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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Understanding the history of the Warcraft Universe

Playing Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne and now throw in the extra Dwarven custom campaign I'm totally befuddled by the history of warcraft Universe.

However thanks to this site I'm Now more the wiser!

History of warcraft

Go have a look!
Its a low-down on the chaos ages, the titans, the old gods and everything you need to know to make head or tail of the game you're playing or even World of Warcraft!

Have fun!


time for the riddle

"What is like a dwarf but is the size of a giant ?"

*Dang I wasted an hour finding out the answer!!!!!"


  1. I have never played WOW before but used to spend hours playing Warcraft & Dota. I story is quite fascinating & I love the mini movies in campaign mode. Nowadays, they even have WOW novels!

  2. Oh yes the the movie cutscenes are a favourite in all the Blizzard Games- Namely Starcraft and Warcraft.

    Part of the reason I work my butt of clearing the campaigns without using cheat is to see the Cutscenes!

    My favourite in reign in Reign of Chaos
    Is the Battle between Grom Hellscream and Mannoroth the Pit-Lord!

    When will Starcraft II really arrive on our shores?... I've been licking my lips since November 2007!



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