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Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is just so beautiful .. Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia :-)

After what transpired some time ago at Section 23 left a sour taste in our mouths...

I feel so glad to see damage control is actually underway... in the form of visiting the hindu temple in question by Haris Ibrahim and gang...


It just touches me that such a simple move in such a time can mean so much...

remember that the UMNO goons who orchestrated the protest that day... they never apologized. Not one bit. And no remedial action were done by them to ease the tension.. if fact they brought the tension up a notch by the uncivilised behaviour shown at the problem solving session held by the Selangor government to find a solution...

Let's leave that episode behind, and move on...

There are many beautiful Malays in our Midst... Haris Foremost, Zaid Ibrahim, hat's off to him...Marina Mahathir; a bow to her.....

and the many well mannered muslim folk who themselves divulged that...

"who are we to complain about the relocation of the temple?
We have our Azan five times a day and our neighbours take it in their stride while we protest over the chiming of the bells of the temple?
Do they not have rights too?"

This is the kind of attitude we need.. understanding, empathy and sharing... only then can there be hope for our beloved country... And that is the spirit behind the Saya Anak bangsa Initiative by Haris...

I can't say the same for the 1Malaysia thingy by Najib... its too frought with contradiction and irony...

Either way.. let us feel grateful that there will always be clear minded people in the midst of the confused crowd... let us follow their lead and make Malaysia a better place!

Happy Hari Malaysia come 16th of September!


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  4. yah, mari kita jadi anak bangsa yang berbudaya dan bermartabat. For peace and love to bangsa and for people all country.

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