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Saturday, May 29, 2010


I'm afraid that this will mark a very big semi-colon on my blog.

I've been gallivanting the past 3 months experiencing lotsa events, people and emotions. (and Spent RM 2200 ++ on the way)

Chalked up journeys to

Bandung, jogjakarta, surabaya Bali- Indonesia: UNPAD, UGM, UNAIR
Cameron Highlands
NUS/ NTU Singapore
KK-Kundasang-Sandakan: Sabah

and Brunei on July? I'm not quite sure about that though.

Gallivanting the past 3 months?
Hell, I've been wandering and day-dreaming for the past 4 years of my Medical School Life.

By sheer Luck and coincidental helpful circumstances, I've scraped through the exams again and again. There was no confidence to mention of, in entering each test, merely the attitude of : Let's get the Job done and GET OUTTA HERE!!!!

I don't think I will be able to carry on with this sort of mentality in the Final Year of Medical School. It really is time to take stock of the situation and make the best of it.

And I vow to do just that.

Hereby; I solemnly declare :(LOL!)
-I will leave Nation Building, The Environment, Photography and many other interests to someone else in the meantime.

-I will plan my time well, manage it effectively, and be productive in my countdown of 298 days of today till March 25th,2011.

-My role as a student doctor will come first, above all else.

So, Gaia, Ruru, and everyone else who happens to be listening. Wish me LUCK in this endeavour. And hope that I stay on course with adequate oomph and enthusiasm till the end of my Medical Student years!

Thank you.

p/s-Needless to say, Facebook will be placed on the backburner... but let's keep our fingers crossed on that, weeeee

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Green Comic :-)

The Following is a collection of comic-styled story telling which very much represents my feelings when I am pushing for environmental responsibility in my campus, and among my friends.

It is courtesy of My Malay Fren, Muslim, who goes by the pen name MYLO.

I discovered this artpiece while rummaging through my boxes of stuff, glad I found it.

As I will be leaving the greening job to others very soon, as I step into 5th Year... finding this pic, almosts puts a resounding ending to my career in fighting for green change... for more greening efforts in my campus. do refer





May I no longer be lonely in this fight :-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Up the Ante! Green Campus, PPUKM

From the Aftermath (haha, not entirely sure that this is the correct word, but who cares? ) of the Environmental Carnival, we have a few little things going on..

environmental carnival,UKM,Malaysia Environment,University Green efforts,see green see life, green campaign

1) A mini Environmental Exhibition @ the Student's college, KTDI, coming 15th May.

2) A trip to FRIM, Kepong as a big thank you to the Exco's for their Hard Work..

3) Successfully getting the college cafe's cooperation to start using ecofriendly lunch boxes from Ecopak, instead of the white coffin,
white coffin, polystyrene


green campus, no polystyrene, UKM, KTDI

4) After getting an extremely favourable response from the Radiology department, PPUKM, (collected 82KGs of Recycle stuff from them!)
radiology department, UKMMC

we have now managed to get the hospital directors approval to extend the recycling programme to the Entire hospital.
PPUKM, HUKM,UKM, Recycle, hospital

towards a Green Medical Faculty, National University of Malaysia!


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