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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Little did I know
It would show

my vulnerabilities
my vanity

all out in the open
for all to see

I know who I am
more importantly
you know who I am

a little chip here
a crack over there

I'm not perfect
but I try to be

I know what I must work on
Happy that you held on
your faith in me oh so strong

it takes so little
to keep the grin
plastered on your face

it takes so little
to stem the flow
of the tears, you show

what we share
what we care
oh that's so rare

we shall work hand in hand
keep the fire burnin
keep our fingers crossed
and keep the faith going

that we're meant for each other
that we'll work together
hopefully, it'll last forever.

dedicated to "morepork", my love.

We share~
a love for cuteness
we laugh at the smallest thing
(and we hug at every available occasion!;p)
a sense of easy contentment
understand the need for frugality
a love for the written word
art, though in different forms
passion in the things we believe in
trust in each other
comprehend the importance of communication and discussion
realize that there is so much we don't know, and be willing to learn

and more importantly, we support the other in all things we don't (currently) share.

Ruru~ I love you!


  1. Leyang! Thx for the poem!It's beautiful!

    'understand the need for frugality'
    Betul betul!

    There's an article in New York Times on modern happy marriage. Now that females've the ability to be financially and socially independent, a relationship is not only an economical and social partnership, but has expanded to what the author calls 'self expansion' experience. Here's the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/02/weekinreview/02parkerpope.html ( must read ah)

    You've enriched my life intellectually and socially. Without you i'd never've joined turtle project, baked roti in the garden scout styled, explored KL to name a few =)

    love u too, leyang!


  2. Welcome my lil ru!

    NYT article ah~~ K will go read it after my endless errands to run wuuu... wuuuu....

    Laoru~~ socially you still morreeee morreee (pork) expanding er! hehehe .. I will dig you out of your little tortoise shell bit by bit!

    haha.. I've forgotten about bake roti lo! hehe only remember cake baking... keke

    Our next BIG adventure is looming! YEAH!



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