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Friday, March 20, 2009

Victim of Scam in Puduraya Bus station

Pudu raya, terminal

All of us are probably not spared from a (rather reluctant) visit to our Capital's (in)famous bus terminal at least once in our lives

Over the years plenty of incidents have happened and over time some have been addressed, though many still remain unresolved...
Touts, Pickpockets (despite the police beat base being set up long time ago.) to count a few.

and one that is occuring right beneath our noses for as long as the station has been operating...

One that all of us has been victim to. 99% I dare say, if not all of us.

Its one where the malay proverb
"Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit" applies

30 cents per person
Multiply it a couple of times
And it becomes RM 821250!!

Simple mathematics will tell you how the sum is arrived at

based on my observations at the toilets

30 cents per person
Rate of 10 persons every 5 minutes at normal times
Rate of 10 persons every 2 minutes during peak hours (Even higher on Fridays)

Average that to 200 per hour

15 operating hours per day

30 days per month

12 months a year

0.30 X 200 X 15 X 365 = 328500

Wait.. don't forget there are at least 3 toilets at Pudu

328500 X 2.5 = 821250 per year

That translates to Nett income of 68437.5 per month


No matter how you look at it.. let's just say I overestimate by 75 %
821250 X 0.25

Is still 200000
per year!!!

And despite earning this much, the toilets at pudu raya have absolutely zero maintenance... unless flushing the toilets once a day counts as maintenance. In the mens' on 1st floor noo flushing mechanism exists. What you get is a hole in the wall, where a tank used to be.

Wait.. come to think of it, Don't forget the sales of Tissue paper too!

And to think most of us have no means of avoiding this "scam".

pudu raya, bus


Want to get rich?

Build a toilet today.


  1. hahaha...wat to do? for all u noe, the toilet is owned by a "tiger" or one of his cubs...u make noise wait they throw keris at you than u noe..

    not ony in pudu la... evywhere oso same. Remember Lata Kinjang where they charge rm1 for bathing? haha..they collect money for fun, they never say they're going to maintain it wor..

    so, bcuz toilet is the most important room in the world, sometimes we cannot avoid being manipulated if nature call us rite....wat to do...

  2. by the way, our photo that u took, pass to me ya! thanx muax

  3. Hmmm... This is the first time I really stopped to er... smell the roses... normally I piss and forget.

    ... I suddenly felt the need to calculate the profit because I am appalled by the state of the toilet.

    At first I thought It's the problem with men with a problem "aiming" that caused the stench but then Ruhui too complained about the women's stink as bad. That' why I fikir panjang panjang haha



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