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Monday, April 19, 2010

Any idea what animal this is?

Mysterious ungulate?
I almost thought it is a statue ..

Seladang? X
Kerbau? X
Gaur? X
Banteng? X
serow? X (more of a goat lah)

got this from here

A true review of the Lok Kawi Zoo, KK, Sabah..
I think it almost represents all the zoos available in Malaysia.


  1. That is one weird goat. I couldn't find the similar picture of that animal in the Mammals of South east asia book.

    I did suspect it to look a bit like a serow because of the long janggut dangling from the neck.

    It is not a surprise should these animals had became hybrids (mixed of something else). For eg. it is illegal to keep a true sumatran tiger, however, if that is a hybrid one, than it is considered legal.

    In summary, seriously, that is a BLIND DEER (means I have no idea). Thanks for sharing. Keep asking around and once you the answer, let us know.

  2. Hi there! Your mystery animal is a species of antelope from India, known as a nilgai. The males are also called blue bulls. For more details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nilgai

  3. Thanks Sheema! You're spot on! I compared it with the wikipedia link, but no equal comparisons there... so I googled for another, and reached this!

    http://www.traveltalk.com.au/pages/default.cfm?page_id=24981 (Ctrl-F and type in Nilgai to go straight to the pic)

    Thanks for solving the mystery!

  4. Thanks for sharing for the infor, Sheema.

    I did email to one of the Perhilitan officer here in Langkawi. And no response from him so far, as usual.

    Maybe no response = he doesn't know it too...hahahhaha...

    Thank you Raoul for your update via my blog.

  5. So dumb... our Zoo..
    Putting in a foreign antelope and confused our local children in believing that this mammal is from Malaysia. Unless there is an information board giving details of this animal. In which, i guess not otherwise the photographer/blogger would have knew what mammal was that.

  6. I've cooperated with Perhilitan officers before, and well, there are those who know their stuff, and those that wait to makan gaji- problem is, the former is endangered, while I'll not say too much about the latter.

    Our zoos/ Parks/ Farms are all doing a poor job of spreading the message of conservation. Most of them simply display the animal and its name and that's it! The conditions are deplorable and the handlers are usually disappointing.

    It's my dream to go to a conservation centred zoo like the one owned by the dearly departed Steve Irwin... Well, just across the causeway, the Singaporean Zoo is doing a much better job.

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