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Friday, February 27, 2009

Bumiputeras Under threat.

Why is this post tagged as a political post?
Because It's against the
"mempertahankan hak-hak bumiputera" rhetoric of BN

As I said before in the previous post
Mempertahankan Hak Hak bumiputera (link)

It's absolutely against the much proclaimed slogan that "the NEP, the many lopsided policies and deals our government has schemed are for the benefit of the 'bumiputera'". It is a shallow and transparent lie... as not only all strata of the society are marginalized. some are downright downtrodden.. while people like the former MB of Selangor Khir Toyol who are ethnically Javanese and are recent migrants to Tanah Melayu are given exulted status. You can see his many shenanigans here...

Khir Toyol Busted

then spare a moment to think..... that why are people like him allowed to prosper and our own Native Malaysians fester?

These real indigenous people of the land are always under threat, bullied and forced to bow down to the combined might of plantation conglomerates and grubby handed politicians who approve all the plantation projects, hydroelectric Dams knowing full well the land is under customary rights...rightfully belonging to the "Orang Asal".

Read the following article by Norle Grace Mercado
Sarawak in East Malaysia is part of the Borneo Island that harbours one of the last remaining rainforests in Asia.

It is also home to the Dayaks (indigenous people), who comprise almost 60% of this largest Malaysian state’s population, and who have inhabited these rainforests and adjoining lands for generations – through the traditional governance system that has existed long before any foreigner set foot on their lands, ensuring the rights of the people over lands and the usage of lands.

However, today, these majority Dayaks have got marginalised in their own native places and their lands have forcibly been taken over for palm oil plantations by the government as well as by private companies and corporations.

This has jeopardised the survival of the Dayaks in Sarawak, and is also leading to the decimation of rainforests and their replacement by mono-culture plantations of oil palms. Worse, the people’s demands for justice have been met with use of force and legal actions against them by the state or at the behest of the plantation owners.

As many as 170 cases have been registered against the indigenous people. This is clear violation of the Native Customary Rights of the people. The land disputes also violate the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which states:

‘Indigenous peoples have the rights to own, use, develop and control the lands, territories and resources that they possess by reason of traditional ownership or other traditional occupation or uses, as well as those which they have otherwise occupied.’

In April 2008, an International Fact Finding Mission (FFM) comprising an eminent judge from India and civil society members from Thailand and the US visited the state of Sarawak to look into the alleged violations of the people’s native rights and privileges.

The mission visited about 70 villages in south, central and north Sarawak, talked to over 800 people individually or collectively and collected evidences of people’s traditional ownership of the lands there.

The evidences prompted the mission to deduce that while people have pre-established rights over land, which have been recognised by the federal court of Malaysia, these are not recognised as such by the executive body on ground.

It has also been found that in cases where communities have been party to giving their land to oil palm plantations, the plantation owners have rarely honoured their agreements with the people. The cases documented by the IFFM are contrary to the principles of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil as well.

Moreover, IFFM noted that palm oil plantations are being expanded at a rapid pace and there are strong prospects of corporations going for agro-fuel, which will only worsen the state of the indigenous people in particular and the rainforests in general.


We must stand up for such blatant injustice.
Not only are our cousins over the south china sea affected..
the many orang asli staying in the peninsula...

From those in Pahang to the Orang Jahai of Perak... all are being marginalized.

But these Malaysians are strong and they have a backbone... unlike many of our low-class politicians screwing up our country.

They fend for themselves well but the odds are stacked against them..
to show support, please visit


I thank you all for being considerate for our fellow Malaysians suffering in their own land.


  1. do u read harry potter? Lots of dark wizards claim they're pure blood when in actual fact they're mudblood:)

    So, i also can claim that i'm a bumiputera, considering i'm a Baba. My ancestors must have been here at least since Sultan Mansor Shah's time, so surely that make me more Bumiputera than that mudblood Khir Toyo?:P

  2. Yes, Most probably! You're more trueblood than that Jin. Haha. To think that so much land in Our Dainty Tanjong Karang Has been corrupted by him...

    In Malacca there are also Portugese mixed blood people who have been around since 1500s but once again they are being cheated in the land of their ancestors.

    And you of course know about our Dear ol "Ali Rusted" of Malacca right? lol



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