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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Langkawi Eagle Feeding a No-no


The eagle feeding is indeed unnatural and is bad for the eagles for a few reasons

1) reliant on human feedings, after a few generations, the eagles of langkawi are no longer majestic as they only swoop down and skim the water for human waste.
Will they gradually loose the ability to hunt?

2) Anitbiotics, growth hormones, beta agonists etc injected into our poultry like chicken are being fed to the eagles. It not only causes the bird's immune system to go haywire and cause disease, hormonal changes may affect the bird's ability to breed.

3) Prolonged contact with humans will cause the eagles to loose their natural apprehension and fear for humans. This will make hunting etc all the more easier.

4) How much have we learned from the eagle feeding activity apart from visual entertainment? Are we more aware about their breeding habits? Their courtship mechanisms their prey(chicken skin?)
problems they are facing like habitat destruction? What have we learned from the above activity that aids in their protection?

Unless something beneficial comes out of the feeding activity or at the very least does not harm the birds in anyway, please do not support the activcity and make your concerns heard.

Thank you.

Elective posting... Additonal info


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holy Cow!

this driver broke through the guardrail, on the right side of the culvert, where the people are standing on the road, pointing.

The pick-up was traveling about 75 mph from right to left when it crashed through the guardrail.

It flipped end-over-end bounced off and across the culvert outlet, and landed right side up on the left side of the culvert, facing the opposite direction from which the driver was traveling.

The 22-year-old driver and his 18-year-old passenger were unhurt except for minor cuts and bruises.

Now look at the second picture below...

Lucky wouldn't quite describe it if you ask me!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Worthy reads!- for Malaysia




Please boycott the UMNO-backed newspaper UTUSAN for racial harmony! Peace
It's fanning hatred year round.


I'm currently reading

March 8 the day Malaysia woke up- by Kee Thuan Chye

Ethnic relations- By Syed Husein Ali

And will give a review and summary after I gleaned d gems from the books!

Is it a Malaysian culture to litter?- KL's Rubbish. (Cf. UKM's Trash)

In Kuala Lumpur, the City Hall has hit out at irresponsible revellers who littered Jalan Sultan Ismail during the Christmas eve celebration.

City Hall director-general Datuk Salleh Yusup said though the public had a right to party they should not go overboard and dirty the place.

rubbish, KL, Kuala Lumpur, ChristmasTrash city: Jalan Bukit Bintang practically awash in a sea of rubbish left behind by Christmas revellers.

“We had a tough time clearing the mess left behind by these irresponsible revellers. They obviously do not bother about cleanliness and left the mess for others to clean up.

Thousands of people flocked to Bukit Bintang area on Christmas eve, causing the usually clean area littered with aerosol cans used in the Christmas revelry.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Ip Man Review- Yip Man Ichiban (叶问一极棒!)

Ip man, yip man, donnie yen

ip man,叶问, movie, donnie yen

Yip Man叶问 turned out to be an hour and 38 minutes or roaring action and laughter.

Well, Donnie promised to show his lesser known self, the other side of the moon- his mirthful side starting with the movie “painted skin” – what a weird name- turns out I din see that movie- and well he didn’t disappoint.
Donnie Yen

Instead of the slapstick comedy reminiscent of adam sandler and rob Schneider and gang;
In stark contrast to Mou-lei-tou无理头 humour of Stephen Chow’s fame;
Quite different from Jackie Chan’s brand of action-humour;
Yip man is in a league of its own.

I don’t know and can’t be sure but It’s the first martial arts movie that ties in aristocratic humour –for the lack of a better term to describe high quality humour- so seamlessly-
you hold your breath, in anticipation of the follow up of the fist thrown in mid-air….. what happens next? Will it be countered? Will it parried?
Then suddenly you gasp for air for you are suddenly overwhelmed by guffaws rising from within. Ah Zhun,-Yip Man’s son- cycling in at one crucial moment is the epitome of that.

The marriage of strange bed-fellows, humour and action (jackie’s style aside) was one unique experience! And I have the whole creative team to thank. Then again, considering the two previous collaborations by Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen – Sha Po Lang杀破狼 OR SPL and Dao huo xian导火线/ Flashpoint –(Leaving Dragon Tiger Gate龙虎门 out of the equation for personal reasons) didn’t have humour as a sidedish, I wonder if Donnie started stretching his directing muscles again and gave creative input to Yip, asking for slight condiments of wit to be added to the broth.

To Donnie I say: “It works! Keep it Up!”

On the action sequences we have Sammo Hung洪金宝 to thank- of SPL/ Martial Law fame (he recently had an outing too with the movie: Wushu- which I also had to give a miss :-()

He has high expectations and well that proved beneficial to the movie!
sammo hung
and oh! cheeky me

Fast and furious describes it well, as Wing-chun- a martial arts form started by a lady, taught by yip man, popularized by Bruce Lee and later incorporated into his Jeet Kun Do- consists of rapid fists that defend, deflect and attack at the same time.

Not familiar with this form of MA, I don’t think I can comment on whether it is true to its form but the execution appears to differ a bit from what I saw of History Channel’s ‘Fight Quest’ that featured wing chun. The speed of the fists however, are not lost in translation and require no post editing (the photoshop equivalent in movies I guess) considering Donnie is Da Man!

My complaints- #spoiler alert# are
1) the final fight was rather one sided, I expected more Ooomph from the Japanese General. In the whole movie I don’t think donnie’s Yip Man had any significant injuries save for the gunshot wound.

2) Once again the talent of Xing Yu 行宇Coolie, Xing yu, Kung fu hustleis overlooked or underexpressed.
You will remember him as the coolie with great legs (not aesthetically –lar) in Kung fu Hustle and as 'Tiger', the 2nd bad brother in Flashpoint. In Flashpoint the all-out-brawl I anticipated between Donnie and him did not transpire and in Yip Man he is also er…. Wasted. (in both senses of the word) Only In Hustle did he really shine… Wait er minute….Now that I think of it, In all three movies he met a sad demise! Poor guy.
xing yu, flashpoint, tiger

3) The movie was a little short lei. Maybe its too good so I wanted more of it but I felt ‘hungry’ at the end of it. The ending could be better though, portraying a injured yip man with friends and family en route to hong kong doesn’t quite cut it.
Encore! Encore! Encore!

Well today is the premiere of Yip Man And I’m proud to catch the 3rd screening of the day at Times Square! All in all an excellent film. Recommended to the whole family for its wittiness! You might wanna ask your gal to turn the other side for some parts tho (I watched alone )

Next film to watch is Kinta近打, but I’m afraid my expectations of it will be certainly raised after Yip Man. Keeping my fingers crossed! It’s the first Malaysian Martial Arts Film and thus deserves our support!

Finally, Support Original Films and the Cinema if you want great movies in the future because only by supporting the real deal your idols know their work is being appreciated.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let us JERIT for change!


remember the blog post on the bukit antarabangsa landslide which featured the top ten most wanted list of the Malaysian Police?

this pretty much confirms it. What insight by eyeswideopen

Here's one of the cyclers comment on what really happened... in contrast to what Khalid, 'respected' chief of police said. read post below

A day that saw an incident free day of cycling took a turn at Rawang . We arrived in Rawang at about 4.30pm. We were supposed to meet up with YB ADUN Rawang, Gan Pei Nei at Rawang Jaya . She and her delegation planned to cycle with the JERIT convoy from there to Rawang town.

But a roadblock greeted us at Rawang . As usual the police requested for names and IC of all the cyclist and coordinator. We intervened and told the police that it is not necessary to record names and addresses of all cyclist as we have a list that we can give it to them. After much argument we took back all the IC of the cyclist and gave the coordinators IC to record . Myself ,Sugu, Saras,Rani ,Mohan gave our IC to be recorded . The IC were returned after recording. But my IC changed hands to another officer .

Soon the police received new directions. The bus was to held and myself and the coordinators were asked to come to the balai . Eventhough we managed to get the cyclist to continue to cycle , but they were stopped again further ahead . As the cyclist met up YB Gan Pei Nei group , they were stopped from cycling to town . After some negotiations by Gan Pei Nei , the convoy proceeded into town . They cycled around Rawang town and stopped at a coffee shop for a drink .

Myself ,Sugu and Saras made our way to the balai polis . At the balai , Saras immediately checked on the 7 junior cyclist in the bus that was brought in to the balai . The police were already intimidating the children, asking them questions. Some officers also asked the cyclist if Dr.Kumar had paid them money to participate in the campaign.They harassed the cyclist who were in the bus . Saras and Sugu intervened and chased out the officers from the bus .

I met up with Gan Pei Nei who then arrived at the balai . We went over to see the OCPD , Abdul Rahim . He was asking the same stupid questions ,whether did we get a permit to cycle. He said ,it does not matter if other OCPD have allowed the cyclist , but we supposedly should have seeked his permission in his district .OCPD instructed all the bicyclist to be brought to the balai . We objected and said that we have given all the names and there was no need to have any statements taken .

Later the OCPD instructed statements to be taken from all the 7 cyclist that were already in the bus. He said that he wanted to verify if there were under aged children being abused . I followed them. Informed the officers that they cannot take statement, and we will not give statement . The cyclist will only give their details only .

Soon all the cyclist were already brought in the balai . Dr.Kumar arrived shortly . I and Dr.Kumar met up with the OCPD . He still insisted that he wanted to take statements from all the cyclist. We showed him that we have consent letters from all the parents . We gave the police a copy . After much negotiations ,we agreed poiice to record details of all the cyclist accompanied by us . As this was going on , I was taken by the OCPD to his room . He explained that he still considered that the event was a procession . He confirmed that I will be charged under Section 27 of the police Act’ illegal assembly’. Kumar also had his statements taken later .

At this moment , we were quite sure that all will be released after giving the details to the police . This was when matters took a turn , when the Selangor CPO arrived , Dato Khalid .

Immediately the CPO ,OCPD and other officers went for taklimat. About an hour later the CPO arrogantly came down and announced that all 50 cyclist and all the 15 coordinators will be arrested . We were gathered at the parking lot. They put a yellow tape around us .All those below 18 years old were separated from the seniors .

By this time a crowd of supporters were already swelling outside the balai . A candle light vigil began . Makkal Sakti slogans and songs were sung . There were also PKR , DAP and PAS members .

The police made arrangements for the welfare officers to take the junior cyclist away .They would be then handed ’safely’ to their parents.

The police went all out to harass us . Edmund Bon , lawyer informed us that the police were going to expel the permit and the driving licences of all the lorry drivers and bas driver. JPJ officials also arrived. They examined the bus , lorry , looking for something to issue summon on .The driving licences and road tax of the lorry and bus were taken away .

As protest outside gathered momentum , a complete battalion of FRU ,Water cannon arrived . The crowd outside carried on chanting and demanding for our release. As they were about to use the water cannon, the rain poured heavily. The police did not use the water cannon .

As rain kept pouring heavily , the car park where all of us who were being detained began flooding . All of us were standing cold in a river of water . We demanded to be shifted out of the parking lot . As usual the police buat tak tahu . Tempers flared . I moved to rip of the yellow police tape and walk out of the parking lot . The rest followed. A fight pursued between us and the police as they were trying to push us back into the parking lot and we were moving out . The officers couldn’t stop us . The Light Strike Force rushed in . They pushed us back with their shield and batons .

The CPO looked and couldn’t do anything . Immediately the police brought all the cyclist below 18 years of age into a dry place at the balai meeting room upstairs .

As this was happening , we were also amazed at the 300 0ver crowd outside that stood in the heavy rain and did not budge . FRU cordoned the police station entrance . The welfare officers couldn’t find a place to take the junior cyclist , thus they stayed at the meeting room . The junior cyclist told the police they refuse being brought away by the welfare officers and they rather remain arrested with the others

At about 2 am , I and Kumar were given the bail sheets . Soon the rest were being taken details and issued bail sheets . Some comrades spent the nite with the junior cyclist at the balai meeting room .

At about 3.30 am all walked out of the balai polis Rawang . It was a eventful nite .


Khalid at it again! Benign cyclist harassed then stupid reason given

Khalid: Polis 'selamatkan' pengayuh bawah umur

(Malaysiakini) - Polis bertindak menahan kumpulan berbasikal "Rakyat Pengayuh Perubahan" bagi menghenti dan mengelak kanak-kanak daripada dieksploitasi oleh pihak tertentu, kata Ketua Polis Selangor, Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar.

Katanya, mereka ditahan kerana menyertai perarakan haram dan kemudiannya bila disemak, didapati 28 daripada mereka berusia di bawah 18 tahun.

Khalid berkata, perkara itu jelas bercanggah dengan Akta Kanak-Kanak kerana ada sesetengah daripada mereka baru berusia 15 tahun.

Menurutnya lagi, ketika memberi keterangan, "kanak-kanak tersebut memberitahu mereka tidak tahu menahu mengapa disuruh ikut serta dalam perarakan berbasikal tersebut."

"Bagi kanak-kanak tersebut, kami (polis) sebenarnya menyelamatkan mereka daripada dianiaya dan disalahgunakan oleh pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab," katanya kepada pemberita ditemui di balai polis Rawang malam tadi.

Khalid berkata, pihak polis juga telah menghubungi ibu bapa kesemua kanak-kanak dan remaja berkenaan, meminta mereka membawa pulang anak masing-masing.

jerit ride for change rawang police protest 161208 14Polis juga, katanya, akan menyiasat sama ada kesemua mereka telah mendapat kebenaran ibu bapa masing-masing atau tidak, untuk menyertai perarakan tersebut.

Di samping 28 penunggang basikal di bawah umur itu, 29 orang lagi ditahan dan disiasat mengikut Akta Polis kerana menyertai perarakan haram dan mengikut Akta Kanak-kanak kerana menyalahgunakan kanak-kanak.

Antara yang ditahan ialah Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Rawang, Gan Pei Nie dari PKR dan ahli parlimen Sungai Siput, Dr D Jeyakumar dari Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM).

Khalid juga memberitahu wartawan bahawa penunggang basikal di bawah umur itu keliru mengenai tujuan ekspedisi tersebut diadakan.

"Kita akan minta ibu bapa untuk membawa pulang kesemua anak-anak mereka," katanya.

Tiada permit

Khalid juga berkata, Gan tidak memohon sebarang permit untuk membenarkan kumpulan penunggang basikal itu untuk melalui Rawang.

Gan bagaimanapun memberitahu pemberita sebelum ini yang beliau telah mendapat persafahaman lisan dengan ketua polis Rawang berhubung perkara itu.

Khalid bagaimanapun berkata "tidak ada perkara seperti perjanjian lisan".

Sebaliknya, kata beliau, permit mesti secara bertulis dan beliau dimaklumkan oleh ketua polis Rawang bahawa tiada sebarang permohonan dibuat.

jerit ride for change rawang police protest 161208 12Penunggang basikal itu ditahan di balai polis Rawang semalam dan diserahkan kepada ibubapa mereka hari ini.

Yang lainnya yang turut ditahan - termasuk Gan dan Jeyakumar -dibebaskan kira-kira jam 3 pagi tadi.

Mereka bagaimanapun terus berada di situ untuk menemani penunggang basikal bawah umur tersebut.

Kempen ekspedisi berbasikal ke seluruh negara itu dianjurkan oleh Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit).

Kumpulan tersebut telah sampai ke peringkat terakhir kayuhan mereka selama 16 hari ke seluruh negara.

Sepanjang tempoh tersebut, mereka berdepan dengan berbagai cabaran dan halangan termasuk ditahan serta beberapa basikal mereka telah dibakar.

Sementara itu, ibu bapa kumpulan pengayuh remaja yang tidak berpuas dengan tindakan polis semalam di Bangi akan membuat aduan di balai Kajang jam 6 petang ini.

JERIT Press Statement 16/12/2008


Today the Selangor CPO claimed that he has saved the children from irresponsible people who are exploiting them and misusing them. And that when the children were asked why they are cycling, they did not know. This statement by the CPO is a blatant lie and misleading the public on the actual situation.

1. The claim of the Selangor CPO about saving the children was a lie as the below 18 years old cyclists have parental consent to take part in this cycling campaign. The children actually refused to say anything to the police officers as they did not want cooperate with the police as they are being detained illegally. The children were also were questioned by police whether they were paid to do this. What is the police trying to proof with these kind of questions?
2. JERIT has been responsible in taking care of the cyclists’ welfare since day one. We are not like the CPO who let the children get wet in the rain and then when they tried to find shelter he sent the Light Strike Force to threaten them and intimidate them. They were not given food until 11pm at night and after so much of pressure then only they were give food.
3. The CPO also put the children in the car park and put a yellow tape around them, not allowing them to move around. The children were technically under arrest. Is this how you treat children? Is this how the CPO claims that he is saving the children?
4. The CPO forgot to mention that the children were arrested without the presence of the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat and the officers from JKM arrived very late at night, As children are not supposed be kept overnight in the police station, but the police kept them there the whole night. How is that for breaking laws?
5. The children also refused to budge to welfare homes as they prefer to be arrested with the JERIT organizers, where some of them were also parents of the under 18 cyclists. The cyclists felt safe with the JERIT organizers rather than with police who continued to intimidate and harass them.
6. Today when the parents arrived in the Police Station, they were not allowed in, and then police insisted on taking statement from each parent before releasing their children. Isn’t this a violation? Why do the parents need to give statement? The parents protested and refused to give statement to police and demanded for their children. The police were causing more trauma and agony to the parents of the children.

JERIT strongly condemns the unlawful action by the Selangor CPO. His actions were inhumane and violated the rights of JERIT cyclists. His statement about saving the children does not fit as he cause a lot of agony and mental torture for the cyclists.

JERIT sternly asks the police to stop the harassment and intimidation of the JERIT cycling team. The police must be neutral and look after the rights of the people and not violate them . The police should not take political sides and do the biddings of the political masters.

JERIT’s campaign is a safe campaign done to highlight the aspiration of the people. So stop lying and harassing the cyclists.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Changing Number to Celcom!-cheap deals for undergraduates

I'll be changing to celcom soon Not sure whether there is MNP as I bot the simcard already

because of this great offer!

Open to all students below the age of 25, you just have to bring your IC no to any celcom centre- located here

I guess the caveat here is that MNP does not apply- Mobile number portability

*EDIT* There is MNP. Check out www.uox.com.my for details

But no worries! As you are given free RM10 credit to annouce your number change to friends and family!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

"UKM's trash"- "SAMPAH UKM"- "国大的垃圾"

Laman Midah Apartments, UKM

This is the place I live- Laman Midah Apartments

Inilah tempat tinggal saya sekarang, di Bandar Tun Razak


car park

Below is the route I pass through everyday from the wards to my place of stay.

jalan ini perlu saya lalui saban hari


Every evening will be the time everyone looks forward to when they can throw off their 1/2kg white coat and can slump on the chair... motionless for a few hours at least..

Tibanya petang setiap hari, gembiralah semua warga UKM dapat pulang ke rumah, menanggalkan kot putih yang diberatkan dengan tendon-hammer, stetoskop, pen torch, dan pocket kumar and clark

夕阳西下,我们终于能弯弯腰,放下包袱, 安心地歇息...

But everytime I reach this part of the road home my heart sinks. Down to the unknown fathoms of sorrow...

Belum lagi baju pemberat ditanggalkan, hati kecilku telah diberatkan sungguh


trash, ukm

Why? because this pass, is only used by 3 groups of people.

Kerana jalan peniti ini hanya digunakan khas oleh 3 kumpulan orang


Doctors, Nurses and medical students!


unikeb, trash, ukm

And this is solid proof of origin- the Cooperative store's plastic bag.

Dan inilah bukti terbaik...


alley, drain

Yes! All of them are involved in the healthcare profession and are held in high regard in society. Thus, professionalism aside, qualities like integrity, civic consciousness, responsibility, good moral conduct are expected of them and this should manifest not only when they are involved with patients but should permeate every aspect of their lives.

Golongan inilah mendapat sanjungan tinggi masyarakat, maka secara semula jadi kita mengharapkan yang terbaik daripada mereka, dari semua sudut kemanusiaan... bertanggungjawab, berkesedaran sivik kerana mereka menjadi papan ukur and teladan semua... bukankah begitu?

这群专业人士, 得到大众的的尊敬及崇拜,而同时我们也对他们有所要求- 至少在成为一个负责任的公民.

trash, route

If professionals like the above act in such an irresponsible, callous and cavalier matter.... What has become of our society? What type of individuals have UKM bred?
Will that augur well for our nation as a whole?

Jika golongan yang disanjungi ini berkelakuan sedemikian... apakah yang masyarakat kita telah menjadi?


If you have the chance to stop by HUKM, please take the chance to view the "products" of UKM.

Jika melalui kawasan ini, janganlah lupa melawati kubur sampah ini...


The many 'colourful' "subjects" HUKM has "produced."

Why can't we let them be you ask? The rains will come, trash floats? aint it?
After a monsoon, problem solved? ain't it?

Mengapa tidak kita biarkan saja, tanya-mu. Hujan akan turun, air akan melimbah, sampah akan dihanyutkan dan masalah KAN diselesaikan? Kedudukannya begitu strategik di tepi parit, besar lagi tu?

等等那倾盆大雨洗净一切不就没事了? 不? 坐落在大渠旁的东西根本不肖一顾吗!

The matter ends not, there. Fouled streams, begrimed rivers, loss of tourist location, disease spread, floods, landslides (water stagnation leads to poor clearance of soil pooled water, leading to increased soil load...) all stems from this act.

Whatever you throw down the waterways- mercury, nickel, lead, pesticide, poison, industrial waste, will be absorbed by microorganisms... being lipid soluble these compounds accumulate up the food chain... a fish eating many contaminated shrimps will have 20X d amount of contamination. sharks and human will have 100000x because we're at the very end of the food chain.

A term called biomagnification

Masalah ini tidak terburai begitu sahaja. Tidak kira apa yang dilupuskan melalui jalan air, akan suatu hari nanti kembali kepada kita. Racun, logam berat, Sisa toksik larut-lemak dan akan dikumpul dalam tubuh hidupan air, dan akan menjadi berganda apabila makhluk besar makan bilangan haiwan yang kecil... manusia, ikan besar seperti tuna mempunyai puluh ribu kali ganda mercuri dalam badan udang. Dan inilah yang akan kita makan.

Kita pandai melempar tuduhan kepada kerajaan apabila sungai Dicemari, pantai dikotori, Sungai melimpah ruah, banjir berlaku, tanah runtuh, penyebaran penyakit berleluasa... tapi sebenarnya salah siapa?

垃圾-不见不闻不代表没有. 别只会把矛头指向政府,偶尔照下镜子- 土崩, 泛滥, ,兮湖浊山...都是我们一手造成...

排泄物,重金属,毒素品倒下河里,迟早会吃回肚里. 它融与体脂--在生物线,生物网里它会愈增, 在线,网末端的动物,比如鲨鱼,量有万倍上...人也不例外...

methyl mercury levels reach FDA limit for human consumption of 1 ppm. Excess will cause minamata disease.

People who litter are no better than the stuff that they throw.

Sampah, dibuang oleh sampah


turtle, plastic

You're action, Kills
turtle, plastic

Perbuatan anda membunuh


Please make this lowly habit a thing of the past. we must shed the tag
"1st world country with 3rd world mentality"

Usah biar negara kita masih ditanggap penduduknya jahil! Kalau tidak tukarnya tabiat kita tidak akan terhenti sahutan bahawa mentaliti kita masih tinggal atas pokok sungguhpun ada bangunan kembar petronas

别再让这陋习流传在我国人民内. 我们是时间长大了.

I am ashamed today. For being a UKM medical student.

Adakah anda selesa melalui kawasan tersebut melihat keadaan sekeliling?

羞!羞!羞! 我羞!

Preserve the environment, and may your health be preserved... Let us do what we can, and it's as simple holding on to the piece of paper, till you reach a dustbin.

Beratkah cebisan kertas kecil tu sehingga anda perlu melepaskannya serta-merta di mana jua? Tidak beratkah pula mata anda memandang kejijikan dan kekotoran buatan sendiri? Bawalah ia dalam tangan sehingga terjumpa tong sampah... aku merayu

相信那张纸没千斤重吧? 居然如此, 能不能将它握在手里, 直到看见垃圾桶?
想信这是举手之劳? 谢谢....

For a better Malaysia

Untuk negara kita yang makmur


The title of the post refers to items and not humans.
Tajuk merujuk kepada benda dan bukannya orang

Saturday, December 13, 2008


kuan yew, poh jeann, emcee

今天我第一次当了MC! 感觉很特别!

双脚颤抖,四处张望.... 而这只是爬上后台阶梯时的感觉...


shin chan teacher=


想到这,我立刻脱下眼镜, 心想这妙计能让我看不见观众而不会胆怯!....哎!!!!

固然是妙计! 居然....


REally! That was what happened during my first speech on stage!

Eventually I did get better bit by bit but still I find it hard to maintain eye contact with the audience... looking at them my neck automatically jerks downward causing me to stare at the script and thus robotically reading from it...

I'm made little progress thus far but after going for a session by Jackson Ng,
entitled "Speaking with impact", I remember his first lesson well- NEVER say no to opportunities to be on stage.

That's why I accepted the offer to be the MC for the symposium today!
laminate, name tag

In my opinion, there are two kinds of MCs...
MCs for informal occasions- weddings etc
MCs for Formal occasions- like today- involving lecturers and doctors from the Malaysian Medical Council and Ministry of Health Malaysia

And hopefully I didn't menjatuhkan air muka UKM today!
MC, microphone,kuanyew
Things I learnt include

The main thing about being an MC, is being prepared but to appear seemingly unprepared.
Also, you need to be on your feet noticing every little change in mood and be prepared for all sorts of emergency conditions.
prepare some banter speech to suit the occasion, however its pretty hard to prepare this before hand as the content must be sourced from the events unfolding on the day itself.

not forgetting
1. Get to know your audience, know their sense of humour generally
2. Know your guests of honour and get their salutations right and try to memorise it
3. Find someone in the audience that you know so that whenever you're nervous and don't know where to look to you can stare at this person for as long as you need to regain your composure.
4. Try not to be too dependent on your script. (Which I failed to do)
5. Always be alert of what is happening on stage and off stage
6. Have other members of the committee (usually from the protocol) to look out for you for any untoward changes
7. Keep yourself hydrated
8. Learn the right way to use the microphone- there is an optimum distance where your breaths won't be audible yet your decibels are not lost. Ask your friend to listen far away beforehand and to give suitable... 'feedback'. (pun intended)
9. Try to keep your words bite-sized, syllable per syllable as it aids clarity. Not to make it into Bahasa Baku tho!
10. Use terms and phrases or quotes that your audience can relate to, or else your comments will be greeted by drops of sweat and a crow flying past...

On banter speech, one that I came up with today after both parliamentary debate sessions where both 'prime ministers' are ladies was this

PPJ for partner poh jeann
KY for me

PPJ :" Hey KY, did you notice who were the elected prime ministers in both debates just now?"

KY :" hmmmm.... not really... why?

PJ :" recently we had just witnessed the election of the 1st black president in america, Obama and today we have not one but two female prime ministers, Miss Amirtha and Miss Wu! Do you think we will have a female Prime minister in Malaysia?

KY :" Oh... wait... are you trying to start a debate with me on whether females are equally capable as their male counterparts in leading the country?

PJ :" Seniors, what do you think?"

KY :" nevermind nevermind, we shall pass all the controversy and headache to the juries for they are the ones who must select the best debating team"

So I think managed to tie together a recent international event, parliamentary debate, what just transpired around us and threw a question at the audience to try to illicit audience participation... an important part of being a good emcee.

Well, the execution wasn't that well, judging from the lukewarm response but I'm glad that at least I attempted it and learned from it.

all in all, our effort was appreciated by our attending lecturer Prof Har and that felt great!

Here I would like to extend my thanks to abang Shukri, kak azuwa and the many many seniors who guided us. We were like the only chinese in the organizing commitee apart from Joanne senior. Hence my title today in 3 languages!

Other perks of being an MC today include knowing rather generally how a uber-formal event is being organized,
getting to know many new friends,
Getting to tinker with high tech gadgets! One of my favourite past-times is figuring out how they work!

This mike is a digital mike where you can alter its frequency ! COOL!

And I managed to practise my drawing too! compare these two with the two photos I took. I was drawing on the spot so met a little difficulty with the very actively moving participants!

draw, blue ink

debate, forum

debate, forum

(OKOK my drawing sucks! I know but I'll improve on it de!)

and getting to play "big brother"
This is one pretty old but still mighty high tech gadgetry

Shown in the video I zoomed out, Zoomed in, Panned the camera, adjusted the focus and later set it on auto mode where it scanned the entire auditorium!-last part not seen in vid-

CCTV, surveillance

Not forgetting enjoying the seniors doing our favourite component of PPD- roleplay!
Of course we learnt a lot from the debate and forum sessions too!

All in all its a worthy experience!
As I couldn't find much information online on being an emcee- most online info was related to being a wedding MC, quite a different job description if you ask me- I decided to write this out as a rough advice... hope it helps!

Cheerios! Thanks to Poh Jeann for accomodating this gila gila co-MC (=^.^=)

Friday, December 12, 2008

The bukit antarabangsa landslide cover up?土崩事件瞒天过海

Chinese Daily

I didn't know this as a fact because I have not been reading newspapers. But then again, a hell lotta help it would have been as this is not published in the Malaysian Main stream Media.

Thank you, Eyes Wide Open for Opening my Tightly Closed Lids.


The following is from MalaysiaKini.

In a frantic attempt to save his wife, a 31-year-old executive was forced to dig through the earth with his bare hands until his fingers bled.
He felt a sense of relief when rescue personnel arrived at the scene. But to his horror, they refused to help him, apart from throwing him a spade.

The startling accusation was made by the family of bukit antarabangsa landslide victim Ng Yee Peng. The startling accusation was made by the family of Ng Yee Ping, a 30-year-old accountant who perished in the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy on Saturday.

Ng Yee Ping
Yee Ping , who delivered a son two months ago, is believed to have died of internal injuries due to broken ribs.

However, Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar came to the defence of the rescue personnel, citing their lack of training as a reason.

Speaking to reporters at the funeral service for Yee Ping yesterday (Monday), her family vented their frustrations claiming that she could still be alive if rescue personnel had acted promptly.
Mother of deceased Bukit Antarabangsa
Recounting the ordeal, yee Ping's mother-in-law Wong Sai Mooi said she and her husband had escaped through the second-floor window. She then called out for her two sons.

"I heard my sons reply, I also heard my grandson crying. I felt relieved but did not know that my daughter-in-law was buried alive.

"Then I heard my eldest son (Yee Ping's husband) calling his wife, telling her to remain conscious," she was quoted as saying by China Press.

At this point, Wong (left) said she knew that her daughter-in-law was trapped, but fearing that there could be another landslide, she told her sons to leave the damaged bungalow.

However, yee Ping's husband refused to leave his wife behind, and after handing his newborn son to his brother, he started to dig with his bare hands. His brother later returned to help him.

'They treated her like a dead dog'

After some time, just as they managed to reach the victim's hand, several rescue personnel passed the area. The brothers asked them for help but were told to wait until more personnel arrived.

"Later, a few rescue personnel arrived at the scene but they just threw a spade at (my sons) and did nothing," she alleged, claiming that Yee Ping could still be alive if they had assisted.

"But they didn't (help). (They treated her) like some dead dog or cat. Would they have done the same if one of their family-members was involved?" she asked bitterly.

Wong's husband, Ng Yong Shun, 56, also accused the rescue personnel of looting his house and consuming his expensive wine.

He claimed that when he returned to the house on Sunday morning, he was shocked to discover several men in uniform lying on his bed, smoking and drinking his wine.

"One of them had even asked me whether I still wanted these things, if not I should give it to them. Later, my wife and I examined our safety box and found it opened. Several branded watches and jewellery were missing," he said.

According to Oriental Daily News, Ng said he lost 80 bottles of expensive wine worth RM160,000 and six watches worth RM180,000.

Police chief: 'I don't believe'
Police chief Khalid A不巴假

Commenting on the accusations yesterday, Khalid said he found it hard to believe that rescue personnel would have acted in such a cold-hearted manner.

"I don't believe that they would sit there and drink alcohol and so on. If there is such a person, could he be seen as a human being?" asked the police chief.

Khalid said the police would meet with the family to gather more information and conduct a thorough probe into the matter.

On the same note, he explained that some rescue personnel who are untrained are not allowed to conduct certain rescue operations.

"You don't expect an ambulance driver to save a buried victim. He is not trained, so if we request untrained personnel for help and they refuse, we shouldn't blame them.

"This is because their lives are in danger too. I think we should respect their decision. To dig and save someone, one has to be trained. For an untrained person, it's a very dangerous task," he said.

Is it a carnival?

Khalid also expressed disappointment with the media for publishing such accounts without verifying the matter with him.

"I hope that before you all write your news, you will consult me first, and make sure such things really happened. Is there anything wrong with that?

"Please, we are working hard here, and you are making it into a situation where people would have a negative impression of us," he told reporters.

Khalid also saw red when quizzed on the 'carnival-like atmosphere' with the abundance of food and other facilities for rescue personnel.

"What do you think? Does it really look like a carnival? If that is the case, you write (what you want), there's no need to ask for my opinion," he thundered.

"Is it a carnival or is the rescue team working hard? If you think it's the former, you just write, it seems you have enough intelligence to comment on it," he added. (Malaysiakini)

Bukit Antarabangsa Landslide


First and foremost, Look again at the photo of the Police chief. Compare it to this

La Habra police chief

This guy is the La Habra Police chief, (really just the photo of a 'police chief'- googled). With blood shoot eyes and some measure of intensity- this is the look of someone who smells like smoke because he has been through fire. Nothing less than what is demanded of a high ranking officer.

Now look again at this.
Police chief Khalid,fat,droopy eyes

With droopy eyes (lack of sleep from work commitment? I doubt)... More likely from the dullness of his job going after this hit list of Most-wanted-mob-list as directed by our dear ol BN government. (taken from eyeswideopen)

The cop's list of top ten threats to national security (this list was compiled after exhaustive research done by glancing through various news reports):

10: Voters who vote for Pakayan Rakyat
9: Private investigators who make Statutory Declarations
8: People who want fair elections
7: Poor Indians
6: Reporters
5: Pakatan Rakyat politicians
4: Bloggers
3: Groups of women, children and elderly folk "illegally" singing Negaraku and lighting candles
2: Teenage cyclists on a cross-country journey
1: 6-year-old girls with teddy bears and home-made greeting cards

What have you done about the MAT REMPIT menace? What have done about Snatch Theft and robbery? What are you guys DOING? REALLY?

Droopy eyes aside look at his body shape. WOW! Must be from all those rigourous marching exercises and lean food that security personnel consume in other to be fit for all types of duties. 我的天!

His brushing off of the responsibility smacks of pure apathy.
"This is because their lives are in danger too. I think we should respect their decision. To dig and save someone, one has to be trained. For an untrained person, it's a very dangerous task," he said."

Is it on unstable ground? I don't know
Is it raining by the buckets complicating rescue efforts? I'm not sure

But What I know is in this it doesn't take rescue helicopters but just plain digging to save one's life. What is so dangerous about it when the husband dug with his bare hands at ground zero until he bled? Is one of the many bystanders pitching in to help shovel off the mud too much to ask? Especially so when they have already reached her hand? (digging by hand no less)

Digging earth Needs NO qualifications!

The looting of a disaster victim just plain rubs salt into the gaping fresh wound.
I'm really at loss on what to say about that.

I don't think someone recently bereaved has any mood to care about watches and wine unless it is perpetrated by the very people who indirectly caused his daughter in law's death by 袖手旁观!

and we all know the expected outcome of the "internal investigation" of the looting incident, don't we?

Finally, to qoute a fellow blogger:
"What a bunch of cowardly cops! IT is time the government spent money to train rescue staff and not waste more money on submarines and helicopters that you don't need when the public needs some very basic emergency services."

Yes, indeed.


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