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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kuala Terengganu Trip Day 5

My fifth day in terengganu

Went to play badminton with the Talk Cafe Uncle and his gang!
Uncle Tan 

~Uncle Tan of The Talk Cafe~

This is like so sudden and cute... minum minum malam tiba tiba kena ajak main badminton dengan orang asing!

As usual, I kena belasah teruk...

there were 8 of them but despite playing for 2 hours, never once did I pair up with Uncle Tan.

Instead I paired up with Uncle Michael (who was the venerated sifu of the Badminton Gang) for 3 matches. For his err.. width... he was really agile and sprinted here and there raining smashes out of nowhere... I look like a rooted tree by comparison. My swaying branches occasionally touches the ball... *sigh*

Hmmmm... My skills went up a few notches around form 2 when playing with the Gang of Gene, Kelvin,Ching wei and occasionally Yafu, and quite a few others I couldn't quite remember..

At that time I was 'known' for my crazy reflexes... and trick services... but dunno what happened afters coz from that period until now It was all downhill for me... with each year I stumble more... grrrr

Trying quite hard to improve... will make extra effort!

After a quite wash-up its up the SANI express bus and back to KL...
And finally say goodbye to good ol' Ping Anchorage...
Ping Anchorage Terengganu 

with Raymond E feist's Honoured enemy to accompany me!

honoured enemy

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