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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mozzies! Shoo Shoo

We ... students of KTDI are in danger...
because the area is a Dengue Hot-spot...

and a few of the medical students have fallen victim to the black and white portable syringes... poor Yong Kang

-Hypodermic Needle Included!-

In the tiny room of mine...
I have the dual problem of extreme heat...
and extreme Mozzie mania...
Mosquitoes are attracted to UV light, Carbon dioxide and Heat
Ah.. I have the latter two in abundance...
Small wonder why my room is Mosquito central..

Ah even got a name for my room

Well... I don't like killing anything uneccessarily..
but the mozzies are an exception...sigh
(Karma dun get me... I don't kill them when I'm in their territory-jungles etc
Oh well I try not to)
So I was passively swatting...
then came the electric racquet..

tried playing Mosquito repelling frequencies downloaded from the internet in MP3 format..
didn't work.
Reason given by 'experts'- MP3s are stripped down versions of audio files.. where inaudible (to humans) noises are filtered out to make the file tiny.
the ultrasonic waves are of course lost in translation...

Played the file on my PC thruout the night.. My housemate SH tried it too..
No workie..

K.. so A file doesn't work..
so I go for the plugged in version...

It claims to cover an area of 25m square..

Sadly... Plugged in 30cm away.. it failed to deter the mozzie pleasantly feasting on my arm!
wasted RM13 on this thing.

Oh well.. the real deal that is supposed to work cost RM169 in ace hardware...

Well... next up...
carbon dioxide traps
from the fermentation of sugar by Yeasts...

Wish me luck!

Photo Of Mosquito taken by Nikon D60 kit lens, in Redang.
well fed mosquito!


  1. mozzie sauna..hahaha.. put mosquito netting at ur window then can prevent.. btw, it's really a small world huh.. hmm.. haha.. good luck!

  2. Ahhhh.......I get the chance to present to you the great conundrum facing Medical students in KTDI

    All of us tried window nettings at least once in our 4 years living in hostels...
    effective they may be...

    but they are equally if not more efficient in blocking the air flow... tried and true!

    So... Heat stroke or Anemia?

    ps.- it doesn't solve the problem of mozzies flying in the door!!!! shucks!

  3. U can repel mosquito without killing them or using weird gadgets u noe

    Try Shieltox mat.....It will not kill the mosquito but will keep them out:) and for rm13 u get the bulat bulat thing and 30 pieces of mat :)

    And its proven effective

  4. Ah...the shieldtox mat... slowly killing myself in the process oso.. dun wan.. hahahaha

  5. dengue can kill you quite fast, u know, as do malaria, JE etc :D

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