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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tentative: Environmental Carnival

Please Have a read through and give me your comments!

Thank you, and forward the message to people who you think may be interested in implementing this!
A copy of this document is available in Word format, downloadable at

Potential committee Candidates!

Wen Ying
Chai peng
Huan Yan (Ming wei)
Hui Fang
Bin hoo
Wu hui
Jia Ying
Hui Fang
Yan Chin
Ru hui
Zhi yi
Ying Quan
Siew Khing
Su yan
Soon Hooi

please suggest additional candidates, especially our Malay and Indian friends who you think maybe interested! Also any 3rd Year or 5th Year Students that are active in Tzuchi Association
Repost this note if you can. :-)

Details of the programme

Proposal Of Environmental Carnival

1) Environmental Movie Screening
Entrance ticket = recycle items e/g 2kg of newspapers etc
(Get tickets and a badge in exchange)

Choice of movies
An inconvenient truth by Al gore
11th Hour by Leonardo Dicaprio
“Home” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

- A research on the respective movies should be made with a summary
- it should be included with a Q&A session

(consider including Subtitles in Malay and Chinese )

2) What each of us can do (a multimedia presentation after the movie)

Title: A drop in the Ocean?
- hand outs will be given during the presentation
- detailing small lifestyle changes that students can make living in the hostels.

3) 2nd Multimedia presentation
- Recorded Video- “When I was small”
- detailing what has changed from the 1980’s till now in terms of the weather, the
environment and human relations etc
eg- when I was small our childhood was filled with kite-flying, hide and seek, now everyone has their hearing plugged up with earphones

When I was small we had tadpoles and guppies in drains and rain puddles… now we only have mud and sludge

We will collect video/ Audio/ Blog recordings of these memories
This effort is a joint effort between UM, USM and UKMMC (organized by E=MC2)
If it is successful, we have journalists in our ranks that can help publish our effort to the Mainstream Media
if that doesn't work out, we will always have YOUTUBE :-)

4)Exhibition of Environmental Products
- What are the products that are relevant to us students or doctors
- What can attract the companies/ societies to come
- Research on the exhibition during the Eco Film Festival organized by the Eco Knights
- Bazaar? What should be sold?

Exhibition of Environmental NGOs and groups

5)Contests? Research on the feasibility of a contest.
- any interest?
- theme
- Sponsorship of prizes?

6) Changes in KTDI (cooperate with JAKSA Ktdi)
- polystyrene and plastic bad use
: Information : The danger of Polystyrene.. contact with heat become styrene, a
: Encourage students to bring their own Tupperware to buy food from café’s or dine in
to enjoy discounts
: If opt for polystyrene must pay 20 cents extra (implemented in USM)
: Consider alternatives to Polystyrene ( a biodegradable type made from Palm oil waste)
- Introduction of Vegetarian food to other Ethics
(You are What you Eat)
Incorporate Ethnic Relations, as in a Forum ala Interfaith Forum held in Dk1 KCKL
when we were in 2st Year :
Title : What is Halal food, what is Vegetarian food?

Successful implementation in Wahid, move on to Kazema and Besta

Installing a recycling centre in KTDI itself, (area behind Kafe/ Underneath Surau)
- Funds
- Sponsorship
- Collection servuces
- Cooperate with Rhea Corp

7) Additional programmes (recommendation from Prof Harlina)
A visit to Radicare Waste disposal facility for Medical Students
include visits to other centres/ places on the one day trip

Selection of the Date of the event
- Away from Exams and holidays,
- Ensure no clash with other programmes.
-maybe as a complementary programme in a mega programme such as Warisan Mesra?

Publisiti- PERSIAP (facebook and blog)

Can incorporate Merit in this programme?
I will try to discuss with Fadhli

(Incorporate this the Racial Harmony theme ?)

Download the word file to Email to your friends at

Thank you very much,

sincerely Kuan Yew

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can't get enough of Transformers? Get Screensavers!

Transformers, bumblebee

Fanatics of Robotics .. here you go!!
Not forgetting the legions of the fans of the vixen out there (who should be by now much relieved to know that she IS NOT a transexual)
--scroll to the end of that page--

BUMBLEBEE Screensaver

I don't know why... but the Bumblebee one is WAYYYYY cooler than Optimus Prime!
They are only 8Mb per file :-)


Or.... Drool Over this one!

megan fox, transformers,revenge of the fallen

click to enlarge and save! Its for a desktop 1680 X 1050 pixels in size!

Monday, June 22, 2009

USB drive Malware Removal (even before you use it!)

People Hate me.

They Claim I am Troublesome, picky and a worry-wart!

Well I am not wrong to protect my "virgin" at all costs!

Won't you protect your sweet daughter from cold clammy (and hairy) fingers?
hairy hairy

Well this virgin in question is my Desktop computer.
Its a virgin because I refuse removable drive entry into any of its 8 USB interfaces!

So any files they want from me /want to give me will need to come in the form of a CD/DVD!

Now, the problem with Pen/Thumb/USB/Flash
*pant pant*
drives are that some viruses are autoexecuted the moment you plug the memory device into your PC/MAC/Laptop/Netbook
*pant pant pant*

What it means is it may not be safe even to plug it into your Computer system even if you do not execute files within!

Drive of Death!
--intoducing the scary USB drive of death!--

The modus Operandi of Malware is that it contains an Autorun.inf file that automatically runs a file/program without you the user having any control over it.

I stumbled accross an Anti-Malware application for this purpose at this website

However I decided to scout around for alternatives from more trustworthy sites..
such as CNet's Download.com

and presto you have Autorun Eater at a measly 1.6MB for download, Here.

I guess I am fussy afterall.. Even after installing it.. I'm still having a moral dilemma whether to allow my PC to be Violated.

Condoms for USB drives maybe?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mozzies! Shoo Shoo

We ... students of KTDI are in danger...
because the area is a Dengue Hot-spot...

and a few of the medical students have fallen victim to the black and white portable syringes... poor Yong Kang

-Hypodermic Needle Included!-

In the tiny room of mine...
I have the dual problem of extreme heat...
and extreme Mozzie mania...
Mosquitoes are attracted to UV light, Carbon dioxide and Heat
Ah.. I have the latter two in abundance...
Small wonder why my room is Mosquito central..

Ah even got a name for my room

Well... I don't like killing anything uneccessarily..
but the mozzies are an exception...sigh
(Karma dun get me... I don't kill them when I'm in their territory-jungles etc
Oh well I try not to)
So I was passively swatting...
then came the electric racquet..

tried playing Mosquito repelling frequencies downloaded from the internet in MP3 format..
didn't work.
Reason given by 'experts'- MP3s are stripped down versions of audio files.. where inaudible (to humans) noises are filtered out to make the file tiny.
the ultrasonic waves are of course lost in translation...

Played the file on my PC thruout the night.. My housemate SH tried it too..
No workie..

K.. so A file doesn't work..
so I go for the plugged in version...

It claims to cover an area of 25m square..

Sadly... Plugged in 30cm away.. it failed to deter the mozzie pleasantly feasting on my arm!
wasted RM13 on this thing.

Oh well.. the real deal that is supposed to work cost RM169 in ace hardware...

Well... next up...
carbon dioxide traps
from the fermentation of sugar by Yeasts...

Wish me luck!

Photo Of Mosquito taken by Nikon D60 kit lens, in Redang.
well fed mosquito!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cheating in contest? Wawasan open University postcard

Yeah, I entered this photography contest and got the 5th place!
Exhausting all my resources from Facebook ,Friendster, MSN and friends in University
I think that's perfectly alright...

What is not alright is the lack of screening of votes by the contest organizers

The major loophole in this contest is that the winner is selected purely based on public votes!
All you have to do is give a name and email address then later verify the email sent to you.

So technically you can create 1000 email addresses then vote for yourself if you have the tenacity to do it. well, (and the thick skin too)

I think that's what this contestant did.

Scroll down the page about halfway through the voters and you start to see a pattern emerge. Click on the thumbnails to Enlarge

my vote

Oh..no not this... this is my vote for her/Him hehe

Scroll down further...

err... cousins?

Errrrr.. Step cousins perhaps?

If you go the page itself...
You'll see how you can save lotsa time from having to think up a Christian name for your newborn . (^.^)

I don't know about you.. but to me this appears to be a blatant use of the loophole.

I don't know about the other contestants, but maybe they have a better disguise..LOL

What can the organizers at this point you ask?
Well... I don't really know actually.

If only it were possible to contact Yahoo/ Gmail etc and enquire the age of the email addresses... then filter out the votes from emails with an age of less than 10 days (during the vote tallying time)

Maybe that would work? Alas its my wishful thinking..

The purpose of this post is to ensure that future contest organizers can make it a point to screen the votes... or better.. change to another method of voting.

Oh well.. that said.. I guess Huiyu deserved to win based on the photo. But I only hope he/she did it in a fair way.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The future of GAMING is WILD

This is just awesome!

We thought Nintendo Wii broke the glass ceiling of Gaming...

Well... If this come through... XBOX will be touching the sky...

Oh well... if youre awed...
get ready for this!


Courtesy of Rooney! LOL

p.s. The cute girl in the video above looks like a fresher version of Megan fox! Duncha think?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Voting for WOU Postacrd contest is up and running!

The voting page has been activated!

If you like my photo, please spare me a vote!


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