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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Musings.... Megan Fox?

Today was a rather moody day...

This time I'll be breaking convention by writing a post on my medical-related life... dunno why I just didn't want my blog to revolve around something that I have to face everyday... but Raoul says go.

I was late for my prof's clinic Which Started at 8!!!
Never knew it would start so early!

then my group mate reminded me to ask about my SSM meeting..
which I kept at the far back of my head...
so half-way thru the clinic I sneaked out to arrange the meeting with our supervisor... Had a merry go round at the basement looking for the office of Dr Azlin... while feeling very stupid for neglecting my duties... heck I don't even know the name of my doctor before they told me..

anyway, got her number so I sorta jubilantly skipped back to the clinic...
and informed them of a 2.00pm meet.

Zahra our ever resourceful mate went one step further to call our supervisor.. this time confirming the time of the meeting to be 2.30p.m. While wanting to forward the message, I discovered I did not the numbers of 3 of my group mates.. Damn I suck.
I left their numbers on a sheet of paper from a week back and never made the effort to key it into my hp... sad.. Neglect no2.

Then I remembered my rather embarassing behaviour last night.. attempting to squirm out of a 3 hour meeting.... only 15 minutes concerned me actually so I felt so stuck with nothing to do... I was fidgety and made a show of leaving quite a few times.. that was rather unbecoming... in front of 3rd year juniors and all. Dunno why I acted the way I did but frankly I'm absolutely not proud of it. But I guess I needed more mental prep for it.. haha...

seems the official record of the longest meeting was 5 hours straight during AGM.
phewwwww.... was lucky that wasn't my first exposure.. :-)

and oh... I had to buy a batik shirt costing RM65!... I didn't know only MTs were required to wear it.... At first I tot it was sponsored.... oh well... Its cooling and... er... It makes a very nice...but rather expensive Pyjamas

Batik shirt

Neways... had a gym session later and the endorphin rush brought back my vibe~
was feeling good afters... until I was pestered by the thought of Megan fox being a transexual...

megan fox

*Argggghhh...who wouldn't remember how this relative unknown sent our hearts galloping the first time she appeared on the silver screen?****

Seems to be the case when she gave an interview...

Megan fox a man?

but lucky it turns out that it just isn't true... heh heh .. lotsa guys are spared the agony of fantasizing over a male all this while... Shhheeeesshhh

Megan fox is a girl after all...Phewww!

Well.... we can sleep easy tonight!!! :-p


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  2. yew yew........stupid things occur 3 times in a row yesterday..my thermostat oso went off ady..aizz:(

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