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Monday, July 7, 2008

Devolution- O&G inspired


Some would recall how I once said I will not be the same me anymore and I'll become evil.. where I decided not to be nice anymore...

somehow... I actually managed to do just that.

It all started mid may. With so much to do and so little time-- the mounting pressure, expectations and responsibility got to me.. my senses became denervated initially, I began to lose passion for life bit by bit...subsequently, my moods deteriorated and there was just no telling when my emotions will take a nosedive... then came the hypersensitivity stage where provocation meant asking me to re-send a message...

I became easily depressed, irritable with a short fuse... Where once I tolerated and returned insults with a smile... now I no longer put up with nonsense. For those who knew me as the easy-going, simple and happy-go-lucky guy... i'm sorry to say that part of me is kinda buried...awaiting exhumation someday.

My impatience made me turn down many simple requests, I flare up easily and I'm in a constant bad mood...For those of you who have been unfortunate enough to cross my path when I'm in one of those moods, I sincerely apologize, Just today I think I managed to shock 3 ppl by my response towards an unkind comment. Well I've always wanted to put that person in her place... making her realise that spewing words without the thought process ever going through Wernicke's area is gonna backfire someday and this time she really got it from me... I am unapologetic for my outburst because she deserved it but I am extremely displeased with myself because I rebutted her statement equally as fast, without considering whether I'm acting out-of character etc...but these days I really couldn't care less.

Whats happening to me? I...


  1. hi kuan yew! i just read your post on the buletin. anyway, i really really think that you have done the best throughout the posting. people lost temper, became frustrated, easily agitated. this is just a natural process la. nothing to be sorry about la, i am sure we all understand la. yes, i know it's difficult to be a leader. sometimes, we just couldn't live up to ppl's every expectation, but the main point that you had already tried your best, so we all really understand it!!!!
    anyway, after a very stressed out posting, i hope that you can be relax in the next one. pal, you will always have my support!!!
    happy holidays too!

  2. Hi, I am Jia Ying. I saw your post on buletin. Hmm... just want to say being a leader is not eazy and first posting is the hardest.
    LR was a nightmare to me and I could not wait to end O&G posting during the last two weeks.
    But I am going to miss some "happy moments" in O&G in the future.
    Hopefully we all can learn from experience and improve ourselves.
    Happy holiday:)



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