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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Theatera Bombastica?

Below is from a page calling for membership in MMA's(Malaysian Medical Association) Magazine

The branches and sections of the MMA, (SCHOMOS & PPSMMA) need to be active so that MMA grows. They need to garner more support for MMA so that MMA speaks with a stentorian voice on matters affecting the profession. Doctors should not stay billeted within the confines of their workspace. Doctors are not in a couture profession.

The MMA needs to asseverate its position very clearly to the Government so that the MMa can forfend policies that are detrimental to the public and the profession. Fortunately, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has a warm and engaging relationship with MMA. The MOH has always lent their ears to the EMMA. There are moments when sensitivities are kindled but to have a meaningful relationship which works for the hoi polloi of the nation, not just the doctors, the MMA perseverates on some policy matters till a satisfactory exegesis is obtained during the meetings. Unlike others, the MOH does not have a carapace of arrogance. Under the mentorship of the warm minister and the effervescent DG of health, the MMA has gone places with the MOH. But sometimes the government appears to draw up a gallimaufry of health policies without consulting the MOH. The government needs to take cognizance of the view of the MOH and MMA

The MMA should never go into a soporific mode and stay alert to the developments and directions the Government takes on health matters. We, as doctors, should contribute our ideas. We should get involved and thus far, the MOH has been responsive to the EMMA. We should be engaging, involved and cogitate in resolving burning issues and not be intrepid however obfuscate the policy is.

The MMA receives a stream of outright billingsgate from some members. But, we have to be realistic. Diplomacy and meetings which are germane to the issue will be a benison to all of us. No issue should be blown to Brobdingnagian proportions that cannot be resolved. We need irenic diplomacy and civic humanism to resolve matters rather than adopt a myrmidon stance. MMA does not rusticate on issues affecting the profession. Be assured that the MMA looks into all problems that affect the public and private sector doctors. The media does not always carry MMA's ratiocinating views.

On your part, get your friends to join the MMA and make MMA more roborant so that the profession is viewed with more empathy and respect.

Have fun interpreting the Article!

The meanings are listed below in order of appearance

1. Booming

2. Lodging- staying in

3. High fashion design – as in haute couture

4. Assert

5.Prevent the Occurence of

6. Interpretation (used in the context of the bible)

7. Bubbly, (though its hard to imagine the DG of health being bubbly..)

8. A motley assortment of- the three stooges?

9. Ken. Comprende. Savvy

10. Sleep inducing - like our lectures

11. Think

12. Make obscure - cover with a veil

13. Foul-mouthed or obscene abuse. profanity

14. A spoken blessing (as opposed to deer meat? LOL)

15. Immense – referring to imaginary country of Brobdingnag (What the Hell?)

16. Conducive to peace

17. a member of the warriors who followed Achilles on the expedition against Troy- a follower who follows orders without question
(as opposed to following without thinking? well, it can't be helped if the leader's cerebral capacity is so constricted- think UMNO) lol.- coin- UMNO-nic stance.

(case in point

"Johor Baru Puteri Umno chief Azura Mohd Afandi wants the Information Ministry to curb television shows and commercials that could lead people astray from the right religious paths. “For example, commercials on sanitary pads are openly shown on TV and this could influence the young to get involved in social ills,” said Azura")

18. Leaving a rustic idyllic life- in this context, I think it means "rest and do nothing about", here.

19. Reason methodologically and logically

20. Restoring vigor or strength.

PS-*Theatera bombastica probably can't be found because... well, I coined it. Lol*


  1. waaa leyang, u're still fascinated by this article and its bombastica and perkataan perkataan bunga after so long!

  2. haha.. No lah.. was flipping thru the mag and then settled on this article again.

    So many words I don't understand.. so just want to share with those who are interested loh :-)

    BTW- Myrmidon! sounds like a DOTA hero.. LOL

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