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Monday, December 6, 2010

Need Help With Species Identification

Calling out to Any backyard Naturalist that happen to pass by:
Need your help with putting a name to the subjects of my photographs!

Location: FRIM Outpost in Teluk Intan/ Bidor and Teluk Intan itself

More photos of this series can be seen HERE

lizard, Malaysia

lizard, Malaysia

Moth, Malaysia





Ant-mimic, Spider, Arachnid, Malaysia

Eagle, Raptor, Malaysia


  1. Hi Raoul;
    I give you species names that i can think of now:
    Picture 5 & 6: Purple Heron(Ardea purpurea)
    Picture 7: Purple Swamphen(Porphyrio porphyrio)
    Picture 8: Myrmarachne spiders (species of red ants spiders)
    Picture 9: Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela)

    Great close-up pic on that spider! That spider still alive heh?

  2. WAH... you get the species name by thinking, off your head... Si Beh GENG ahhhhhh hahahaha

    THANKS a great lot! The spider ah, Didn't keep it oh, put it back into a line of ants, and observed what it did. it WALKED away @.@

    Now collecting stunned mosquitoes for the lizard, It will eat them once they start moving, it only takes live prey lah.. susah...

    I don't think it's a chameleon, the eyes don't move individually, I think it may be the dragon that runs fast over water that we normally see in N. geographic! BEcause the long tail can be used for counterbalance!

  3. Hi Raoul,

    Just stumbled upon your beautiful blogpost about nature in Malaysia. Great post, Raoul! :)

    I'd like to offer my ideas about the species ID. The chameleon, I believe, might actually be a juvenile Oriental Garden Lizard (Calotes versicolor). I've found a similar one up in the Gopeng Hills in Perak. (See: http://siputkuning.blogspot.com/2009/10/discovering-kinta-valleys-nature-side.html )

    Hope it helps in your ID search! :)


  4. Thanks JK! Appreciate your great help!!

    The little guy is now probably frolicking underneath a leaf somewhere, being free!

    Hehe.. Thanks once again!



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