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Monday, October 27, 2008

Finger Lickin Good

Oh okay...If its finger licking good we have to lick it all the way to the elbow... (the dough stretched that far.)

It's been a long time since I done any backwood cooking since my scout days so Its fun to do it all over again! :-)

Well, in the scout badge USAHA, the qualifying criteria to pass back wood cooking is you need to get the fire burning with at most 3 match sticks. you get 10 points extra for each match unused. Well, This time, I failed my usaha badge.... three times over! Schucks...

Well. the ground was damp and the twigs were wet... coz it rained ytd... oh kk enough excuses... after half an hour of literally huffing and puffing we managed to get the fire going!!! Lighting up charcoal in an open space needs lotsa patience!

It was a messy affair with the dough though, using roughly 300g of "Key" brand flour,
1 egg probably of Leong Hup origin, half sachet of "Martin brand" yeast, mixed with a secret amount of water(the key to successful adherence to the barbecue stick which we learnt only too late..or in my case, remembered too late)--- we whipped up a bucket full of bread dough which grew 3 times its size in the half hour and sticked to everything it got in contact with.

Then its--
-"Stick, come meet dough"
-"dough, please meet stick"

Now the two of you meet FLAME!! Nyehahahaha..

Once its golden brown in colour we applied a think sheen of planta margerine and sprinkled sugar over it... And Despite our reservations..turned out to be extremely tasty!

Oh and not forgetting one special stick on which we melted a small square of cadbury chocolate on... that was heavenly!

Cleaning up the warzone was best left to tomorrow because we needed to meet Friends coming to town...

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