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Monday, November 3, 2008

Eco film Fest 2008!

--This is a partially completed post!-- hehe... will be updated with additional explanations and photos!

This is the Eco film Fest held at Akademi Seni Warisan Kebangsaan Malaysia (ASWARA) within walking distance from Dataran Merdeka...

which reminds me aobut my RM15 taxi fare there (without meter!) and RM7 taxi fare return (with Meter). Its in an obscure place so I thought its mighty far away hence the taxi.... Sob.

-that's Bread made without yeast/ eggs and---- added Charcoal?-

Me sporting Earrings... Haha.. Should have little birds jumping inside them! Coz that's what they're used for...by the aborigines, Hand crafted with a cleverly concealed trapdoor.. each of them selling at the cheap cheap price of Rm18!

Arr... the photos been photoshoped by it seems I posted the original version whc is so dark... sorry! that's the rep for the OA! (orang Asli!) She is a not a middle(wo)wan but she helps to sell off the hand mad eitems of this stall and all the profits are returned to the maker of the handicraft! Hence the name stickers over the Bookmarks!-- See below!

Support the REAL indigenous people of Malaysia than the people who too often call themselves BUMIPUTRAs who like Khir Toyo and his cronies are from 1st generation descendents of Indonesions, Arabians , Pakistanis. (or so I heard). The real Prince of the Soil are the indigenious people of Malaysia! And their life is being exploited by logging concessionaries and their womanfolk are being mistreated, abused by the people working in the logging industry. Support them!

this is a free movie screening....
The garbage revolution is about a family that keeps their trash for 3 months and where does the trash really go to after the Garbageman takes them away? A real eyeopener

Reza Salleh and Mia Palencia!

The Handsome ReZa salleh in person! nice vocals!

Oh And check out the Corn Cake Kings! Below

And Reza's vocals which ends so so nicely! (I'm getting thick skinned here!)

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