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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We (Me, Jeffrey, Zhen Hsiung, Foo foo, Jo ee, Ru hui)
Went to Witchery Ider (Muar) for some
"Buy Big Free Big" Fun!

We played Jenga for a few rounds with different rules
at first it was plain Jenga
Then we tighten the rules so that
you must mention the two block numbers you intend to take out first, without touching them... that increased the difficulty by manifold!

But well dropping the blocks meant nothing if there were no stakes
so a new stipulation came into play!

The person who dropped the blocks must get the name of a waitress of his/her choosing

Wiping sweat off our brows each time it was our turn, there were plenty of nail biting moments with audible breaths and squeals of delight( and despair) at every turn...

when finally JE had the honour of reducing the structure to rubble!

He needed a visit to the wash room to calm his nerves before he popped the big question !
that rendered the shy waitress speechless and reduced her to a stuttering red tomato before she muttered just so lightly- pei

Now the whole jenga business could have been so much easier if only we had this weapon at our disposal!


  1. hina punya orang.....like dat no need play ady!

  2. Haha precisely.. you can even knock the only centre piece and still it won't fall... Criky

  3. kanasaaaaaiiii....like tht play how to get telephone number??

  4. Haha. Well Initially was it was Name and Number but they downgrade to just name only...

    I think her name was pei wern Oh something haha.

    Speaking of Dares...
    I was dared to touch the butt of A-kuas in Ipoh for the cash prize of RM50!

    I was high on Frozen Carlsberg at that time (high but not drunk) so I wanted to do it.

    But then the A-kuas all bigger size than me so I put my tail between legs and run away!

    YC I dare you to do it next time you come to Muar k>? heehehhee

  5. can i jz go n get the name and telephone number and sisters and friends number??
    err...ah kua...let jeff do it...wakakak...

  6. Dekan retire ady woi.....ask prof sam do hahhahaha



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