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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Rantings.. Rambut Sakit..

I know I know.. I should really blog about my Redang and Kuala Terengganu 11 day trip.. or maybe even my crystal hill climb... but wo3 ti2 bu4 qi3 jing4 ziiii

So let me digress a bit from the usual yeah

" I am so sick.... that even my hair is painful"

That is one of my favourite hyperboyles ... and I think quite a few people too LOL..

So imagine my suprise when I hear this advertisement in both English and Chinese radio stations by
Follow Me Hair shampoo that promises to give you more beautiful hair

By giving your hair

...wait for it.....


to make it happy!

Endorphins are actually (postulated) hormones like serotonin and the like that makes you feel good.. typically released after a guilt ridden trip halfway down a Cadbury Bar

cadbury, temptation

Well.. the advertisement also claims that it's the first shampoo to incorporate endorphins into the long list of shampoo ingredients.. including

"ammonium laueth sulfate, Dimethicone, glycol distearate, guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, ammonium xylenesulfonate, trimethypropane tricaprylate, Methychloroisothiazolinone"
(List taken from PANTENE pro-V)

Well.. we all know about the evils of widely publicized sodium lauryl sulfate...

According to data from the Hazardous Materials Information Resource System, sodium lauryl sulfate, in 90 percent of shampoos and conditioners, corrodes hair follicles and can cause a burning sensation, coughing, wheezing, nausea, headaches and laryngitis. This same ingredient is found in car wash soap, engine degreasers and garage floor cleaners.

ah well that's not too disconcerting....

But this endorphin in a shampoo thing is kinda far-fetched.. no matter how you see it... So what do the individuals hair do when they are happy?

I think They stand up and boogie!
Frizz head

into a Frizz-tangle!

And since they can put happy hormones into your shampoo.. when are they going to make it into an Instant PICK-ME-UP drink;

4 in one Coffee- Coffee, Sugar, Creamer and Happy hormones!

guaranteed to lift your moods.. Chilled or not!

That would certainly make Befrienders go out of business..

They are the first to incorp that into shampoo... and I think they will be the last.


  1. I had a chocolate cake bar with me that i was planning to eat.. Den i decided to have a bag of chips.. n ended up havin a bag n half.. So i decided to be all good n Not eat the choc bar...
    UNTIL I saw your =(=( Post (with Pic no less!) bout Cadbury!!

    n den i HAD to eat it. =(

    I blame you for the 5kg ive put on!!! :p


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