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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photography Contest Finals! Please vote :-)

Phew!!! I got shortlisted... I'm so happy!!!!


Thank you all for your constructive comments in my previous post at


despite my shortcoming, I manage to scrape thru...nearing the finish line...

Currently, all the runners are abreast...
now the one with the crowd behind his back....
the one with the loudest cheer from the audience...
will be the one to dash to the finish!

Therefore I need your help!!! The winners shall be determined by public voting!

Winning this competition will give me much encouragement
That said.. I will be glad to win just about anything...

No matter what, I promise to try harder Next time!! :-)

thanks for your time! the voting start tomorrow 1/6/2009 and ends 7/6/2009 *edit*

Kuan Yew

p.s.- a big thank you to ru hui for being my model
and a big big thank you to her parents for waiting in the car for an hour and
a half while I tried to get the elusive shot!

Friday, May 29, 2009

A meeting of young environmentalists! :-)

Dear all,

One of the climate cool member from Japan is going to come to Malaysia. Her name is Yasuyo. She wishes to meet with youths/students/environmentalist from Malaysia to discuss some environmental issues.

But, no worries, this is not a "serious" meeting but rather is a platform for networking kinda meeting/gathering. It is good if some of you may join us.

Date: 6th of June
Time: 1500-1800
Venue: Yet to announce and finalize

Tentative program
15:00-15:30 Introduction and ice-breaking
15:30-16:00 Yasuyo-san sharing about her Japan training of 2009
15 min break ( Yasuyo-san will bring some Japanese sweets)
16:15-16:45 Malaysian youth leaders' project (Share about project(s) involved or involving)
16:45-17;30 Discuss about the present condition of enviromental youth activities in Malaysia
17:30-18:00 Discuss about making Climate cool platform in Malaysia and how to join Climate Cool in 2010
18:00- dinner/fellowship

Hope you guys can join us in the meeting :) Please confirm your attendance as early as possible for further arrangement of the meeting.

Best regards,
yeong yze shiuan

p.s.- She's an Undergraduate from UM. If you're interested in the event... please RSVP thru me :-)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MC-ing round 2.


This is the second time I've placed myself behind the rostrum...

Can't say I enjoyed it as much this time round...

I guess many factors come into play

Including my uncertainty till yesterday evening whether I'd be able to make it... so sorta mentally unprepared to enjoy the experience..

Jia ying told me at 6pm that she couldn't replace me to go to Tanjong Rambutan anymore as she suddenly had a SGD today... boy It felt as If I got my room Hijacked again!

Lucky a Message to Poh Jeann lighted my bulb!
two groups consisting 15 ppl are going together in a 40 person bus to Hospital Bahagia....
Add me in and no one will noe the difference!
So the issue is settled!

Didn't have much banter with my Co-MC this time too...
Maybe I'm too lazy to think up lines when its not assured that the audience would get it...

I didn't dare go to far as the event was semi formal in nature.. with Prof Adeeb and AP Dr Azian (Anatomy) being in the judging panel at separate times...

This time too.. there were a few mistakes in terms of the flow of the event... resulting in Beng Siong's group not having a Q&A session... I feel so sorry for him but I tried...

that dampened my joy somewhat
Coz I know how dejected I would be If I prepared for the Q & A session thoroughly, brainstormed with friends all the possible questions that could be asked, rehearsed the answer over and over but never got a chance to do it for real.

This would result in a lower score for his group... and its not his fault!
indirectly this would probably dash his hopes of going to Jakarta!

To think they prepared for the whole year then something like this happened.

Must have felt like preparing the ingredients of a ten course meal before realizing someone left the gas stove on the whole week... drained the tank!

Oh well.. gained a few insights on how to prepare for my SSM... :-)

And a silly photo of my big silly buddy... Crayon shin chan----扮死尸!
cheering me up!

shin chan

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Invasion of the body Snatchers??!!

One of the most notorious invasive species known is the Cane toad in Australia,
If not mistaken cats on the Island of Tasmania

Cane toads were originally imported to Aus in the 1980s to control the cane beetles... which are decimating the budding sugarcane industry.

Much to their horror, the toads do not prey selectively upon the beetles, despite their name!


Due to their size, they consume pretty much anything and everything... especially the native Australian frogs which are outcompeted and displaced! The wreak havoc on the Australian Native system and cause a number of species of animals to be threatened.

If that isn't the end of their problem, the toads secrete a noxious substance that cover their bodies... killing anything that tries to eat them! This of course leads to a population explosion and pretty much all of Australia has been colonized...


--G'day Mate! They Call me Toadzilla--

This ecological disaster has not yet been adequately rectified... conservationists are resorting to the last strategy...fencing up un-invaded ponds to protect the native froggies... this time its the size that plays to the toads disadvantage.

and in Malaysia itself....
The red ear terrapins!
Those terrapins or sliders or tortoises.. whatever you call them.. can be found in almost all petshops in Malaysia.

Cute while they are tiny... many outgrow the space in the house and in the hearts of their owners and get abandoned Throughout Malaysia

All the Rivers, Streams, ponds, Lakes are infested with these alien species...
causing native species like the Malayan Box Turtle to be outcompeted and threatened.

Native, poor things

PLease educate your friends, relatives and monyet-hood to not buy these little critters if they do not plan to keep them for life.

you are indirectly destroying Malaysian wildlife... Based on limited data.. we known our own turtle is threatened... but how much more impact is undetected?

Stop the invasion of Alien Species...

IN the same vein... Protest against Malaysian Government's repeated attempts to replant all the highways roadsides with ACACIA trees! (as if the Palm Oil plantations are not ENOugh!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Musings.... Megan Fox?

Today was a rather moody day...

This time I'll be breaking convention by writing a post on my medical-related life... dunno why I just didn't want my blog to revolve around something that I have to face everyday... but Raoul says go.

I was late for my prof's clinic Which Started at 8!!!
Never knew it would start so early!

then my group mate reminded me to ask about my SSM meeting..
which I kept at the far back of my head...
so half-way thru the clinic I sneaked out to arrange the meeting with our supervisor... Had a merry go round at the basement looking for the office of Dr Azlin... while feeling very stupid for neglecting my duties... heck I don't even know the name of my doctor before they told me..

anyway, got her number so I sorta jubilantly skipped back to the clinic...
and informed them of a 2.00pm meet.

Zahra our ever resourceful mate went one step further to call our supervisor.. this time confirming the time of the meeting to be 2.30p.m. While wanting to forward the message, I discovered I did not the numbers of 3 of my group mates.. Damn I suck.
I left their numbers on a sheet of paper from a week back and never made the effort to key it into my hp... sad.. Neglect no2.

Then I remembered my rather embarassing behaviour last night.. attempting to squirm out of a 3 hour meeting.... only 15 minutes concerned me actually so I felt so stuck with nothing to do... I was fidgety and made a show of leaving quite a few times.. that was rather unbecoming... in front of 3rd year juniors and all. Dunno why I acted the way I did but frankly I'm absolutely not proud of it. But I guess I needed more mental prep for it.. haha...

seems the official record of the longest meeting was 5 hours straight during AGM.
phewwwww.... was lucky that wasn't my first exposure.. :-)

and oh... I had to buy a batik shirt costing RM65!... I didn't know only MTs were required to wear it.... At first I tot it was sponsored.... oh well... Its cooling and... er... It makes a very nice...but rather expensive Pyjamas

Batik shirt

Neways... had a gym session later and the endorphin rush brought back my vibe~
was feeling good afters... until I was pestered by the thought of Megan fox being a transexual...

megan fox

*Argggghhh...who wouldn't remember how this relative unknown sent our hearts galloping the first time she appeared on the silver screen?****

Seems to be the case when she gave an interview...

Megan fox a man?

but lucky it turns out that it just isn't true... heh heh .. lotsa guys are spared the agony of fantasizing over a male all this while... Shhheeeesshhh

Megan fox is a girl after all...Phewww!

Well.... we can sleep easy tonight!!! :-p


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