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Friday, April 3, 2009

The power of Facebook :-)

What I always wanted with my blog,
was to raise awareness of issues that are close to my heart.
And that, is a whole lot.. Racial harmony, Conservation, Environment, Politics, Global Warming, Malaysia's future etc etc

(any wonder people say I have issues? Lol)

if u remember I had a post called UKM's Trash

and while a few of my friends came across it and said they support it and think the sarcasm funny... that was the end of the road for it.

I know my place.
Many issues that I fight for are laughed upon... which include supporting intellectual property, Buy original products, reducing the use of plastic bags...

So I don't know what posting this on Facebook will do.
As it is, Most of my friends stay within KTDI and few of them use the route mentioned in the post... fewer still stop to look around when they move hurriedly through the area (there's a sewage treatment facility just next to it)

And in an act of bravado, or I would say foolishness... I tagged one of my lecturers,
Assoc Prof Mohd Shahrir, hoping that he would only read it. He is about to leave us and move to Teluk Intan due to the imminent trasfer of his wife... so I never thought he would care enough!

but instead of nodding at the computer screen then let the issue rest.... he started calling people up to organize a gotong-royong! That's the first time anyone has given weight to the things that I do... and that means a lot to me. What more a person of authority

It's easy to feel dejected, lonely and silly when you're fighting for a cause alone... and all you get from the people around you are sneers, jeers and muffled laughs.

"Don't you have anything better to do?"
"Reduce plastic bag ah? 'Salegirl! give me two'"
"Blog lah about more entertaining things to increase your traffic and earn money!"
"Why you write on so chim and boring stuff?"
"Politics in Malaysia is hopeless-lah, why waste your time?"

What's worse than apathy? The need to dissuade people from voicing opinions!

Ok... this is becoming a sob-story LoL

I'm happy enough that something is being done!
IT may be one-off,
The effects may not be long-lasting,
but at least something is being done!
At the very very least... a few extra people know the problem exists... that.. is good enough for me.

Thank you prof!


  1. i where got ask 2 plastic bag......i ask for 4! hahahaha

  2. hoho, congratulation. let clean the 排污池together. haha!

  3. i'm ur no.1 supporter on your stand on all of the issues !!! except political ones where i hvnt really formed my own opinions yet.

  4. Thank you Shin Chan! Yes Jeff-Furry... you ask for 4, two for me to cover your head with then beat the gunny-sack! :-P

    A big big thanks to ruru! :-)



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