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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Raoul In the house

Well, First I have to explain that I am a very seasonal blogger:

Sometimes I blog in quick succession, with 'gap years' in between
Sometimes I write drafts and leave them in the semi-completed state,( i currently have 36 drafts!)
Sometimes I hold up on the sudden spark of idea just a bit too long and well, all the steam just evaporated
sometimes I copy and paste. and leave very little of my interpretation on the post.

oh well, everyone is guilty in at least one of the charges above... we're only human right? :-)

I've been owing multiple blog-posts.. and I promise to clear the backlog as soon as I can.. Blogposts that should have already been posted (which of coz never saw light of day, in chronological order)

-My terengganu trip in april 2009- working with Marine turtles
-My UK ENT posting in July 2009-
-My feelings leading the team in the inaugural environmental carnival 9th January 2010
-My 14 day trip to Indonesia in a R&R (research and relax) trip Feb 2010
-My jaunts to The Balloon Festival, Liu Xuan's Talk, short reunion in Singapore in March 2010
-And finally, my upcoming trips to Cameron and Kota Kinabalu in April

damn, I've got a super long backlog of entries! YIKES

I guess being a jack of all trades can be a real drag.
Having so many interests in so many areas: (check out the labels at the sidebar: There are 22 of them, covering most if not all my secret fantasies)

And having so little time
1) pursuing my interests themselves
2) studying? (bah, don't use this as an excuse, as if you ever!)

and as I told my friends- since CNY till now, I've not had an 8 hour sleep cept on 2 days! most of the time, I get by with 5-6 (despite this being holidays!)

K,K, should really get started now...

First things I'd clear out- is a post on the reason for the name Raoul.

I've never given a full answer to that question, but some would recall I gave myself the moniker around April 2009- prior to starting 4th year.

It actually represents a brand new me, stepping into 4th year of medical school.
I wanted myself to be

eager to take up each and every challenge.

I wanted to make sure I'll be always ready to
try novel stuff,
pick up the mike and let words come forth,
not back down at every given opportunity (and where has that gotten me? LOL!)

the name meant confidence & courage to me

I wanted myself to be less bogged down by friendship matters

Wanted to strike out and continue going against the grain

Wanted to play a bigger part in all the things that I previously did. Wanted to make a difference to the society, the country and the world I live in.

Quite frankly, I don't know whether I succeeded beyond irritating a few people with my Alias
being non-"I'm born with it", Non-christian, non-English (It's spanish)

So please be the judge if you knew me prior to 2009, and let me know if you see any changes. (Any, even microscopic)

Oh and the origin of the name? It came from here.
No Joke

Oh, and Wish me great luck in clearing the backlog. Adios amigo.

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