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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The End Justifies The Means- Going up Against the Malaysian Mentality.

What are the main causes of traffic jams in Malaysia?

top in the list would be
1)Heavy downpour
2)Flash Flood due to poor drainage due to shoddy workmanship due to cronyism due 2 BN running mlaysia for 53 years
3)Drivers taking too much time avoiding the numerous potholes

and certainly not least- Accidents.

Now you have to understand that in boleh-land
The accident itself doesn't cause musch inconvenience, -as tow trucks arrive at the scene much much earlier than either the fire brigade or the ambulance (some accidents are rigged by tow trunk operators- planting nails on the road etc)-

curious onlookers

-it is the 吃饱太得空没事做 folk and the 4D punters who surround the accident scene, actively hypothesizing the reason for the accident, who's at fault, wat's the car plate number, yesterday this number opened in Magnum... while crossing their arms and waiting for things to happen.

now compare this to seeing a burst fire hydrant in a public square,

I don't understand how all those people can just turn a blind eye to it and continue about their own business despite knowing a simple 999 [you can now call 999 for police, emergency services or the fire brigade] can save a lot of water and probably prevent some slippery accidents occuring

"oh I'm too busy"
"Flow, flow lah! not my money also!"
"ahhh,dun worry la, someone else will do it"
"Water come out good wat, Malaysia so hot, cooling effect wor!"

Extrapolate This 自扫门前雪,不管别人瓦上霜 mentality to governance and our community, it will be our own downfall, someday.

So, To combat this mentality, when you need something done, you really must make people take notice by either Inconveniencing them or shame them by advertising to the world the person responsible is not doing anything.

Case in point,

In the Psychiatry clinic of Hospital UKM, Cheras (now called PPUKM)
there was a spoilt tap that runs full blast for a week...
I tried my hardest to turn it off, and hunted high and low for an inlet valve but there weren't any to be found.

I did the next best thing and complained to the PK (healthcare assistant), she told me she has reported it to the maintenance staff... so, OK...

yet Each time I went pass the toilet, the gushing can still be heard... and this went on for two whole weeks.

I made the calculation
the tap takes 4 seconds to fill up a 500ml bottle.
8 seconds to gush out a litre then.

its 24 hrs a day, 60 minutes an hour, 60 secs an hour= 86400 secs
divide that by 8
you get 10800 litres.

2weeks=14 days
10800X14 = HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND Litres of fresh, purified water going down the drain, just because someone wouldn't fix it coz his pay isn't affected, so why bother?

I just couldn't take it any longer and one day, I decide to take things into my own hands.

After a lull in our psychiatry clinic, I sneaked into the toilet...

I need to make ppl notice,

So I kicked the tap to turn it sideways, so it'll flow down the sides and inconvenience more ppl, making ppl notice. But no, the water obediently travelled along the wall and disappeared quietly down the drain.

Undaunted and desperate to do this before anyone noticed, I kicked the inlent PVC pipe below the sink so that it would leak or even better, spray outwards with a little force... and get people's attention.

But that didn't happen either after 2 hesitant kicks.
Khairy was curious on what i'm up to while squatting in one of the cubicles....

so with a "Oh! takde apa-apa...." I gave it a last kick. whee

and the inlet pipe BURST.

"Whee!!!.... errrr...OH SHIT!"

Khairy: "Kenapa ni? Apa berlaku? apa berlaku?"
"Cepat cepat kita keluar! Tandas Banjir ni!!!"

And so we came prancing out of the toilet half wet, and went back into Prof Maniam's clinic
the burst pipe vibrated loudly and violently, with waves lapping the edges of the toilet, and soon we had PKs surrounding the men's WC, shakin heads...and the KJ (head nurse) making frantic calls

And guess what? The whole system was fixed in 10 minutes.

So? Do Tell me the lesson of the story?

why do I bring this up now? because the event happened 8 months ago so no one will trace me, and secondly, because I'm gonna need to do something drastic again, because It has been "raining" outside my balcony non stop for 3 weeks.

Updates soon :-) Have a nice day... and please have more civic consciousness, pretty please?


  1. hahaha this is the real faces of malaysian =)
    improve for a better future!

    nanged. nang to read about Ice Kacang Puppy Love

  2. Laoyang!!!!!! Bravo for saving water and mother earth! Hope that the raining block'll be fixed soon without u having to resort to any drastic actions!

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