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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Preview - NZ diaries

1) Wanna go back to the days where manual labour was the order of the day and my gray matter can rest (its cerebellum) on its laurels.

2) To get attuned to my instincts, to hone my 6th sense, to feel the vibe of the earth, to get in touch with Gaia! To trust my gut feeling and go with the flow. and be steadfast with what happens next, no complaints! Learn to make a decision and bear the consequences!

3) What will it b like to be in the company of someone for 2 whole months! despite her being the love of my life; I think it'll take some getting used to, and wonder whether will we ever get tired of each other? hmmmm.... Preview of future houseman life....?

4) Learn to put Dale CArnegie to the fore. By going to someplace new, where everyone is a stranger, where no one has preconceived notions about me, I'm free to tweak my personality and demeanour. GRanted, I've always been myself, And now I'll try NOT to be myself, and see how that works for me, in terms of building relationships. Maybe the real me has been a Jackass all this while. LOL

i wanna learn to be a great storyteller! It will help in catching people's attention for my environmental work!

5)I'll probably be stuck in my profession for at least a good 20 years (after which I'll aim for retirement one way or another. Medicine will be on the side. Like Potato chips on the side of Nando's Chicken, ru hui's favourtie dish. (Oh shit. In Leru's case, The chips are the main course, the chicken? probably she thinks of it as coleslaw. LOL). So, Before I get stuck in Mud for the next 2 decades, I'll go for fresh stuff and new experiences... and build life stories and anecdotes for my children.

6) maybe I can join an environmental network in New Zealand. And ruru can join the knitting and sketching society! That way when we get too bored with each other, we'd have other people to complain about each other. HEH!

SKydiving! Things to do! Play with kiwi bird! and compare size. ^.^

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