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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ENT posting- University of Nottingham Musings 1

Its been a week since I left Malaysia..

Let's see what's changed..
Well... My hair has grown a wee bit longer... my skin a lil dryer... my intestines have gotten used to not having rice and I've given up converting the money I spent to M'sian ringgit..

Here's some perspective...
I bought this sandwich 2 pieces of bread with bacon, tomato and lettuce
It comes up to 2.50£...
Bought this Milkshake for 3.95£
went into a toilet for 30p (0.3£)

1£=RM5.87 (from my local Exchanger in Muar)

So technically a toilet trip costs your RM1.60 :-(
A simple meal can cost up to RM25
While an elaborate one can cost RM70... shucks...

The train from London to Nottingham costs 29 pounds...
= RM170!!!

The taxi we took from The rail station to Nottinham campus..
cost us 6.60£....= RM36!... -.-""

Just heard the Faculty would be slashing our RM10000 down to RM8000..
Which translates into 1361£ only! Shucksssss...GERBYYYYYY

Saving money... selling blood...

Oh well... It is crazy when you convert you see..
but if you earn your wages here... you're fine...

The median Wage is around 36,000£ per year..
which is what malaysians get as well... 3000 per month...

Difference is you can get a bottle of Pantene shampoo fro 1.6 pounds..
And you get Nikes here for 19 pounds onwards...
Oh.. and you can get a CAr here for 1491£... and I'm not sure whether that's first or second hand!~yup RM7000

that is inflation for you. Malaysia's inflation rate is off the charts... and Najib says its all fine.

To buy a decent compact car, peugeot, ford,... may just cost 4000£= 2 months wages...
To buy a not so decent car in MAlaysia you'd need 40000= a year of wages...

To earn what an average briton earns per year...
You need to work 6 years!

I'm not saying I'm looking forward to settling here though...

Home is still home And I love my Lil Muar town as well as our Malaysian food!!!! Miss Chinese food.... yum yum...
Petrol is 1.31 pounds at someplaces...

hmmmm... I'm in The Queen Medical Campus for the 2nd day..
So far its pretty good!
Got a lot to talk about.. the systems and everything... but let me just clue you in on this one..

Currently I'm attending the Clinic with 4 people...

the Doctor,
the patient,
the nurse and

Teaching and learning is on a ONE on ONE basis!
That... is the best thing!
They only have 8 ENT students per posting! Gracias! oh well wrong language... as they say .....



  1. HUKM, haiz, too many student!!!

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