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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7 elections--They lie They Cheat They steal...

- Main Busuk

Recently we heard from the MSM that MAFREL ....

..Mafrel and political parties agents can only follow separately with their own transportations.

AND MORE Importantly
Mafrel observers are also denied to witness the important counting process.

that's allowing more loopholes to be exploited by the ruling coalition than there are potholes in KL.

Then theres the plague of Phantom voters that have infested Our elections for too long. PAS supporters have often blocked the buses ferrying these ghosts from reaching polling centres in Kelantan. But it's harder to do when you've got POLICE (independent body?) escorting (yes! nanny /Bodyguards for the phantom voters) them.

Now they even have decoy buses to divert the limited resources of PR. Some of the spectres magically vanish before the buses are stopped..

The situation in Bukit Selambau reveals all...

Suspected cars with Pengundi Hantu
pengundi Hantu, phantom voters

12.00pm from BS - Taman Ria 1 bus pengundi hantu. Taman Ria Jaya 4 buses. All suspected phantom voters. Indian driver. Passengers can’t be located. Suspected that some have already been despatched.

11.22 from BS - Suspected 1 more bus of hantu at Bandar Baru.

11.21 from BS - Police escorted bus all the way to Gurun. Bus at balai polis Gurun. 1 PKR rep allowed in. Gate to the balai polis closed. 22 people in front of the balai polis.

10.55am from BS - Nanda and Ariff following 1 bus pengundi hantu from Bukit Lembu to Sg Lalang. Police car escorting front and back of bus.


How do they 'create' phantom voters? By buying the IC's of voters for a price then telling them not to turn up during polling day. They ICs are given to individuals from other states but are under the payroll of you-know-who.

The following is an example of how it is carried out.
April 6

We got word today that marine police had been intimidating the fishermen operating illegally in Kuala Sepetang.

Seems they were asked to disclose their ic numbers and to not turn up at the polling stations tomorrow.


For the latest election results, click the following links

Bukit Selambau
Batang Ai
Bukit Gantang

At 'press time', PR is leading in BS and BG.. but lost BI.


  1. Biar saya menunjukkan bakat saya merangka pantun 4 rangkap

    PM Najib sudah datang
    Senyum kambing harap dikenang
    Bukit Selambau Bukit gantang
    Sudah bagi PR menang

    apasal PR boleh menang
    Mahathir pun sudah bengang
    Jawapannya banyak senang
    Sebab orang BN banyak bangang

    Siapa kata BN bangang
    nanti saya tendang dia melayang
    kalau betul BN bangang
    mana diorang tau main wayang?

    Main wayang komedi punya
    Budak pun tergelak gelak
    kalau rakyat rasa teraniaya
    PR menang, BN terbelalak

    Apa pasal jadi begini
    salah sana salah sini
    Bikin macam macam committee
    semuanya hanya syok sendiri

    Perubahan dijanji tidak sampai
    pak lah sudah lari melambai lambai
    kalau najib pun kerja terkapai kapai
    PRU13 BN pasti bye bye

    Negeri Perak satu contoh
    Main tipu rampas kuasa
    Jangan ingat rakyat bodoh
    Makkal Sakhti bagi kau rasa

    Syed Hamid banyak kelakar
    alasan bodoh rata rata
    "Masuk ISA bukan suka suka
    ISA itu lindungi rakyat jelata"

    BN hari hari kata dah dengar
    suara semua lapisan rakyat jelata
    Tindakan yang diambil tidak ada
    sampai rakyat dah jelak berkata

    Bangunlah people.....tulis pantun pun sampai jari sakit-_-"

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