然 后 开 始 从 错 觉 然 误 解 中 清 醒  
 惊 讶 自 己 为 何 如 此 不 聪 明  
为 了 爱 情 不 顾 一 切 不 管 父 母 朋 友 姊 妹 兄 弟   
开 始 感 到 后 悔 不 已  

然 后 开 始 感 到 疲 惫 沈 闷 气 喘 心 悸 牙 痛 头 痛 梦 呓  
然 后 是 精 神 不 济 瞳 孔 放 大 脾 气 暴 躁 四 肢 麻 痹   

终 於 受 不 了 要 分 离   
虽 然 结 果 颇 令 人 伤 心   
了 解 之 后 也 没 什 麼 了 不 起  
爱 情 终 究 是 握 不 住 的 云   

只 是 我 想 要 告 诉 你 :  
在 我 落 寞 的 岁 月 里   
你 的 温 柔 解 脱 我 的 孤 寂  
带 给 我 深 深 的 呼 吸   
轻 轻 颤 动 著 我 的 心 灵  

我 要 对 你 说 爱 你 爱 你 爱 你 爱 你  
不 管 是 黑 夜 或 是 黎 明  
不 管 是 梦 中 或 是 清 醒  
深 深 爱 你  
多 麼 幸 福  
让 我 遇 见 你


Little did I know
It would show

my vulnerabilities
my vanity

all out in the open
for all to see

I know who I am
more importantly
you know who I am

a little chip here
a crack over there

I'm not perfect
but I try to be

I know what I must work on
Happy that you held on
your faith in me oh so strong

it takes so little
to keep the grin
plastered on your face

it takes so little
to stem the flow
of the tears, you show

what we share
what we care
oh that's so rare

we shall work hand in hand
keep the fire burnin
keep our fingers crossed
and keep the faith going

that we're meant for each other
that we'll work together
hopefully, it'll last forever.

dedicated to "morepork", my love.

We share~
a love for cuteness
we laugh at the smallest thing
(and we hug at every available occasion!;p)
a sense of easy contentment
understand the need for frugality
a love for the written word
art, though in different forms
passion in the things we believe in
trust in each other
comprehend the importance of communication and discussion
realize that there is so much we don't know, and be willing to learn

and more importantly, we support the other in all things we don't (currently) share.

Ruru~ I love you!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


As the rains fall....
the tears follow...

we bid our last goodbyes,
as the children cry,
although mum says
"he's gone to a better place"
they can't help themselves out of the daze

our life's work
is judged by our ways
how you're sent off will depend,

who's hand you held
and who's live's you've touched

be it so small
the footprint says it all
everyone's not an island
lives are helplessly linked

even when a tiny pebble comes along
the ripples spread far and wide

may you rest well
may you have joy
may your spirit and wisdom
be carried on....

Dedicated to my Neighbour, Uncle Goh- who passed away This wednesday, 26th January, 2011


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