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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random bits- from a facebook note

1.When I was born, My mum planned for a baby girl. As a result of that, as a baby I endured lots of punishment for not being a girl .My mum owned up to me when I was a teenager. -.-'''

2. I started playing computer games in the year 1993. The first game I played was Space invaders. it's a road of no return... guess that explains my thick specs! My Favourite game of all time is a RPG called Betrayal at Krondor. The game I completed the most times over was Max Payne 2 in which I played it 7 times. My current favourite is Prince of Persia : Sands of time and Two Thrones.

3. Betrayal at Krondor led me to the book : Krondor, the Betrayal which was written based on the game! and I am in love with books of Raymond E. Feist ever since. He is great at illustrating battles, strategy and politics of a society and most importantly character development. Move Aside Tolkien and Rowling.

4. I started watching World Wrestling Federation since 1993 when the heroes of the day were Undertaker, Bam Bam Bigelow, Razor Ramon, and yes Undertaker. My current Favourite wrestler is REY MYSTERIO! 619 forever. P.s. I miss the charisma of The Rock. Please quit acting and come back to WWE

5. My first puppy love was in kindergarden. I gave her my favourtie Snoopy watch as a present but I was rejected. LOL Jilted at age 5. Beat that! Then here comes the embarassing part... Here's a list of people I secretly admired [in Chronologic order]
黄燕燕, 王淑娟,张一芬,叶X慧,林X琦,许美芝,林X霞,林雪X...!!! Sorry If I type the names wrong. :-P
But I wouldn't trade the whole list of them for..... :-PP

6.I am the youngest in my family. My elder and 3rd bro used to kissed my cheeks while my second bro would lick my ear... and this continued up till I'm 10 years old! I retaliated by using my halitosis whenever they came near me (I had a super sweet tooth when I was young)

7. I wanted to create a website since 2004. Well it didn't come to fruition and actually http://resonating-ripple.blogspot.com is my sorry excuse for a website.

8. I still keep contact with Lau Mitze! My Penpal of 7 years! She's currently in Australia studying Psychology ( No, she didn't study that because I crossed path with her, alright?)

9. I Express myself much better in words rather than speech. Sorry I'm not much of a group person. But I try to speak up now and then.

10. I have many dreams! I managed to complete a few of them including
Backpacking Solo in a foreign Country!- and I did it in (pardon the pun) Solo, Indonesia
Learn Breakdancing
Creating a pseudo website (read above)
Having my article published in a newspaper ( I did that 3 times! hehe)
Capture a award winning photo (ok The Star's photo thumbnails isn't all that great an award but what the heck I got RM100 for my efforts!)

Dreams to be completed in the near future
Making a snowman
Bungee Jumping
Parachute out of a plane and reach terminal velocity
Working while holidaying in New Zealand
Learn Scuba Diving!
Writing a Fantasy book and a Non-Fiction
Compose and write the lyrics of a song (well I can't sing so I can only do two!)

11. I have the certificate for Piano Grade one. Because back in 1995 RM45/month for a lesson per week was very expensive I didn't want to burden my parents. I sorely regret my decision much much later when I discovered I can play by ear.

12. My PC is a VIRGIN. Well It has been violated twice in its life by pendrives but Its still a virgin to me. It is any wonder that I've never had to format my PC even once Since its birth in 2006? So far It has lived a healthy life living on merely AVG and Ad-Aware. It's even healthier and faster than most 2008 Laptops! Eat my DUST!

13. I am a cartoon Person. My favourites when I was little include Tom & Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Wile E Coyote, Bugs Bunny, Conan the barbarian, Voltron and yes ...shamefully Power Rangers. SOB! The most Influential Cartoon in my life was Samurai X. My life principles are carved out from it. My current favourite is AVATAR: Legend of Aang. It’s the end of Season 3!!! But Nevermind a Movie is due!!!!!

14. I only eat chicken, pork and fish. I never ate mutton or beef before and have no plans starting. I feel guilty eating seafood and really feel sad when I take shellfish. My reasoning is that if I eat a piece of chicken, it’s just a part of a whole chicken which feeds many people and I’m taking only a life at a time. But when it comes to Lala, anchovies, crabs etc I feel bad because I’m killing so many at once. That and the fact that seafood are mostly harvested from the sea in an unsustainable manner which quickly depletes the natural numbers without replenishment. Chicken are farmed and I feel better when I’m not eating a species to extinction.

15. I believe Humans are the worst species to ever walk the planet. It’s the sole organism known to wipe out nearly 65% of other species in its short time on earth (60000 years).
And we’re still at it. Compare turtles and Horshoe Crabs who have been around longer than 125 million years who live in peace with nature… and are on the verge of going the way of the dodo because of man.

16. Malthus [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malthus] states that Human food consumption grows exponentially while agriculture and produce multiply at an arithmetic rate. Frankly I believe we’re too many for our own good. At 6.6 billion we’re depleting the earth’s resources at a drastic rate. I dunno what happens when we reach 10 billion in a few decade’s time. I believe natural disasters and disease are mother earth’s way of keeping our numbers in check. Please keep your ecological footprint as small as possible. The earth provides enough for all our needs but can’t fulfill our greed.

16. I stopped fishing after an incident where the hook went through the mouth of a Puyu fish and came out of its eye.

17. I used to have a rabbit called shagua which I loved to bits! My mom called him Notty and he’s the star of my household for almost 3 years. He died probably because of cement powder ingestion. I made a vow to him promising that I will not keep another rabbit until the day I can be sure that I can devote my full time towards caring for it.

18. After reading my 八子, I was told that I have the ability to make twins! And my aim would be a dragon-phoenix twin. HOHOHOHO. Another Palm Reader said that I would marry by the age of 21. Thank god I’m almost 22. LOL

19. I got 40 marks before for both my art (in form 3) and Chinese ( in form 4) Well all I’ve got to say to that is this. :-D

20. There was a period when I wondered what sort a person would I be and how my life will change if I stayed back to study Standard 4 instead of jumping to Standard 5 during PTS. Everyone I meet from that day on would be different. If there’s anything as a life changing event, that would be it. Oh, another thing…. I could have taken physics during Form 6.

21. Many of my friends know that I never wanted to study medicine. But actually I did want to study medicine in Form 5… I almost got JPA and now I’m totally relieved I did not. Form 6 gave me time and space to figure out what I want in life and what I want is to devote my life to conservation. But all the same I’ll be a responsible Doc!

22. I am an Agnostic. The definition of it is…. The belief in the existence of god however at the same time also believe that no human interpretation of god is accurate or justified. Anyway since Buddhism is more of a series of teachings than a true religion where you glorify a god I am largely accepting of it. I believe in Karma.

23. I suspect my respect for copyright isn’t as noble as it may seem. I think it may stem from my dream to one day publish a book. Still I dislike hypocritical bloggers who condemn people who plagiarise from their blog… calling for them to respect copyright, value intellectual property etc while they’re doing the exact wrong thing day after day downloading movies and songs. I guess that teaches them to value the work of others.

24. I believe in racial harmony. I believe that racial prejudice and bias has no place in society once the government policies are corrected and social injustices rectified. I hope one day to give this answer when asked for my race--- I am Bangsa Malaysia.
I am currently staying with three Malays- Sero, Faiz and Alif in a humble apartment, Laman Midah.
25. I think hor, as a result of no1… I was never given breast milk. Is the reason for my current love for all things dairy? Cheese, Milk, Yoghurt are the loves of my life!

26. I am super-duper-trouper fond of my hometown Muar!!! It has everything!!!

27. I considered going into politics before but then because of my “straight” and trusting nature I’ll only be politically assassinated over and over again. Still I do what I can to usher in change in Malaysian Politics. That brings me to pet hate No 2.

28. Yup its them Hypocrites again,
I absolutely detest people who go around lambasting corruption and go all out to condemn Malaysia that it is not a place worth living …useless politicians…. useless country bla bla bla……
however when asked what jobs they once considered--- they considered being a police and going into politics for the ‘pocket’ money.
DAMN!!!!! Scum is the term for these folk.

Second in line are people who are all talk but no walk. Instead of condemning and lamenting all the time about the downside of living in this country why not do something concrete about it? Everyone can go and sing a song about the ugly side of Malaysia but few really do anything about it. Every little bit helps so instead of rebuking and chiding our country why not give concrete solutions and then act on it? Arigato.

29. A few taglines that I adore
“A real hero is one who does the right thing…. While no one is looking”
“The only Constant in Life is CHANGE”

“A Patriot and a fan is one who stands by what he loves through tough and lean times.”
And a patriotic Malaysian is not one who raises the flag come every independence day because he must but one who strives to better the situation instead of packing up their suitcase and running to Australia.- by me

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