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Monday, June 22, 2009

USB drive Malware Removal (even before you use it!)

People Hate me.

They Claim I am Troublesome, picky and a worry-wart!

Well I am not wrong to protect my "virgin" at all costs!

Won't you protect your sweet daughter from cold clammy (and hairy) fingers?
hairy hairy

Well this virgin in question is my Desktop computer.
Its a virgin because I refuse removable drive entry into any of its 8 USB interfaces!

So any files they want from me /want to give me will need to come in the form of a CD/DVD!

Now, the problem with Pen/Thumb/USB/Flash
*pant pant*
drives are that some viruses are autoexecuted the moment you plug the memory device into your PC/MAC/Laptop/Netbook
*pant pant pant*

What it means is it may not be safe even to plug it into your Computer system even if you do not execute files within!

Drive of Death!
--intoducing the scary USB drive of death!--

The modus Operandi of Malware is that it contains an Autorun.inf file that automatically runs a file/program without you the user having any control over it.

I stumbled accross an Anti-Malware application for this purpose at this website

However I decided to scout around for alternatives from more trustworthy sites..
such as CNet's Download.com

and presto you have Autorun Eater at a measly 1.6MB for download, Here.

I guess I am fussy afterall.. Even after installing it.. I'm still having a moral dilemma whether to allow my PC to be Violated.

Condoms for USB drives maybe?


  1. thx for the tip! really need this... :D

  2. I think disabling the autorun feature would work just fine if its the autorun virus is of concern.

    But then, it's always worth a try. Thnx for the recommendation. :P

  3. ZhengDhong! Welcome! (=^.^=)


    While it's possible to disable autorun programmes permanently in your computer,

    I think we have no control over the autorun.inf stored in the pendrive itself. As to diable it you need to plug it in... and before you can do nought the trap is sprung.

    That is unless I tweak the Msconfig settings, which I'm reluctant to... and frankly I'm not sure that's the way to go around Autorun files!

    Hehe Have fun...
    the baaaaa... on startup is kinda creepy.. LOL

  4. Nice tip but does the virus start when the autorun window comes out and u click something or because u did not disable autorun? (BTW clicked on ad)

  5. Hmmm.. Not sure I understand your question... but I think I mentioned it above that some viruses are user independent...

    I'm not exactly sure whether disabling Autorun on the comp is good enough, so I'll not take chances!

    I want to keep my record of not ever Formatting my computer for a whole 4 years!

  6. Useful tip, Prevention is better than cure.

  7. I found your tip really useful thanks for sharing with us.

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