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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Rantings.. Rambut Sakit..

I know I know.. I should really blog about my Redang and Kuala Terengganu 11 day trip.. or maybe even my crystal hill climb... but wo3 ti2 bu4 qi3 jing4 ziiii

So let me digress a bit from the usual yeah

" I am so sick.... that even my hair is painful"

That is one of my favourite hyperboyles ... and I think quite a few people too LOL..

So imagine my suprise when I hear this advertisement in both English and Chinese radio stations by
Follow Me Hair shampoo that promises to give you more beautiful hair

By giving your hair

...wait for it.....


to make it happy!

Endorphins are actually (postulated) hormones like serotonin and the like that makes you feel good.. typically released after a guilt ridden trip halfway down a Cadbury Bar

cadbury, temptation

Well.. the advertisement also claims that it's the first shampoo to incorporate endorphins into the long list of shampoo ingredients.. including

"ammonium laueth sulfate, Dimethicone, glycol distearate, guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, ammonium xylenesulfonate, trimethypropane tricaprylate, Methychloroisothiazolinone"
(List taken from PANTENE pro-V)

Well.. we all know about the evils of widely publicized sodium lauryl sulfate...

According to data from the Hazardous Materials Information Resource System, sodium lauryl sulfate, in 90 percent of shampoos and conditioners, corrodes hair follicles and can cause a burning sensation, coughing, wheezing, nausea, headaches and laryngitis. This same ingredient is found in car wash soap, engine degreasers and garage floor cleaners.

ah well that's not too disconcerting....

But this endorphin in a shampoo thing is kinda far-fetched.. no matter how you see it... So what do the individuals hair do when they are happy?

I think They stand up and boogie!
Frizz head

into a Frizz-tangle!

And since they can put happy hormones into your shampoo.. when are they going to make it into an Instant PICK-ME-UP drink;

4 in one Coffee- Coffee, Sugar, Creamer and Happy hormones!

guaranteed to lift your moods.. Chilled or not!

That would certainly make Befrienders go out of business..

They are the first to incorp that into shampoo... and I think they will be the last.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


So sorry..
I just noticed that my photos uploaded to Blogger via picasa doesn't work when my fren's computer couldn't load the pics in my last two posts..

I'm not sure whats wrong but I'll try to remedy it soon.

My Kuala terengganu trip is posted in in reverse.. hope you won;t find it weird.

Due to an unforseen hike to Crystal hill on Saturday morning plus being busy with Moving house... I was too caught up and thus couldn't update the blog.
Hopefully I'll be free soon.

Cheerios! (=^.6=) Have a nice day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kuala Terengganu Trip Day 4 (21/4/2008) part 1

Up early this morn... My destination is the Pasar Kedai Payang.. in search of T'ganu delicacies... as directed by the motorcycle peddler! (2nd stop, the State Museum!)

Pasar Payang, Terengganu 

his specific directions were to find Cik Ibrahim Jual kuih
and look for
1)Cik Abah Demang
2)Kek Ang
3)Peruk ayam (not to be confused with Perut ayam LOL!)

Well I did find him alright,

Encik Ibrahim  

But he says those are the real traditional cakes... which he does not make...
I Hope he makes it during the Hari Raya, the Malay New Year...

Oh well I will have to be satisfied with my catch of the day


Clockwise from Centre:

1)tepung pelita- mildly fragrant white stuff on top... sugar water jelly mix at the bottom
2)ropah - fried kuih-- something like fried popiah.. yum yum
3)kepah - a glutinous rice tough skin that's grainy in texture with coconut shreds in the centre... too sweet for my liking.. and rather rough on the palate..
4) ??? (but something you can easily find elsewhere so nvm-lah :-p ) top white stuff smells of pandan.. could be the fragrance from the green jelly underneath embedded with small pieces of water chestnut
5)Tepung Pasong - as you can see from the picture below.. the bottom layer is paste mixed with gula melaka.. there's no filling within.




And these other two bites!


1) the golden yellow one is a type of unfried keropok with Kaya in the middle. But the kaya hor... not sweet and the texture in different from the ones we have in southern states... hmmm

2) the other one is called Paung Goreng. its fried in batches of 6-10 and the man snaps them off if you want say, 4 of them only. the middle is made up of coconut shreds and serunding ikan, or shredded fish meat (bak song) Quite nice but really too much for 1 person to handle haha

oh and one more....

Guess the name?
Tip... Web..... and the colour...

Yup!!! you're absolutely correct... It's called jala emas..
It's actually pure egg yolk fried in sugar water... quite unique but I guess it's an acquired taste.

Now for a little suprise...
The price of this Jala Mas equals to the price of all the other Kuihs above!!!

Literally as expensive as emas!!!

-The names of the kuih were provided by a lady I met while taking snapshots of the kuih-

The rest of terengganu kuihs like

satar, puteri mandi, bengkang, asam gumpal, nekbat etc will have to wait...


My bicycle pedal was wobbly since the day before.. with slight squeaky noises which I ignored.. what do you expect from a Bike worth about RM130? Well that little problem will plague me today... to no end...


Yup... the nut on the pedal fell off... sigh.. and I couldn't screw it back on...


Until this friendly newspaper uncle rushed to my rescue out of nowhere.. bringing out a spanner from the deep depths of his bicycle basket but alas... it wasn't the right fit.. but its once again proven to me that people from small towns are just so warm and friendly! He even went to extent of finding a penarik beca to borrow a spanner for me... well... no right fit there too....


so while waiting for the bike shop to open, I went to a Motorcycle shop indicated by the penarik beca to ask for help.. but they weren't too enthusiastic.. simply saying that there's no spanner size fitting my bike. Everyone knows theres such a things as a adjustable spanner... well wat to do when ppl say no?


Oh well.. that lead me to find this place!

Nasi dagang Terengganu 

Yup i think this is one of the famous stalls selling Nasi Dagang.. but his version only has beef or fish.. That didn't deter the folks from crowding up his small stall lot though... too bad I didn't stop for a try.. the morning breakfast was still filling my tummy...

Whaddayouknow? when I reached the bike shop ( which was still closed) I discovered I lost the nut and the metal washer!!!!

so the frantic me went back to where I last spoke to the Penarik beca and started combing the area... it was around 5 min of treasure hunting before I stumbled on the nut... the washer was nowhere to be found... sigh...

this time... the Trishaw man told me to try my luck at the row of shops just below the bridge to Pulau duyung... that's halfway of my journey to the State Museum.. oh well what the heck.. with 45 minutes before the bike shop opens I'll run the risk of the pedal dropping off instead of wasting my time... off I go!

turns out there are no Bike shops beneath the bridge but a row of hardware shops would do... The washer was given to me for free while I borrowed the adjustable spanner.. DONE! Off we go to the museum!

Kuala Terengganu Trip Day 5

My fifth day in terengganu

Went to play badminton with the Talk Cafe Uncle and his gang!
Uncle Tan 

~Uncle Tan of The Talk Cafe~

This is like so sudden and cute... minum minum malam tiba tiba kena ajak main badminton dengan orang asing!

As usual, I kena belasah teruk...

there were 8 of them but despite playing for 2 hours, never once did I pair up with Uncle Tan.

Instead I paired up with Uncle Michael (who was the venerated sifu of the Badminton Gang) for 3 matches. For his err.. width... he was really agile and sprinted here and there raining smashes out of nowhere... I look like a rooted tree by comparison. My swaying branches occasionally touches the ball... *sigh*

Hmmmm... My skills went up a few notches around form 2 when playing with the Gang of Gene, Kelvin,Ching wei and occasionally Yafu, and quite a few others I couldn't quite remember..

At that time I was 'known' for my crazy reflexes... and trick services... but dunno what happened afters coz from that period until now It was all downhill for me... with each year I stumble more... grrrr

Trying quite hard to improve... will make extra effort!

After a quite wash-up its up the SANI express bus and back to KL...
And finally say goodbye to good ol' Ping Anchorage...
Ping Anchorage Terengganu 

with Raymond E feist's Honoured enemy to accompany me!

honoured enemy

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh oh!

Touched down at KL at 8.00pm sharp in a SANI express bus.

this would be the 3rd time I'm taking a double decker... but really.. It's less executive than the Mayang Sari Bus... here's some shots of the Mayang Sari x2 decker..
Mayang Sari 

-Here's the Aircon Console-

Mayang Sari double decker 
- the sadly, unsused flat screen TV-

Mayang Sari Executive Coach 

the seats!

Express Bus 

X2 decker 

Luxury Express 


the step by step guide to unfolding the seat table! COOOL!!

So pampered by this form of luxury.. the SANI express coach pales in comparison.. not that it isn't good... hehe

NEways, popped over to Putra World Trade Centre to check out the Kuala Lumpur bookfest there and buy some 4th year books but Sadly they close by 8.. oh well another day then!
FYI it ends this weekend, 26th April so pop there soon if you have the time
9-8 Monday to thursday. 9-9 Fridays to Sundays.

After some spinning arounds, got back at Midah by 9.30...

after checking out facebook... turns out that I am seriously not missed
(no suprise there)

but there I saw another comrade succumbing .......to the back breaking peer pressure to join facebook... Kim chai Hello! :-)

this time I raked up 1062 photos...
will be uploading them soon, hopefully!!

Boy I miss the warmth of Kuala Terengganu..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pantun Perkasa!

This was written as a comment to my previous post

but it's so good that It deserves a post on its own!

Good one dekan!

PM Najib sudah datang
Senyum kambing harap dikenang
Bukit Selambau Bukit gantang
Sudah bagi PR menang

apasal PR boleh menang
Mahathir pun sudah bengang
Jawapannya banyak senang
Sebab orang BN banyak bangang

Siapa kata BN bangang
nanti saya tendang dia melayang
kalau betul BN bangang
mana diorang tau main wayang?

Main wayang komedi punya
Budak pun tergelak gelak
kalau rakyat rasa teraniaya
PR menang, BN terbelalak

Apa pasal jadi begini
salah sana salah sini
Bikin macam macam committee
semuanya hanya syok sendiri

Perubahan dijanji tidak sampai
pak lah sudah lari melambai lambai
kalau najib pun kerja terkapai kapai
PRU13 BN pasti bye bye

Negeri Perak satu contoh
Main tipu rampas kuasa
Jangan ingat rakyat bodoh
Makkal Sakhti bagi kau rasa

Syed Hamid banyak kelakar
alasan bodoh rata rata
"Masuk ISA bukan suka suka
ISA itu lindungi rakyat jelata"

BN hari hari kata dah dengar
suara semua lapisan rakyat jelata
Tindakan yang diambil tidak ada
sampai rakyat dah jelak berkata

Ahhh... dekan, anda Mengasah Pisau Untuk Pertandingan berpantun ke?
Ni Top Quality!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7 elections--They lie They Cheat They steal...

- Main Busuk

Recently we heard from the MSM that MAFREL ....

..Mafrel and political parties agents can only follow separately with their own transportations.

AND MORE Importantly
Mafrel observers are also denied to witness the important counting process.

that's allowing more loopholes to be exploited by the ruling coalition than there are potholes in KL.

Then theres the plague of Phantom voters that have infested Our elections for too long. PAS supporters have often blocked the buses ferrying these ghosts from reaching polling centres in Kelantan. But it's harder to do when you've got POLICE (independent body?) escorting (yes! nanny /Bodyguards for the phantom voters) them.

Now they even have decoy buses to divert the limited resources of PR. Some of the spectres magically vanish before the buses are stopped..

The situation in Bukit Selambau reveals all...

Suspected cars with Pengundi Hantu
pengundi Hantu, phantom voters

12.00pm from BS - Taman Ria 1 bus pengundi hantu. Taman Ria Jaya 4 buses. All suspected phantom voters. Indian driver. Passengers can’t be located. Suspected that some have already been despatched.

11.22 from BS - Suspected 1 more bus of hantu at Bandar Baru.

11.21 from BS - Police escorted bus all the way to Gurun. Bus at balai polis Gurun. 1 PKR rep allowed in. Gate to the balai polis closed. 22 people in front of the balai polis.

10.55am from BS - Nanda and Ariff following 1 bus pengundi hantu from Bukit Lembu to Sg Lalang. Police car escorting front and back of bus.


How do they 'create' phantom voters? By buying the IC's of voters for a price then telling them not to turn up during polling day. They ICs are given to individuals from other states but are under the payroll of you-know-who.

The following is an example of how it is carried out.
April 6

We got word today that marine police had been intimidating the fishermen operating illegally in Kuala Sepetang.

Seems they were asked to disclose their ic numbers and to not turn up at the polling stations tomorrow.


For the latest election results, click the following links

Bukit Selambau
Batang Ai
Bukit Gantang

At 'press time', PR is leading in BS and BG.. but lost BI.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

BN Pulling out all the stops...?

... Or is it plugging all the leaks?

Imagine a boat ridiculously ridden with holes yet the crew defiantly tries to paddle on.

Miles away from land, they knew this would not come to pass if they took the journey to Bolehland seriously and mended every leak the moment it sprung up.

But they were too caught up with merrymaking to give a hoot about the boat's condition.

boat leak

Now unceremoniously jolted awake by the ice cold water gushing in, they were at a loss and proceeded to jam their thumbs into the holes.

In the hope that they'll reach land? No, they couldn't care less... they just wanted to go on merrymaking till the cows come home.

BN has tried to do damage control... by averting the attention of the people away from the shenanigans of Khir Toyo, from the absurdities of the Ali Rustam Fiasco, and desperately trying to win the by-elections.

The played up the Sultan's issue in Bukit Gantang to sway the votes of the malays. 'Penderhaka'!!!, they called PR, their short memories unable to recall just a year ago UMNO-folk staged a street protest against the Sultan of Terengganu's decision to elect Ahmad Said as the Menteri Besar. They of course didn't have an inkling it was them who engineered the constitutional amendment to strip the sultans' immunity. That's what too much merry-making does to you.

In fact, Khir toyo was having fun all they way to Orlando Disneyland using public funds! and he brought his maid along!!!



To placate the Chinese, they dangled the carrot of having a Chinese Deputy Prime Minister. Shall that come to pass? Another Sleight of Hand to distract the masses... Another plastic carrot whisked out whenever the burdened beast(rakyat) can take no more? Why choose this opportune moment to drop this bomb? What about an Indian Deputy?

Releasing the ISA detainees including 2 of the Hindraf 5 is a desperate attempt to garner the affection of the Indians within the country. But do we realize with each Premier's transition this wayang kulit plays out? Political detainees are let out like a burst dam then slowly stuffed back in? If Najib is indeed sincere in his effort, he should abolish the act
Who knows when the 13 will be fettered again?
In Bolehland you can be jailed for your own protection ( Reporter Tan Hoon Cheng)
You can be cuffed up in front of your house if you're 30 minutes EARLY for court proceedings (you get this service only if you're from the opposition-lah)

These are mere acts running up to April the 7th. See through the disguise... Election promises have just the tendency to evaporate as soon as they take form.

When the sailors are tired of merrymaking.. they may just abandon ship.
What then, happens to us?

Friday, April 3, 2009

The power of Facebook :-)

What I always wanted with my blog,
was to raise awareness of issues that are close to my heart.
And that, is a whole lot.. Racial harmony, Conservation, Environment, Politics, Global Warming, Malaysia's future etc etc

(any wonder people say I have issues? Lol)

if u remember I had a post called UKM's Trash

and while a few of my friends came across it and said they support it and think the sarcasm funny... that was the end of the road for it.

I know my place.
Many issues that I fight for are laughed upon... which include supporting intellectual property, Buy original products, reducing the use of plastic bags...

So I don't know what posting this on Facebook will do.
As it is, Most of my friends stay within KTDI and few of them use the route mentioned in the post... fewer still stop to look around when they move hurriedly through the area (there's a sewage treatment facility just next to it)

And in an act of bravado, or I would say foolishness... I tagged one of my lecturers,
Assoc Prof Mohd Shahrir, hoping that he would only read it. He is about to leave us and move to Teluk Intan due to the imminent trasfer of his wife... so I never thought he would care enough!

but instead of nodding at the computer screen then let the issue rest.... he started calling people up to organize a gotong-royong! That's the first time anyone has given weight to the things that I do... and that means a lot to me. What more a person of authority

It's easy to feel dejected, lonely and silly when you're fighting for a cause alone... and all you get from the people around you are sneers, jeers and muffled laughs.

"Don't you have anything better to do?"
"Reduce plastic bag ah? 'Salegirl! give me two'"
"Blog lah about more entertaining things to increase your traffic and earn money!"
"Why you write on so chim and boring stuff?"
"Politics in Malaysia is hopeless-lah, why waste your time?"

What's worse than apathy? The need to dissuade people from voicing opinions!

Ok... this is becoming a sob-story LoL

I'm happy enough that something is being done!
IT may be one-off,
The effects may not be long-lasting,
but at least something is being done!
At the very very least... a few extra people know the problem exists... that.. is good enough for me.

Thank you prof!


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