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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MC-ing round 2.


This is the second time I've placed myself behind the rostrum...

Can't say I enjoyed it as much this time round...

I guess many factors come into play

Including my uncertainty till yesterday evening whether I'd be able to make it... so sorta mentally unprepared to enjoy the experience..

Jia ying told me at 6pm that she couldn't replace me to go to Tanjong Rambutan anymore as she suddenly had a SGD today... boy It felt as If I got my room Hijacked again!

Lucky a Message to Poh Jeann lighted my bulb!
two groups consisting 15 ppl are going together in a 40 person bus to Hospital Bahagia....
Add me in and no one will noe the difference!
So the issue is settled!

Didn't have much banter with my Co-MC this time too...
Maybe I'm too lazy to think up lines when its not assured that the audience would get it...

I didn't dare go to far as the event was semi formal in nature.. with Prof Adeeb and AP Dr Azian (Anatomy) being in the judging panel at separate times...

This time too.. there were a few mistakes in terms of the flow of the event... resulting in Beng Siong's group not having a Q&A session... I feel so sorry for him but I tried...

that dampened my joy somewhat
Coz I know how dejected I would be If I prepared for the Q & A session thoroughly, brainstormed with friends all the possible questions that could be asked, rehearsed the answer over and over but never got a chance to do it for real.

This would result in a lower score for his group... and its not his fault!
indirectly this would probably dash his hopes of going to Jakarta!

To think they prepared for the whole year then something like this happened.

Must have felt like preparing the ingredients of a ten course meal before realizing someone left the gas stove on the whole week... drained the tank!

Oh well.. gained a few insights on how to prepare for my SSM... :-)

And a silly photo of my big silly buddy... Crayon shin chan----扮死尸!
cheering me up!

shin chan


  1. erk...
    really thank for u to become mc. U done well but nx time have to be brave some more.

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