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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lights!, Double

My Maiden attempt at interpreting lights, please advise :-)





  1. i am not good at it. can't really give advise. the photos are cool. =)


  2. Get a better camera, it's too noisy.

  3. the first one look like kena...

  4. A fellow novice as well but I learnt that the human subject should be like a moth, heading towards the light. Unless it's on purpose you wanna hide the face ^^

  5. LOL! the 3rd comment- I don't think I can do very much about the camera, I'm stuck with it for quite sometime to come.

    Appreciated! but would love more comments on technique, composition, and angles :-)

  6. Hi Glow, Let's learn 2geder- Have you heard of rembrant lighting? I'm trying for that effect but the first photo was out of my control, as I wasn't the photographer :-) the second.. didn't cut it as well... :-(

    Moth to the flame~ well, I guess It depends on what effect you're trying to get, it's a style I think :-)

  7. lols I'm no pro but I know a few ppl in d field. Most of the pic in my blogs are taken with my mobile phone camera. check out this entry


    Danny is a much higher level than I am ;p He knows what he's talking about. I just go with the feel.

    Keep it up^^

  8. alternative for reducing noise: Photoshop. :P

  9. Me too, far from Pro, its a hobby :-) Pretty expensive one hahaha

    I pick things up here and there, stopping short of workshops and such.

    So, it's a slow crawl upwards for me but I like it that way. (Actually evrything's an excuse for laziness! lol)

    YM- sorry to disappoint haha but I'm Anti-photoshop and Any excessive post-processing, all my facebook photos are tamper free save for lighting and minor special effects.

    the noise couldn't be helped coz It's much darker there than the pictures say as I cranked the ISO to 1600. EC was +5.0 too.. So it's the limit of my Cam. Of coz, If I shot with a tripod, a lot of photos could be taken with lower ISOs but yet again again, laziness rules me. LOL

  10. Hi, i think the light should be focused on the object's face. Unless u were to create a silhouette effect. Sorry but I cannot agree with you about using Photoshop, of course you cannot be wrong and i cannot be right :) Well, I always think that a good photo is not a good photo if its not presented nicely :)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Zi sheng: thanks for the comment!

    The last two above are failed silouhettes, with minimal light falling on the subjects face, for the non silouhettes in this series I'd have to inconvenience you a little bit :


    Yeah: there'll be many sides to stand in photography:

    ~Those who swear by film
    ~Those who swear by full frames
    ~Those who swear by DSLRs, (Compact and HP won't
    ever do)
    ~Those who swear by the "the skilful photographer does not edit his photos beyond cropping"

    I stand in the last group, Though I'm far from skilful.^^ It's my aim to one day take photos that can straight go public without any touchup whatsoever. :-)

    Oh well, at the end of the day, i'm the inexperienced one here so yes, I'll be using all the advice given by everyone above :-)

  13. haha..i agree some got too heavy on post processing of photos (Xia Xue is the worst example of photoshopping), but I'm always on the side of "everything should be done in moderation." :P

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