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Monday, August 3, 2009


PM also annouce that 100 unit of AS1M will be given to all university 1st year students, this is something very fishy, why not given to all students including secondary & primary school students to encourage saving habit? (if the motive of the government is to encourage saving then it shd be start in primary school as this habit shd start young). Is that because the university students are mostly above 21 years old and they can vote in the next General Election. Sound like next GE is around the corner......

Like what others mentioned in this portal, there are too many funds raised from PNB for this year. 2bil of ASW, then 3.3 bil of ASM, and then 10bil of AS1M, all happened within a year, and this never happened b4.

but the thing is there is no transparency on how and why the government need to raise the fund??? and where the fund will use for? to promote unity and 1 Malaysia? then why impose quota like what we have in our local university education systems nowadays?

somemore this is not capital guaranteed, more risks than any previous bonds/funds.

I'm seriously thinking about this one....


  1. Read the prospectus! Stop assuming!

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