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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Changing Number to Celcom!-cheap deals for undergraduates

I'll be changing to celcom soon Not sure whether there is MNP as I bot the simcard already

because of this great offer!

Open to all students below the age of 25, you just have to bring your IC no to any celcom centre- located here

I guess the caveat here is that MNP does not apply- Mobile number portability

*EDIT* There is MNP. Check out www.uox.com.my for details

But no worries! As you are given free RM10 credit to annouce your number change to friends and family!



  1. there is a half sen? what are the current call rates these days?

  2. Oh That?
    refer to the respective websites below...
    But there is no half sen as far as I know,

    Unless its Digi 250 postpaid where sms and call is free.



    hope that helps



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