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Monday, February 9, 2009

Anti hopping law possible?

Actually it is not. for 3 reasons

1) it is unconstitutional- it breaches the Freedom of Association act
" Article 10(2)(c) (freedom of association)"

2) Malaysian politics is such that there is no clear defining line whether we're voting a candidate as an individual or as a representative of a Party's Ideology.
Until voting is defined as choosing a candidate based solely on his ideology, it is not feasible. If you vote a person, an independent into office he may turn to any party and he has not breached any ethics.
(yet, as can be seen in March 08' , assemblymen from Pakatan Rakyat are virtual unknowns because the rakyat cast their vote based on political ideology of the candidates... but the time isn't ripe yet)

3) Assemblyman who no longer identifies with the party he was elected with... if he decides to leave the party without defecting... cannot contest again for a seat in five years time... another head-scratching clause in our constitution.
" Article 48(6) into the Federal Constitution in the 1980s, which states that a person who has resigned from the House of Representatives would be barred from taking office for five years."

Below are a collection of articles which are very eye-opening with regards to the feasibility of an Anti Party Hopping Law

1)Dilemma over defections

2)crossing over to a new politics by Tunku ’Abidin Muhriz

3)UMNO's Voice of dissent- Tengku Razeleigh (VOICE OF REASON)

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