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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What are you doing? Saving the jerk who dumped me

“What are you doing?”

-“Saving the jerk who dumped me!” (Straight face included)

Yup that’s one dialogue that really caught me off guard the first time and brought lotsa chuckles to me the second time around.

Then came the –uh- “betrayal” by Mae and Tai lee that totally caught Azula off guard… and I’m pretty sure all the audiences! I mean, you always get shows where the good guy gets betrayed by his closest friends… but in Azula’s case I never saw that coming.

“I never expected this from you. The only thing I don’t understand is why? Why would you do it?”

“I guess you just don’t know people as well as you think you do. You miscalculated. I love Zuko... more than I fear you!”

And the holy cow grazes!


Well that’s the most up to date episode of Avatar: The legend of Aang- Book 3 Fire: Chapter 15-the boiling rock part 2. And I really can’t wait for the next episode due this Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah… and if you don’t get the hint- I love AVATAR!
Its simply one of the best shows around, and the quality is maintained throughout all three seasons! I’ve pretty much shied away from 21st century cartoons- Anime, the justice league, spiderman,TMNT and *shy* pingu notwithstanding- but Avatar is on a league of its own.

Oh well, I can sing praises the whole day but that isn’t the point of this blog.

The point of this blog is.

I owe an apology to everyone –

1)Mao mao coz I neglected you since March I think? Not really neglect lah but I wasn’t exactly message-happy like I used to be. Part of it because I have a new distraction, part of it because of the exams in March, part of it because of the O&G posting but I’m guilty all the same…

2) Lao ru coz I sorta tuned out of life midway through O&G and only recently do I finally start to get the frequency right. I was super irritable and out of sync and moody and depressed and in the whatchamacallit-“me against the world” syndrome. You tried a lot to cheer me up and I’m most of your efforts were in vain. But now I’m back again and I promise to be a better “liver” this time around. I’ll try me best. I’ll act on your complaints ASAP k? Sayang…

3) All my O&G posting mates especially my teammates- Mas Edi, Aisyah and Jia ying- I’m sorry I screwed up at the start of the posting because I didn’t know what was expected of me. I’m sorry I didn’t get the most up to date info (sometimes I just don’t know it exists!!!1) and caused you all to lose out on the Drug formulary. I’m sorry for my sullen look and half-hearted replies, my impatience, my some-might-say-haughty replies and my exasperation at times.
Give me a chance to explain myself?

- The lecturers don’t inform me of anything that crops up. I try my best to confirm with them beforehand but they just snap their fingers at the very last minute and hey presto everythings cancelled. Information transfer leaves a lot to be desired because they never attempt to reach me. And when information does reach me it stagnates at the ketua ward or ketua kumpulan level. I dunno how to remedy this part. I try to write it on the board directly so that it circumvents the information tiers but then it isn’t exactly accessible… woe is me.

- As you all know I “kena” all the time. That plus the fact that I miss out everytime on ward rounds, OT, clinics etc because I need to set up the hall and tidy up afterwards, and not being appreciated makes me feel so downright clownish.

- As some of you know I “kena” secara tiba-tiba tanpa syak wasangka atau usul-periksa dan lain lain peribahasa…case in point…

I sent a msg telling Doctor I at the start of the posting we under her supervision would like to meet her. I didn’t call because she was busy with the Repeat Final Years O&G examination for a whole three days…. So when I managed to see her I asked her when as she didn’t reply all through the 3rd day…

“doctor doctor!...
:Who messaged me that day?
“Me me! (hoping to earn brownie points for enthusiasm, I think)

And somehow rather I managed to get into her bad books and stayed there throughout the posting… and I don’t know how to remedy things… oh well at least its over..

And of students snatching new cases in the clinic and Those who don’t abide to the on-call roster I did inform the students in question at least once but after that I can’t really do much. We’re adults and I don’t see the point of me playing the role of mother hen… Sorry if you all expected me to do something further… I don’t know what I can do.

All of this plus many other incidents in the labour room, made me edgy and agitated and I will retaliate at the slightest provocation.(JK you felt the brunt of it and I guess I owe you no apologies as you should understand by know speaking without consulting Wernicke will piss people off. Your girl friends have accepted the way that you are and raise no complaints but I’m sorry the rest of us aren’t so accommodating.) Inane requests that used to be attended to were turned down outright… as I have no residual energies left to respond..

At the end of the day if you feel my explanations don’t cut it, I can only Apologise once again for things that I do/ things I didn’t do and hope Surgery will be more forgiving for us all.

Thank you for your cooperation and attention and support (if there’s any left…)

And happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4)To anyone whom I've neglected or let down or anything at all... I'm sorry
And to you you and you who complains that my blog should be what I write and not what I baca elsewhere and then tampal here and there I hope to say that I just wanna share and I just don't have the time (or when I do have the time, the energy) to write.. but I'll try to be more proactive..

5)To my fishies... I'm back to see you and clean your house so don't despair!!! :-)


p/s-Wei kiat's ultimate cute pic

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  1. hi, my dear buddy:
    being a ketua is not easy. Although i nvr be a big gp ketua but i hv being a small group ketua. Ur condition is normal and i know there must b someone appreaciate it but they dun say. but i am quite surprise that u hv to tidy up the lecture hall after that. ya, i know ur feeling that i also being the last person to leave the room and i hv to switch off everything.
    never mind, it is a learning process, but mayb u can say it out. that job should b everyone job. ok .that all for this time, happy holiday



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