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Monday, February 16, 2009

Perak- So BN is smart after all?!! BN studied Greek History...

Yeah it seems so. But smart wouldn't be the word. Scheming, Cunning and calculative would fit better. They engineered the Perak turmoil with skill and precision....

an observation I failed to grasp until Eyes Wide Open showed us how exactly was BN smart.


Nasaruddin announces his defection from UMNO to PKR. He is apparently disgruntled about UMNO and taking heed of the rakyat's shift of support towards PR. He promises to resign from UMNO the next day. Anwar hails his move as a reflection of the electorate's aspirations, and promises more defections to come.

Alarm bells should have been ringing. Nasaruddin announced that he was quitting UMNO because he wasn't "getting the love" he wanted. But he had NOT submitted his resignation yet. And he jumped because he felt could "get the love" in PKR. This shows his opportunistic thinking, running to where the gravy was promised.

Such typical corrupt UMNO thinking has no place in the movement for change. Also, can anyone really trust that an UMNO stalwart (who had profited greatly from his position) can magically switch from "money politics cap UMNO" to "reformasi cap PKR"? They didn't switch brains, they just switched parties - different vessels, same shit!

But why did Nasaruddin have to cross over to PKR in the first place? And why did he cross back just days later? Was it really because he was just another opportunistic politician, following his nose to the money? No politician could be THAT dumb! People will remember and he will never be re-elected under any party's banner again!

On hindsight, it is now clear that Nasaruddin was just a Trojan horse. And the fact that he re-defected bears out this theory. Mission accomplished - no need to sandiwara anymore. Shahrir Samad later all but confirms this when he said that Nasaruddin's re-defection was not an issue at all because it was simply a case of UMNO getting their boy back. (Perhaps he will retire from politics come GE13 and go to some kind of UMNO-sponsored paradise.)

It was also crucial that PKR be seen as drawing first blood. UMNO/BN had been roundly condemning Anwar for threatening to seize Federal power via crossovers. (It's interesting that the issue of anti-hopping laws surfaced in the previous weeks. Was it an attempt to distract the target - by pretending to be scared?)

Now that UMNO planned to do the same in Perak, they needed to justify their actions. The Trojan Horse tactic was a master stroke in its deviousness as it crippled the PR's moral authority and focused the blame squarely back on Anwar. This theory is also borne out by Najib's response to a reporter. When asked about the legitimacy of the Perak govt-by-defection, he answered curtly, “Please ask the Pakatan why they started it in the first place!”

This tactic also divided popular opinion. And UMNO/BN thrives on the "divide-and-rule"concept because while the rakyat is distracted in arguing among themselves, they can do pretty much whatever they like.

So BN can be smart and resourceful when it wants to... Why not use this intelligence to better Govern the Country instead of continue to undermine the efforts of the PR who are doing a good if not better job that the incumbent of 50years BN?

I sincerely hope there will be divine retribution coming....


  1. The divine retribution will be coming in the 2 by elections. The people will let BN know that they won't tolerate such dirty tactics. PR just can't match BN when it came to dirtiness. BN invented the rules

  2. You know what the Ironic thing is acura?

    Both sides claim that they are the victim in the event...each claiming the other drew first blood.

    But the frog hopping to topple a government scheme was started in Sabah in year 1994. Where BN pulled the rug from under feet of Joseph Pairin Kitingan (Parti Bersatu Sabah) just after he won the state election.

    At that time Anwar was the Deputy Prime Minister...

  3. I can say that BN is a group of dirty monkeys. Corrupted and useless.

    But PKR is around the same, because they are just mostly Anwar and his konco of ex-BN. They are fighting for their own benefits.

    And PAS for their ideals of a full radical Islam despite the "tolerance" which shoo-ed off many celebrities from having their concert in Malaysia.

    And the still sane Karpal is driven to the corner because Lim Kit Siang wants his son to remain in power in Penang.

    The system is so dirty both sides that we need a total cleaning in fact.

    Malaysia would never have their a better political system if the educated ones avoid from the politics. All we had now are the sons of polticians, and the sons of their sons. And the same breed repopulate the political scene in Malaysia.


  4. The way out is for civil society to be better informed of their rights as citizens and be active participants of democracy.

    No more "i put you there, so you kautim everything for me, i don't want to know anything" mentality.

    the rakyat has to constantly keep the politicians on their toes by actively engaging the govt and holding them accountable.

  5. To YM: Well, from what you say I'll say that you need to choose between two lesser evils.

    But If I have my say then I say The lesser Evil Is leaps and bounds above the Lucifer of a BN.

    Anwar is still needed while someone suitable (hopefully Zaid Ibrahim) takes over the helm of the opposition but I don't think that will happen very soon.

    PAS has two facets- the traditional, conservative half and the modern, cooperative and progessive half. You can read more about it in my facebook Note : http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=50610043438&id=1052321683&index=4

    I didn't know whether a power struggle happened in Penang DAP but as far as I'm concerned.. Lim Guan Eng is doing a hell of a terrific job. The things that he put into motion in the period of a year probably equals to the whole of UMNO's contribution of the last ten years. I have no qualms supporting him 100%.

    I can't put it any better than EWO! We the civil society really need to realize our right to good governance and kick thugs like Khir TOYOL to some part of the earth where the sun don't shine.

    Knowing that we have a choice In that matter is the most important thing and we... the many armchair politicians typing away behind desktops, laptops and MacBook Airs are doing our best to tell the whole of Malaysia that we have the power to change the course of Malaysian History.

    It all starts with baby steps...
    Try to understand that Every Little Bit counts. If I can add a fellow Malaysian a day to the ranks of people who are in the know of what BN/UMNO is really like then I consider it an achievement.

    Stop lamenting that Malaysian Politics is banal and instead, start doing something about it! Or else you're pretty much stuck with the status quo. If change is not what you're looking for then there's no need to comment at all about the situation.

    So are you an "educated one" who shies from politics?

  6. Lesser of two evils of course is the better option, but neither are more evil than the other in my opinion. I can't really say Lim Guan Eng is doing a terrific job, because it's really an over exaggerated statement (esp the 10X) with his lack of experience. The King of tennis etc and many contradicting statements.But I'll give credits for him for being the best governing opposition state. There is no power struggle in Penang DAP from the start, u missed my point. It's the power mania in DAP.

    Blast Khir Toyol, ali rustam and those radicals, they are just fools waiting to crumple UMNO from within. An they are garnering more supporters from their deeds.

    And besides, it is not a lament, it is a rebuttal for the naivity that we just suddenly happened to know of malaysia's political status. Understand our history well, and know where we need to be at this moment. Progress needs to be done someday, and all we can do at most is prepare ourselves for the future politics.Thus we need constructional criticism, which is rare in Malaysia. Politics, economics, cultural, international affairs, trade affairs, banking, taxes, administration, corruptions/lobbying, etc. Is there a way we can think of a solution to these without pointing a finger at someone else?

    One thing is for sure, I'll finish my government service before I decide. Cert paper is not important, but without education, no one listens to you. Tun Dr Mahathir understands this very well, and I salute him.

    So in the end, if we had to choose the lesser between two evils, there is only 2 options:
    1. Join the ranks of the government and beat you way up among those corrupted.
    2. Join the ranks of the opposition who seriously lacks people and make them a stronger force.

    This happened once in the Chinese Educationist Group many years back, where part of them joined the gov and part joined opposition. In the end, both sides were corrupted and failed.

    The question is, can we change it? Are we up for it? Will time change us?

  7. Sorry for the late reply...
    but frankly I don't really get you. haha.
    I mean I don't know what are we debating about.
    Initially there seems to be something..then it fizzles.

    Coz we seem to be talking about different things! Lol

    I for one, at this current frame of time.. wholly back Barisan Rakyat.

    It may have warts and everything but they are new and deserve time to go about things. We have seen lotsa positive things in Perak and Penang.. and that counts for much.

    You may not like the component parties of PAS/ DAP/PKR whom many would consider to be strange bedfellows and to many others an alliance of convenience.

    but that doesn't change the FACT that they are the ONE and ONLY formidable opposition alliance we have been able to come up with in 51 years.

    We need them to show the incumbents that we have a voice and will strive for the betterment of the country.

    Based on your statements...it seems to imply everything's in a deadlock right now and there's nothing for us to do.

    I prefer to think that we can make a difference.
    the mainstream media colludes to brainwash the masses.

    And the least we can do is to expose the details that they're trying so hard to cover up and give the barisan Rakyat its fair share of good views... These have been glazed over by the politically controlled media and we need to show that the people we have voted in have been doing something.

    Expose the dirt and show our people the nature of BN, esp UMNO who aims to stay in power despite anything.

    But I am not saying that we must blindly support the opposition.

    We need to truthful and call a spade a spade. Good jobs should be applauded , at the same time any wrongdoing will be quickly pointed out. This applies to both parties.

    Because what we need is a aiya I forgot the term (consequence of too much gaming and no sleep lol)
    we need two parties to vie for the government and we will vote the one that does the best job.

    That will tell them that we tolerate no sleaziness because do wrong and you get the opportunity to govern the next time around.

    I back pakatan because currently all odds are against them and It's extremely unfair. My principle is to stand up for the underdog in all cases and this is the reason for this post... and all posts for the matter.

    I'm not sure i'm adequately answering your comments but haha here's my reply. :-)

    As for Naivety? Many are still naive that UMNO seeks to fight for the rights of Malays and BN stands to work for the whole nation. That MCA and MIC are toothed tigers who have a say in anything. This is the naivety we must sought to correct.

  8. Typo error.. Don't get the opportunity to govern the next time round.



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