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Monday, May 26, 2008

So fast!

It was a blink of an eye before when we finished the neuroscience module end semester exam on the 31st of March.. Hols were short and exciting in short- a whirlwind of thrills.

In the short period, I went to pulau redang, Ipoh twice, kulim kedah, Gunung ledang, Solo indonesia, driven around 1600km within a span of 10 days and was at home for less than 3 weeks during the period after march 21 to may the 8th. Needless to say, I did not manage to bring all my plans to fruition...but I'm happy nonetheless as its one of the most exciting and meaningful holidays I had. Of course, In the process I got wiser and more confident while at the same time thinner and blacker, of course my dear wallet shared the same fate. T.T

But all that is past tense.. Right now I'm in the most hectic posting available out of Medicine, Surgery, Medicine and Society, obstetrics and gynaecology. Guess which one? Well, Add to thatbeing the representative of the whole posting and I must say things aren't all smooth sailing. Plenty of hiccups and disappointments but everything matters not when ruru is in the same posting as me hehehe. No matter how terrible the day was, seeing her at the end of the simply cures all my troubles.
Its funny and impossible but then its true.

I used to make it a point to never blog about medicine stuff, with a few lapses here and there...its some sort of a silent protest to the fact that I didn't want to be here anyways. But not to say that resistance is futile but I guess ITs time to bury my own hatchet. Somehow someway at somepoint i gotta come to terms with the fact that I'm already in the 3rd year of medicine and there simply is no turning back. I can go on and bemoan this and that but things are not gonna change so I shall be the one to change.

ITs hard...really. But I guess... the best thing I can do at this point is accept the fact, realise there is no other way but the highway and I must do my best or at the very least try. No matter how tough it may be I can rest easy knowing ruru will be with me every step of the way. I can't imagine being here all alone without her... my ex housemates being sent to various postings except O n G, staying outside and being the only chinese male in Laman Midah, and having all sorts of funny expectations fall on me... culture shock? not that much... Culture tremor lah!

a lot funny things happened... me staying with 4 malay housemates when the mysterious arabian disappeared from the house... my getting scolded for not having learnt how to read the signs...

Sms: Sorry to bother you doctor, but you were unavailable for the last two days due to master students examination, when can you brief us on our O n G posting? We're placed under your guidance...

No reply...

2days later when I bump into the doctor in the labour room

:Who smsed me that day?
:Me! Me! (i tot I can finally be acquainted with her and being noticed at least for
my er...'enthushiam'
:I was afraid to call you doctor for you were busy
:You SHOULD be more afraid of sms-ing me, see you in the clinic next week

and she walked off......
That was right after giving a short message to Dr paul and receiving a full length explanation from him for his absence...yup, in a grammatically correct SMS. I guess different lecturers respond differently to text messages... hai... lesson learnt.

and last but not least, putting a thermometer in my mouth, getting a temperature of 36.8 and finally having the staff nurse reprimanding me for using the thermometer meant for the baby's butt. All in a days work.

This is the second week. And I'm settling in just fine, OR so I hope.

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  1. I can't imagine getting this far without you too. Poor, poor you..she prob wouldn't remember you smsing her. Don't worry k? hehe..



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