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Monday, January 19, 2009

Save our seahorses means Saving the Sea (SOS!)

Save our Seahorses (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu)- Mr. Choo Chee Kuang

Based in Terengganu but with activities based in Johor at the Sg Pulai Estuary,
Its growing stronger by the day, for the Sixth Year running! (I think)

What joining SOS is like:-- FUN IN THE SUN!

The people there are multi-lingual so no worries! English, Chinese, Malay all accepted so ask all your friends to join

You’ll need to find your way to the Larkin Bus Station Johor Bahru where you need to get a cab to the SOS Headquarters.

Thereafter you’ll be briefed at the facility, and depending whether you’re involved in the morning or evening session you’ll be lodged for free at the facility. Bring a sleeping bag if you’re planning for that.

You’ll be taken to the jetty by car during the time of survey
And you’ll board a motor-boat out into the tebrau straits, passing under Causeway bridge and looking at the 2nd link bridge in the distance.

Having the wind in your Hair is one of the highlights of the trip. The air is salty and moist, the main difference from to what you’d get by sticking your head out of the car window at 100km/h.

Then it is ‘off the boat! mateys’ where you land on-no terra firma here- seagrass beds. Worry not as you’ll don sea-worthy boots! Next its getting to work- trawling nets for guys and for girls less physically demanding activities like punching data into GPS-es

But the fun part is seeing all the cutesy sea creatures and getting to hold them up close and personal. Be careful of the ikan sembilang though! And if you’re lucky enough you’d get to see a pipefish! But the one I would really love to see are seadragons!

No not this one!

This one!!!!

* Handle the animals with care and take the photos underwater where possible*

Starfish, Sg Pulai

Knuckled and knobbed starfish

horseshoe crab

Gentle creatures that remain unchanged even before the dinosaurs (dinos died out around 65 million), before 350 million years ago. Unchanged, because their design is so perfect, just like the turtles.- Horseshoe Crabs


Sea cucumber, Sg pulai

Sea Cucumbers... Look squishy and dangerous but they are really benign and cute!

sea cucumber, Sg Pulai

There’s an active competition going on in SOS, and being crowned the champion team for tagging the most number of seashorses per trip is an honour!

Read on for the updated news!


Dear Volunteers,

We are pleased to inform you that the volunteers slots from Feb to June 2009 are now open for bookings. You may browse the slots at "Survey Schedule" and make online reservations.

The NEW activities initiated are:

1) Dugong's feeding trails monitoring in Sungai Pulai.
2) Pygmy seahorse survey in Semporna, Sabah. For more info please visit:
Pygmy seahorse survey

Starting this year SOS will also work in close partnership with the Malaysian Society of Marine Science (MSMS) to advance Sungai Pulai conservation.

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