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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Times when I really hate medicine

Ok. Probably most people won't feel a thing when they read this. But I really feel anger and sympathy welling up within me. It's times like this when I totally detest medicine. They would just go and nab a cat or dog... think of your pet if you have one.... and severe the spine and see what happens. Think what happens to the poor animal. When they prove their supposed theory right then what next? what is the fate of the animals? They would have no use for them and just dump them aside. Probably not before testing for LD50 on the poor things. LD50 is the lethal dose of any medication that successfully kills off 50% of the subjects of the study. So lets say 500mg of A medicine kills 20% of subjects. So They grab a new batch of animals and up the ante to 800mg. Oh 40% dead. "Me thinks 1000mg will kill off 50%!" Then they perform and happily write in their journals the 'discovery'. DAMN!. Then other researchers would like to 'verify' the results and would do the same thing.

Try to imagine how many kinds of drugs there are today and almost 99% of them are involved in the cruel deaths of animals. How many drugs are there in the market and how many drugs that are not successfully produced but nonetheless tested? Death is considered a blessing here. Those that do not receive a lethal dose would writh in agony over the days b4 they are finally finished off.

They start of with mice, which most would feel nothing for. But the next subject in line are rabbits, cats, dogs, monkeys. Anything they can get their hands on. They even know that one type of bacteria can only be cultured in the cells of the Nine-banded armadillo. I'm not sure if many know what animal this is. But the point is think of how many types of animals they went through to come to this conclusion?

Its just plain scary! Hope something can be done about this. If you wanna test drugs do it on volunteer human subjects and pay them compensation if something bad happens. Not force the toxin into a being without volition.

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