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Friday, January 9, 2009

Towards Racial Harmony

peace, race

that's them sleeping together in the living room.. haha

Racial Politicking must stop.

It's just not feasible and extremely unhealthy for the growth of the country.

When I was small I supported the 'weighing-scales' for it symbolizes balance and harmony.

The older I grew the more I saw the truth behind the banners and flags.

Come elections I shudder at the sight of string and strings of political flags spread across traffic lamps and fences.

I was muddled....

Now past 21 it became more and more clear...

There is no best government- Barisan or Pakatan.
What we need is check and balance. No party should hold the reigns of the government for too long or else corruption and mismanagement will set in.

BN has been holding on for 51 years and counting. Yes there has been progress but recently the coalition has poised itself for a nosedive, a downward spiral even.
It is not a graceful loser. It isn't that great as a winner as well.

Post March 8 we have seen sour grapes in action where the Penang Monorail project has been shelved because it has fallen to the opposition.

We have seen how it corrupted the election machinery - The case of the indelible ink being scrapped at the very last minute.

We have seen how it has manipulated the media - The mainstream media

The English Media- TheStar and The New Strait Times
The Malay Media- Utusan Melayu (which is almost a subsidiary of UMNO berhad)
The Chinese media even - papers under MCA

where biased views and opinions; half truths and full lies rules the day
- Case in point The Teresa Kok - mosque issue.

Utusan has vehemently pointed all fingers at her for silencing the azan where the issue never arised in the first place. This fact has been clarified by the ulamas themselves clearing her of the accusation but Utusan continued the bombardment.

coverage of Issues which glorify BN are given front page news while the not so pretty side of things are hidden under the rug

Disparaging news about the opposition are splashed on the front page of all BN controlled newspapers. The recent one the departure of a PKR politician is the best example... on the front page of Sunday Star 28th December the blaring title states


The BN manipulates the security forces, the police - Causing the diversion of the police's civil duties from crime prevention to pre-emptive strikes on the opposition and any dissident voices. Use of ISA on reporters, RPK, opposition politicians, the Hindraf.... Stopping peaceful events like the JERIT cycling campaign, candlelight vigils- approval of use of excessive force during 'enforcement' duties... allowing pro-BN activities to run amok....

the final Straw for me is when BN manipulates the people. Destroying racial harmony, creating ethnic tension by propagating non-existent issues-proclaiming that

Ketuanan Melayu is under attack while people like Raja Petra and Syed Husin Ali clearly stated that they themselves do not comprehend the term Ketuanan Melayu - its a mirage and it definitely isn't under threat.

However racial tensions are not the fault of one individual, group or party
This in one case where the all races are equally guilty..

We have to realise that No one is threatening no one- read Kaum Malaysia Tertindas

However, such problems are worsened by misinformation and purposeful misdirection
Read UMNO's real face

This must not continue- such Schemes benefit no one and we as Malaysians end up losing.

I want to live in a harmonious country. I want my chinese friends to be able to live
under one roof with Malaysians of all colours. These are my housemates in Laman Midah Apartments and we enjoy cooking dinner together, gossiping and trading naughty jabs... Can't the whole country be this way?

Malay, chinese

That's us practising physical examination on a stuffed cat


Another naughty photo I took of them, if not for our different sleeping times and if the hall was slightly bigger I would be sleeping in one of the blankets too!

Can't this be a common sight?

Let us please boycott acts that drive the wedge deeper.
Let us hold hands to pull out the thorns driven into us by politicians
Let us be free of prejudice and racial bias that indirectly our friends and parents fed us
Let us be open minded and accepting,
Let us attempt to understand and realise that red blood runs in all of us

By Reading news that are neutral - TheSun, Malaysiakini

By learning each other's language, traditions, customs, religion

By Realising that many politicians of today who are self-crowned Champions of race are actually renegades that betray the country and constitution

By Realising that you can speak up and by heard. By choosing your words well, by being neutral, theres so much you can change.

By opening your heart and mind to the truth. And the truth is we can cross the divide.

Malaysia, Race relations

I may be an island in promoting racial harmony among friends, but I have not given up because I have someone to confide in and share my aspirations. If you are someone who loves this country and wishes for racial harmony, please join hands with me.

Arigato Gozaimasu


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