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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

20 reasons why Ruru is the best girl there is! (2)

Reasons why I’m on cloud nine continued (sorry the previous one was rather self serving in nature...sigh)

2)She is someone I can always count on. Matters big or small, short or tall she'll be willing to help. It's just that I'm so used to self-reliance that I am embarassed to ask for anyone's help and will often decline her offer for fearing to trouble her. I guess sooner or later I must realise that 'troubling' is not the word that should be used as 'helping out' is what partners are for!

3)Whatever issue it is that I have she will listen, take her time to mull it over and will surprise me with mature constructive comments. I remember how I fretted about people littering right in front of me. I felt so useless without the authority or enough seniority to reprimand them. Even If I did tell them off they would either do it reluctantly or turn away without batting an eyelid. Taking 2 minutes to figure out the conundrum, she advises that I pick up the item the instant the person threw it and dispose of it properly whilst giving a pleading look at the person! –And this was even before we were together

4)She is an angel and a goddess in terms of anger management. Never has she ever thrown a childish tantrum. However we both have since learnt that keeping things inside till you're feeling calmer before confronting the source of the problem. (the recommended method)isn't always the best method...sometimes Its better to bring it out in the open rather than let it simmer just below the surface....especially so when when you're out on a day-long date! Harbouring unhappiness can really spoil your date.

5) She accepts me for who I am... Which is really a tall order considering all my queer queer quirkiness, my need for periods of solitude and my enigmatic personality, sometimes indecipherable even to myself.

6)She is super low maintenance haha- in terms of attention, emotionally, financially, but that doesn't mean that I will keep her to that low minimum! I will try my best......... I promise!!!

7) She is very nice to my parents. From my grandparents to my clinic’s nurse to my maid adore her to bits. Everytime I come back to Muar I will not be spared the question “where is Ruhui?”. Given the chance I guess the she can charm the whole neighbourhood. I can only hope I get the same reception at Ipoh!

8)She doesn’t get the monthly blues! In the event that she feels depressed then all that is needed is a tight hug and she’ll be just fine. Her thoughts wander more often during these times but I make sure I’m there to bring her back on track!

9)We have never and hopefully NEVER WILL drag a quarrel for more than a day. It's emotionally draining to maintain a 'cold war' and we have avoided that thus far.

10)We learn from each other- our hobbies and personalities entwine and merge. I’ve drilled environmental awareness into her and she’s driven cutesy-ness 3 inches into my head!

11)We pick-up silly gestures from each other- hand waving- Tusky Dancing, Zi.. Gerby… It’s time I created something silly too!

12) She is as thrifty as can be, and we don’t mind having bread meals on dates when we catch ourselves splurging the day before..

13)She is learning to be romantic, she is trying. Although not quite there yet :-P its her effort that matters the most! She’s graduated from my faculty of Romanticology and I’m so proud of her!

14)She may not be all I want her to be but then sometimes I wonder whether I’m turning her into GI JANE! I want her to be tough and resilient, adventurous and fearless, ignore the rain and sun and perform boyish feats… I’m asking too much, am I not?

15)She is willing to compromise on so many things. I simply just pale in comparison when it comes to give and take. Once again, I promise to change my ways!

16) Her talents are many!- Drawing cutesy cutesies from her imagination- she never fails to tickle my funny bone. That aside I admire her for her accomplishments even before I met her. Especially so when she hid the fact she has been won numerous drawing competitions before!

17)She has the kindest soul- seldom judgmental, always forgiving. And this nature of hers simply makes her wonderful to be with and she paints the world with a rosy hue, always optimistic about people and always believing that things will turn out just fine.

to be continued.....


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