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Sunday, April 5, 2009

BN Pulling out all the stops...?

... Or is it plugging all the leaks?

Imagine a boat ridiculously ridden with holes yet the crew defiantly tries to paddle on.

Miles away from land, they knew this would not come to pass if they took the journey to Bolehland seriously and mended every leak the moment it sprung up.

But they were too caught up with merrymaking to give a hoot about the boat's condition.

boat leak

Now unceremoniously jolted awake by the ice cold water gushing in, they were at a loss and proceeded to jam their thumbs into the holes.

In the hope that they'll reach land? No, they couldn't care less... they just wanted to go on merrymaking till the cows come home.

BN has tried to do damage control... by averting the attention of the people away from the shenanigans of Khir Toyo, from the absurdities of the Ali Rustam Fiasco, and desperately trying to win the by-elections.

The played up the Sultan's issue in Bukit Gantang to sway the votes of the malays. 'Penderhaka'!!!, they called PR, their short memories unable to recall just a year ago UMNO-folk staged a street protest against the Sultan of Terengganu's decision to elect Ahmad Said as the Menteri Besar. They of course didn't have an inkling it was them who engineered the constitutional amendment to strip the sultans' immunity. That's what too much merry-making does to you.

In fact, Khir toyo was having fun all they way to Orlando Disneyland using public funds! and he brought his maid along!!!



To placate the Chinese, they dangled the carrot of having a Chinese Deputy Prime Minister. Shall that come to pass? Another Sleight of Hand to distract the masses... Another plastic carrot whisked out whenever the burdened beast(rakyat) can take no more? Why choose this opportune moment to drop this bomb? What about an Indian Deputy?

Releasing the ISA detainees including 2 of the Hindraf 5 is a desperate attempt to garner the affection of the Indians within the country. But do we realize with each Premier's transition this wayang kulit plays out? Political detainees are let out like a burst dam then slowly stuffed back in? If Najib is indeed sincere in his effort, he should abolish the act
Who knows when the 13 will be fettered again?
In Bolehland you can be jailed for your own protection ( Reporter Tan Hoon Cheng)
You can be cuffed up in front of your house if you're 30 minutes EARLY for court proceedings (you get this service only if you're from the opposition-lah)

These are mere acts running up to April the 7th. See through the disguise... Election promises have just the tendency to evaporate as soon as they take form.

When the sailors are tired of merrymaking.. they may just abandon ship.
What then, happens to us?


  1. hmmm...the real test would be what happens after april 7th. and who will be in the cabinet.

    so far, not a single bloody one of the UMNO/BN people i can trust

  2. what about zaid ibrahim?

  3. ini politik mia orang semua busuk mia la...no need think so much, dun trust a word they say.

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