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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The problem with Celcom UOX.

AS mentioned in my previous blogpost
Changing to UOX

I was singing praises for the package for the good deal
and thus ported my number from Maxis to Celcom.

However 2 months down the road
I have plenty of complaints about it.

1.Problems with porting
-porting Was quite a hassle to me, as once the porting is successful your remaining credit with your previous service provider is burnt.. for this reason I tried to keep my balance at a minimum to reduce my loses.. It wasn't as the Customer service officer told me- 3 days. For me It took around 9 days and I became a very rude person who couldn't reply messages due to low cred. That was a cruel period.

2. Faulty Message delivery
-Sent Messages take their own sweet time in arriving at the destination.
-Sent message Report do not arrive immediately after sending

3. Overcharging for Italk
-Italk and Celcom are both under the umbrella of Telekom Malaysia communications
-as such they are both partners right?
then consider this, when I use Maxis with Italk to Call to UK ....costing RM15, The RM15 charge comes from Italk only.
BUT for Celcom, above the Italk charge,it charges RM15 too. So it comes up to a total of RM30.
Calling to customer Service asking for a reason. It says it charges for providing the phone service.

This I think is ABSURD. Italk belongs to TM. If Maxis as a separate service provider doesn't charge for hosting the Italk, How can Celcom dare Charge?

4. Undisclosed Small prints.
A.When change your number to Celcom UOX, There is a touted "NO credit Expiry until you're 25" There is no such thing if you port your number to UOX. Your credit is valid for 30days when you Reload RM30 and so on.
It is not explicitly stated but it seems to be valid only if you purchase a new UOX simcard.

B.IT is also a touted feature of Xpax Celcom that you can add 8 people to your xpax to enjoy greater savings. I thought this applies to all Celcom Numbers. But it ONLY applies to numbers that are registered under UOX.
This can be construed as a lie.

C. It is also advertised that you may enjoy Birthday bonuses where you get to call and sms your 8pax for free for seven days starting from the day of your birthday.
-It is a service you must register for and this is NOT told.
-Secondly, you can only register for the service if you have been with Celcom for more than half a year. This too is known only by calling Customer Sevice.

All these should be made known beforehand.

5.Calling customer service, you are charged 30 cents per call for the 1300-xxx-xxxx number. Free for calling 1111

6.Faulty service. There are times when you simply cannot Send a message no matter what you try. Then there are other times you CANNOT even check your credit balance via *124# The reply reads : SERVICE NOT SUPPORTED. What is this?

Sometimes you don't receive notification for your miscalls too and you don't even know people are contacting you. Sometimes your phone doesn't ring and you get a miscall. this is really problematic.

These are my current complaints and why do I have a feeling that this may be only the tip of the iceberg? Hopefully I'm proven wrong on this.

Please be aware of the above before you make the decision.

Ah yes... Did I mention about the paucity of Celcom Service Centres? Sigh.


  1. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbuuuuuruk punya celcommmmmmmm....bedebah

  2. HI are you still having the messaging problems? How is your experience so far since you wrote this, anything changed?



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