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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

!!!Dekan's Bday!!!

Today is Oct 28th! It's steve's Bday!

Tomorrow is Oct 29th! It's Jeff's Bday!

To commemorate the occasion I post this silly video we made about my little TV over at 19-7 Prima Setapak Condominium.

It seems human bodies are a good conductor of Radiofrequency waves!

Anyway here I dedicate the post to Dekan Fakulty Paktorlogy
Dekan Merangkap pengarah ah.
Although recently he no longer prolific but due to the serious lack of a better candidate he will remain as our Dekan Merangkap Pengarah.

You see, If we change his post, Out Spot at the Times Good Universities Guide will slip down the rungs as UKM did because Our Dear Dekan Merangkap Pengarah is still Dekan Merangkap Pengarah and not replaced by the doctor who was featured in a short clip which included Li Ming( The poor mother from Money No Enough II- which was a swell movie showing great Filial Piety).

Well Dekan mah. Quirky and Crazy is his middle name lor.
Hmmm... Yeah to promote him, here you go!


And the guy beside him is his Wife.

Over 190cm tall and Having Marfan's, Ehlers and Acromegaly, Not forgetting Gynec....... he is the Great Khali of Medic Fac. Hmmm...

He is Also Senior Lecurer in Microbiology department of Paktorlogy...
ask him about Malassezia furfur or pneumocystis jeroveci then he will tell you exactly how they look like, what they do best in your body and where they come from all within a snap of the fingers!

His Memory is A grade! Super scary I tell you. "In spite of" his excellent memory.. Musculoskeletal module is his favourite module. Or isn't it everyone's Favourite?

Oklah.. I played with them too much today... Have to go do serious stuff.. i.e. go emuparadise to download Super Mario Bros the emulated version.

Have chance I will promote dekan merangkap pengarah further! Till then I will be the one to screen candidates for the position of Dekan's Wife, Zhen Hsiung Passed already but I have 239 more of coursemates to screen.. so adios!

1 comment:

  1. wei very free is it hahaha still keep dis wu liao video...haha like mr bean leh hehe...anyway, i am mr lee, mr bean oso mr lee wor i just realise hahaha
    thank u for promoting me to the world..hope don;t attract unwanted attention la...as u know, i always attract the wrong sex one rite hahaha



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