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Monday, January 19, 2009

20 reasons why Ruru is the best girl there is! (1)

On the 1st Anniversary of our relationship… 20th of January, I proudly proclaim
20 reasons why ruru is the best girl there is!

1) We share the same principles – We believe that people are kind and good in general. We believe that we have a responsibility towards mother earth and all its inhabitants, and we believe pursuing our dreams are one of the most important things in life.

We believe that Ren Zhi Chu, Xing Ben Shan (sorry this is a foreign pc without Chinese) and that there is inherent good in all people. Thus we should give the benefit of doubt to whoever we meet in life, that their intentions are kind and they mean well. This notion that everyone is out to gift you the leg up in life really cheers you up. Your mannerisms and your mood makes you more approachable and the more friends you have!

Compare that to the thought that everyone is out there to get you. It makes you feel like a misfit, and you eye everyone with distrust. It spoils the relationship with everyone you meet.

Two, we humans are but a strand in the web of life. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves. Whatever irresponsible act we do to mother earth;- pollution, deforestation...it all comes back to us as death and disease, global warming and climate change. We must realize that we must be responsible in all our endeavours as there are repercussions to all our actions – ala the resonating-ripple. Some affect us directly, some affect our children and some affect our afterlife, or next life, whichever theory you subscribe to.

Ruru has been my strongest advocate in all things green and nature friendly. She’s my support in my lonely quest in recycling, environmental consciousness and conservation. And recently she’s volunteered to be involved in my elective posting if it involves Nature and conservation. I’m so happy to have her join me. But then, I wonder if she would change her mind when she knows a lot of time is spent under the sun :-P and in the bush! :-P :-P (she’s a mosquito magnet)

Life is dull and mundane without dreams. I have many many dreams. I listed 10 dreams to fulfill before age 21 before in a blog post but I’ve yet to complete two of them!

Ah well when it involves Bungee Jumping, Base jumping and the likes, I don’t expect immediate results. Hehe

One dream that shall see completion in the next few months would be Learning to Scuba Dive! I plan to do that in Terengganu whilst getting involved with SEATRU, a Universiti of Terengganu effort to help understand ht ecology of marine turtles.

One dream, one of the most important dream which I share with ruru is the need to have a gap year in which we shall travel and enjoy the best that the world can offer.
Currently our sights are on New Zealand where we shall spend the six months pre housemanship working in farms- tending sheep, plucking apples, grapes and kiwifruits- and buying a car with the spoils and journey all across KIWI-land!

I hope as we grow older the more of our dreams will merge and bring us closer together. There is really nothing as sweet as having someone to share your dream with. It’s even better when that someone pursues that dream together with you!

To be continued…..

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