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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The problem with Celcom UOX.

AS mentioned in my previous blogpost
Changing to UOX

I was singing praises for the package for the good deal
and thus ported my number from Maxis to Celcom.

However 2 months down the road
I have plenty of complaints about it.

1.Problems with porting
-porting Was quite a hassle to me, as once the porting is successful your remaining credit with your previous service provider is burnt.. for this reason I tried to keep my balance at a minimum to reduce my loses.. It wasn't as the Customer service officer told me- 3 days. For me It took around 9 days and I became a very rude person who couldn't reply messages due to low cred. That was a cruel period.

2. Faulty Message delivery
-Sent Messages take their own sweet time in arriving at the destination.
-Sent message Report do not arrive immediately after sending

3. Overcharging for Italk
-Italk and Celcom are both under the umbrella of Telekom Malaysia communications
-as such they are both partners right?
then consider this, when I use Maxis with Italk to Call to UK ....costing RM15, The RM15 charge comes from Italk only.
BUT for Celcom, above the Italk charge,it charges RM15 too. So it comes up to a total of RM30.
Calling to customer Service asking for a reason. It says it charges for providing the phone service.

This I think is ABSURD. Italk belongs to TM. If Maxis as a separate service provider doesn't charge for hosting the Italk, How can Celcom dare Charge?

4. Undisclosed Small prints.
A.When change your number to Celcom UOX, There is a touted "NO credit Expiry until you're 25" There is no such thing if you port your number to UOX. Your credit is valid for 30days when you Reload RM30 and so on.
It is not explicitly stated but it seems to be valid only if you purchase a new UOX simcard.

B.IT is also a touted feature of Xpax Celcom that you can add 8 people to your xpax to enjoy greater savings. I thought this applies to all Celcom Numbers. But it ONLY applies to numbers that are registered under UOX.
This can be construed as a lie.

C. It is also advertised that you may enjoy Birthday bonuses where you get to call and sms your 8pax for free for seven days starting from the day of your birthday.
-It is a service you must register for and this is NOT told.
-Secondly, you can only register for the service if you have been with Celcom for more than half a year. This too is known only by calling Customer Sevice.

All these should be made known beforehand.

5.Calling customer service, you are charged 30 cents per call for the 1300-xxx-xxxx number. Free for calling 1111

6.Faulty service. There are times when you simply cannot Send a message no matter what you try. Then there are other times you CANNOT even check your credit balance via *124# The reply reads : SERVICE NOT SUPPORTED. What is this?

Sometimes you don't receive notification for your miscalls too and you don't even know people are contacting you. Sometimes your phone doesn't ring and you get a miscall. this is really problematic.

These are my current complaints and why do I have a feeling that this may be only the tip of the iceberg? Hopefully I'm proven wrong on this.

Please be aware of the above before you make the decision.

Ah yes... Did I mention about the paucity of Celcom Service Centres? Sigh.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Bumiputeras Under threat.

Why is this post tagged as a political post?
Because It's against the
"mempertahankan hak-hak bumiputera" rhetoric of BN

As I said before in the previous post
Mempertahankan Hak Hak bumiputera (link)

It's absolutely against the much proclaimed slogan that "the NEP, the many lopsided policies and deals our government has schemed are for the benefit of the 'bumiputera'". It is a shallow and transparent lie... as not only all strata of the society are marginalized. some are downright downtrodden.. while people like the former MB of Selangor Khir Toyol who are ethnically Javanese and are recent migrants to Tanah Melayu are given exulted status. You can see his many shenanigans here...

Khir Toyol Busted

then spare a moment to think..... that why are people like him allowed to prosper and our own Native Malaysians fester?

These real indigenous people of the land are always under threat, bullied and forced to bow down to the combined might of plantation conglomerates and grubby handed politicians who approve all the plantation projects, hydroelectric Dams knowing full well the land is under customary rights...rightfully belonging to the "Orang Asal".

Read the following article by Norle Grace Mercado
Sarawak in East Malaysia is part of the Borneo Island that harbours one of the last remaining rainforests in Asia.

It is also home to the Dayaks (indigenous people), who comprise almost 60% of this largest Malaysian state’s population, and who have inhabited these rainforests and adjoining lands for generations – through the traditional governance system that has existed long before any foreigner set foot on their lands, ensuring the rights of the people over lands and the usage of lands.

However, today, these majority Dayaks have got marginalised in their own native places and their lands have forcibly been taken over for palm oil plantations by the government as well as by private companies and corporations.

This has jeopardised the survival of the Dayaks in Sarawak, and is also leading to the decimation of rainforests and their replacement by mono-culture plantations of oil palms. Worse, the people’s demands for justice have been met with use of force and legal actions against them by the state or at the behest of the plantation owners.

As many as 170 cases have been registered against the indigenous people. This is clear violation of the Native Customary Rights of the people. The land disputes also violate the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which states:

‘Indigenous peoples have the rights to own, use, develop and control the lands, territories and resources that they possess by reason of traditional ownership or other traditional occupation or uses, as well as those which they have otherwise occupied.’

In April 2008, an International Fact Finding Mission (FFM) comprising an eminent judge from India and civil society members from Thailand and the US visited the state of Sarawak to look into the alleged violations of the people’s native rights and privileges.

The mission visited about 70 villages in south, central and north Sarawak, talked to over 800 people individually or collectively and collected evidences of people’s traditional ownership of the lands there.

The evidences prompted the mission to deduce that while people have pre-established rights over land, which have been recognised by the federal court of Malaysia, these are not recognised as such by the executive body on ground.

It has also been found that in cases where communities have been party to giving their land to oil palm plantations, the plantation owners have rarely honoured their agreements with the people. The cases documented by the IFFM are contrary to the principles of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil as well.

Moreover, IFFM noted that palm oil plantations are being expanded at a rapid pace and there are strong prospects of corporations going for agro-fuel, which will only worsen the state of the indigenous people in particular and the rainforests in general.


We must stand up for such blatant injustice.
Not only are our cousins over the south china sea affected..
the many orang asli staying in the peninsula...

From those in Pahang to the Orang Jahai of Perak... all are being marginalized.

But these Malaysians are strong and they have a backbone... unlike many of our low-class politicians screwing up our country.

They fend for themselves well but the odds are stacked against them..
to show support, please visit


I thank you all for being considerate for our fellow Malaysians suffering in their own land.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chinese: Loving PAS over UMNO anytime? Learn more about PAS? (Facebook)

This is a Note entry from my Facebook post which I forgot to put up :-)


UMNO is a communal organization- it used to strive for the betterment of the Malay Society.
Now it strives for the betterment of its members only, with the top crop clinching everything leaving only scraps for those in the lower rungs. UMNOputras gain shamelessly from the schemes that they plot however the large section of Malays are blinded into believing that UMNO is doing something for them when most of them are left exactly where they are 30 years ago.

PAS as a state government has been fair to all whereas the same cannot be said about BN governed states. Yup, we may see less progress from Kelantan but It is mostly because the Federal Gov. has withheld funds to the opposition state... much like what it did to Penang -- scrapping the Penang monorail project and draining out its funds...

Now, a moment to learn a little bit More about PAS

PAS has two bandwagons. The Erdogan and the Ulamas. The Erdogan, that Nizar belongs to wants to take PAS more to the centre and make it more multicultural, inclusive and even secular to a degree - with an emphasis on a welfare state. A welfare state vision and that of what the centre-left DAP wants is very similiar.

With Nizar, we further give power, credibility and confidence to the Erdogan bandwagon and also contribute to a stronger opposition. This is UMNO's worse nightmare: a more multicultural PAS that operates more from the centre. Mind you that operating form here, does not mean they have to leave behind some of their conservative values.

The Erdogan bandwagon of PAS realises that only with the support of the Chinese and Indians, can they ever be a viable alternative. Even many Malays middle class Malays have this similiar view, especially in developed states like Selangor and Perak.

Maybe we Chinese are more concerned about the restrictions on alcohol and gambling but really will it affect us as much as we think it will? It really isn't that bad... Just ask why the Chinese in Terengganu vote for PAS over BN. Hudud laws or not, generally we non-muslims are not affected.

I used to critical of PAS but Having seen what a credible leader they can churn out-- in the form of Nizar Jamaluddin... I'm starting to shift my allegiances!

At the end of the day my views may be too ideal, I may have too lofty a notion but then lets just have it as food for thought.

Ky. with help from anonymous...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hypocrites in UMNO claiming Moral high ground over Elizabeth wong's case- my foot!

For the Full Report... Aisehman
Thanks for the eye opener!

Here's the menantu of someone important.

Here's a particular someone who loved to menghunus keris

Monday, February 16, 2009

Perak- So BN is smart after all?!! BN studied Greek History...

Yeah it seems so. But smart wouldn't be the word. Scheming, Cunning and calculative would fit better. They engineered the Perak turmoil with skill and precision....

an observation I failed to grasp until Eyes Wide Open showed us how exactly was BN smart.


Nasaruddin announces his defection from UMNO to PKR. He is apparently disgruntled about UMNO and taking heed of the rakyat's shift of support towards PR. He promises to resign from UMNO the next day. Anwar hails his move as a reflection of the electorate's aspirations, and promises more defections to come.

Alarm bells should have been ringing. Nasaruddin announced that he was quitting UMNO because he wasn't "getting the love" he wanted. But he had NOT submitted his resignation yet. And he jumped because he felt could "get the love" in PKR. This shows his opportunistic thinking, running to where the gravy was promised.

Such typical corrupt UMNO thinking has no place in the movement for change. Also, can anyone really trust that an UMNO stalwart (who had profited greatly from his position) can magically switch from "money politics cap UMNO" to "reformasi cap PKR"? They didn't switch brains, they just switched parties - different vessels, same shit!

But why did Nasaruddin have to cross over to PKR in the first place? And why did he cross back just days later? Was it really because he was just another opportunistic politician, following his nose to the money? No politician could be THAT dumb! People will remember and he will never be re-elected under any party's banner again!

On hindsight, it is now clear that Nasaruddin was just a Trojan horse. And the fact that he re-defected bears out this theory. Mission accomplished - no need to sandiwara anymore. Shahrir Samad later all but confirms this when he said that Nasaruddin's re-defection was not an issue at all because it was simply a case of UMNO getting their boy back. (Perhaps he will retire from politics come GE13 and go to some kind of UMNO-sponsored paradise.)

It was also crucial that PKR be seen as drawing first blood. UMNO/BN had been roundly condemning Anwar for threatening to seize Federal power via crossovers. (It's interesting that the issue of anti-hopping laws surfaced in the previous weeks. Was it an attempt to distract the target - by pretending to be scared?)

Now that UMNO planned to do the same in Perak, they needed to justify their actions. The Trojan Horse tactic was a master stroke in its deviousness as it crippled the PR's moral authority and focused the blame squarely back on Anwar. This theory is also borne out by Najib's response to a reporter. When asked about the legitimacy of the Perak govt-by-defection, he answered curtly, “Please ask the Pakatan why they started it in the first place!”

This tactic also divided popular opinion. And UMNO/BN thrives on the "divide-and-rule"concept because while the rakyat is distracted in arguing among themselves, they can do pretty much whatever they like.

So BN can be smart and resourceful when it wants to... Why not use this intelligence to better Govern the Country instead of continue to undermine the efforts of the PR who are doing a good if not better job that the incumbent of 50years BN?

I sincerely hope there will be divine retribution coming....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Evolution X2

This letter was posted to Starmag, Dated 15th of February, 2009

and below it would be my response(s).

I WAS very much intrigued by the article Celebrating a revolutionary by Richard Ingham (People, StarMag, Feb 8). Charles Darwin who was a seminary drop-out with absolutely no science degrees or any scientific authority at all, is exalted to the same status as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Galileo.

Many eminent scientists say because of Darwin, many groundbreaking discoveries were made in the realm of science. A mere “theory” has evolved and made its way into today’s science books as the absolute answer to the origin of man.

On the contrary, what was regarded as the truth since the beginning involving the master designer and creator of life is now considered a religious belief and therefore not scientific.

As a believer of creation science, I reckon that Darwin’s theory is more of a fairytale than science. Darwin’s theory is no different from the fairytale of a frog that became a prince when kissed by a princess except for the added ingredientof “millions and millions of years”.

The “origin of species” requiring billions of years to support the plausibility of life’s emergence and of subsequent evolution from “amoeba” to man is considered science today!

Before I open the Darwin can of worms, let me make clear that creationists are not a bunch of religious evangelists who know nothing about science.

Many Nobel Prize winners in science and scientists from renowned universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale are great writers and contributors to creation science. Browse the following website to discover great creation scientists who have made significant contributions to science: http://www.creationinfo.com/list.htm.

Three major religions of the world believe that man is God’s work. Christianity, Islam and Judaism believe this awesome truth, that man was uniquely created and did not come into existence by chance or evolve from an ape.

Darwin’s theory advocates that out of nothingness came matter and life, which evolved from the most primitive single cell organism to a supreme being like the human. It advocates that billions of things are supposed to have developed upward, becoming more orderly and complex.

This totally contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics, where it’s partially a universal law of decay; the prime cause of why everything ultimately falls apart and disintegrates over time, and so does life.

Darwin went outright against the Bible, the Quran, and the Torah in presenting his theory and thus creating a religion called Evolution, luring many “weak links” into believing his folly.

Daniel Vijayaruban Samuel,
Kajang, Selangor

This is based on my limited knowledge on the subject.

I take special objection to the letter by Daniel Vijayaruban Samuel (Starmag 15th February)
He starts by writing off the credentials of Darwin, a lowly tactic used by many pro-creationists(As should be known, Darwin studied at a clergy. He was brought up with Christianity. That creationism was drilled into him from the start and he by his own initiative, found proof to refute all he had believed to be true means a lot) after failing to refute evidence of the theory nor able to by any extent, prove their own.

Indeed, after providing facts, figures and scientific quantifiable methods to prove Darwin’s point- for example the Carbon Dating method that predicts the age of the earth to be about 4.5 billion years old. The pro-creationists simply wave it off as “there may be possible mistakes in carbon dating”, citing the biblical flood as a cause of discrepancy.

When asked for a semblance of proof for creationism, no scientifically measurable methods are forthcoming leaving Creationism to be just a belief, a theory.

With the discovery of DNA, so much has been explained. Human DNA is also found to be 96% similar with many apes and 99 per cent similar with chimpanzees. Man have been found to have originated from the continent of Africa and branched out from there settling all across the globe. Proof that man evolved from another species can be found in the discovery of Homo erectus, Homo habilis and Australopithecus africanus.

In contrast, how does the bible explain away the tens of thousands of prehistoric fossils if the earth were only 6500 years old? Unless you subscribe to the lie that the fossils are nothing more than plaster of paris, made up by artists to beguile the faithful.

A side question here, following the discovery of human migration trails above, were Adam and Eve Black? To swerve away from responding to the question by questioning the accuracy of it would once again prove that pro-creationists have used the same outdated ammunition ever since 1857 over and over again- to brush off all new and fresh efforts made by the scientific community while having nothing new of their own. To agree with that statement would start a whole new debacle.

Starmag’s allocation of 3 pages for the issue is sorely inadequate yet in keeping with the limitations of a newspaper I will have to keep my respond brief.

Finally, a bid to all pro-creationists out there, it is time to come up with proof for your theories instead of doing nothing but undermine the efforts of real scientists! Till then, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Pseudonym: Medical student
Yong Kuan Yew


My other article in support of evolution


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mempertahankan hak bumiputra- ketuanan bumiputra

Sebagaimana yang diketahui, NEP diwujudkan untuk meningkatkan status sosial Bumiputra di negara ini dan sebagaimana yang diketahui, hanya segelintir daripada rakyat biasa yang meraih faedah daripada agenda ini.

Bagi kebanyakan masyarakat bumiputra, yang miskin kekal miskin manakala yang kaya terus mengumpulkan harta benda atas sebab mereka merupakan UMNOputra dan bukan 'sekadar bumiputra biasa'

Sebenarnya NEP yang sepatutnya merapatkan jurang social antara penduduk ini telah mendalamkan lagi jurang tersebut. Dan sekiranya orang Melayu sendiri tidak meraih faedah daripada Polisi polisi kerajaan Barisan Nasional,

Bagaimana pula bagi golongan bumiputra pra-Tanah Melayu? Pernahkah terfikirkan hak hak mereka? Orang aslilah yang menetap di Tanah ini sebelum Kesultanan Melaka tetapi tidak pernah hak hak mereka dipertahankan. Merekalah Bumiputra yang sebenar dan asli tetapi merekalah yang paling dipinggirkan dan diabaikan.

Mereka dibuli dan digertak... DIpergunakan oleh Kerajaan yang merampas tanah milik pusaka, dibuli oleh Industri pembalakan yang menceroboh ke kawasan suci mereka dan tindakan Industri ini disokong oleh Kerajaan BN yang tidak berperikemanusiaan disebabkan sogokan wang ringgit. Lebih teruk lagi di sabah dan Sarawak, anak anak dara penduduk peribumi dirogol oleh pekerja industri pembalakan dan pihak polis biarkan sahaja tanpa sebarang siasatan. Inikah dianggap Adil?

Apakah Barisan Nasional telah lakukan untuk Bumiputra di Negara ini selain menghulurkan tangan dan seterusnya terus masukkan ke dalam poket sendiri?

Bandingkanlah dengan pihak Pakatan Rakyat di Perak yang dalam masa singkat 10 bulan telah mengembalikan keadilan ke atas Bumiputra negara ini. Inilah kerajaan yang patut disanjung kerana mempertahankan hak hak bumiputra dan hak hak rakyat dan bukan sekadar mengeluarkan omong omong kosong semata mata- seperti mana yang diperlakukan oleh UMNO.

• As Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin cancelled all logging and plantation activities in Orang Asli settlements around Gopeng that were affecting more than 2000 Orang Asli.

• YB Sivanesan announced the return of approximately 400 acres of Orang Asli ancestral land to the Orang Asli that had been earmarked for logging activities by the previous government in Mukim Teja near Gopeng.

• The State Government announced the return of approximately 500 acres of Orang Asli ancestral land to the Orang Asli of Kampung Chang Sungai Gepai in Bidor, which had been earmarked for a Botanical Garden by the previous government.

• A special task force on Orang Asli land rights was set up to formally recognise all Orang Asli customary land in Perak. The task force committee comprises two tiers. The second tier is exclusively managed by the Orang Asli communities themselves, and meeting halls in the State Secretariat building are provided to the Orang Asli for their use.

• The Administration commissioned a special Orang Asli Officer for the state of Perak whose function is to resolve all problems of the Orang Asli within the state.

• A series of consultations with the public and NGOs on development activities in Ipoh has been held. For example, public opinion was sought in relation to the proposed development of Yau Tet Shin Market.

• Both Malay and Chinese residents of new villages and Kampung Tersusun are now being granted permanent land titles in stages.

Dan fikirkan ini... tiada Wakil Rakyat Orang Asli dalam Kerajaan negeri Perak tetapi hak hak mereka tetap dijaga dengan baik. Pihak Media yang dikawal oleh BN sering melontarkan fitnah terhadap Pakatan Rakyat mengatakan bahawa mereka hanya mementingkan hak hak orang Cina dan India dan mengabaikan golongan Bumiputra dan hak hak Melayu. INI SEMUANYA FITNAH!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Anti hopping law possible?

Actually it is not. for 3 reasons

1) it is unconstitutional- it breaches the Freedom of Association act
" Article 10(2)(c) (freedom of association)"

2) Malaysian politics is such that there is no clear defining line whether we're voting a candidate as an individual or as a representative of a Party's Ideology.
Until voting is defined as choosing a candidate based solely on his ideology, it is not feasible. If you vote a person, an independent into office he may turn to any party and he has not breached any ethics.
(yet, as can be seen in March 08' , assemblymen from Pakatan Rakyat are virtual unknowns because the rakyat cast their vote based on political ideology of the candidates... but the time isn't ripe yet)

3) Assemblyman who no longer identifies with the party he was elected with... if he decides to leave the party without defecting... cannot contest again for a seat in five years time... another head-scratching clause in our constitution.
" Article 48(6) into the Federal Constitution in the 1980s, which states that a person who has resigned from the House of Representatives would be barred from taking office for five years."

Below are a collection of articles which are very eye-opening with regards to the feasibility of an Anti Party Hopping Law

1)Dilemma over defections

2)crossing over to a new politics by Tunku ’Abidin Muhriz

3)UMNO's Voice of dissent- Tengku Razeleigh (VOICE OF REASON)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ong Bak 2 review

Oh my gawd! OMG OMG OMG!
That pretty much sums up this review.
No, seriously!
ong bak 2, movie review
There’s so much to love about this movie! But I bet part of is due to nostalgia...

“your eyes remind me of someone I once knew”
This movie reminds me of so many things…
: Orphaned prince, saved then raised by a bandit lord with his gang of ‘artisans’. Groomed to be the next bandit lord, he has some unfinished business to attend to before he assumes his new throne...

A tried and tested formula it may be but… that’s all the more reason to marvel at the brilliant execution.

This movie really allows Tony Jaa to shine, if he wasn’t luminescent to begin with. I used to think that he was ‘merely’ an accomplished muay thai fighter with agility to match but in this movie, his versality with styles and weapons really impresses me

And this time, it makes greater sense compared to tom yum goong.
tom yum goong, the protector, ong bak

Recall the scene where Jaa fights in a room of fire against an assortment of warriors-kung fu masters, capoiera experts etc. It’s entertaining, but then this uh, globalisation of martial arts comes off as awkward and jarred. It’s as though Tony’s character busted into an international martial arts conference!

As if realizing this mistake, to make sense of his all rounded abilities, this time young Jaa is trained by martial arts exponents assimilated into the bandit camp. You have a master of illusion, Chinese Kung Fu master (think Tiger claw, Crane style ), samurai sensei and a jiu-jitsu expert mentoring him. It’s a holy Sh*t moment when Jaa comes of age and kicks the collective butt of all his gurus. It’s extra special because you see him going up against people who are faster, bigger, stronger and he trumps them all the same. Holy cow!

No, make that holy pachyderms!

ong bak 2, elephant
As always, the revered Siamese elephants get more than a cameo appearance. (Rumour has it that Jaa has two hand raised elephants!) A scene where Jaa fights around and about the elephant, using it as an both an obstacle course and a weapon is really fresh. Way to go man!

Now for the reasons of my nostalgia…

Tony brandishes the drunken fist, nunchaku,
nunchuk, bruce lee, ong bak 2
samurai swords, parang, spears and staffs with exceptional expertise, turning his enemies’ weapons again themselves while getting hurt in the process (unlike the fist- proof Yip Man) He even uses a archaic chinese chained projectile weapon with a heavy weight at the end, a rarity on the silver screen.

All of these brings to mind all the martial arts movies I've ever watched... plus more... after the shades of Zhui Chuen, comes Samurai X(Rurouni Kenshin: Ishin Shishi no Requiem),
Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai X
in which a rope attached to the sword sheath makes it useful projectile weapon

facets of Prince of Persia: Warrior within”,
prince of persia, warrior within, ong bak2

the Chinese art of mask-changing
Mask-Changing, Ong bak 2

and Bleach the anime too! Keep your eyes peeled.
bleach, Komamura Sajin, Ongbak2

ah plus an element from the thai female Action movie Chocolate
Chocolate, Ong Bak 2
(look out for the Raven guy)

But what’s a movie that is all brawn but no heart? Well the emotional aspect is one of the strong points of the movie. You really feel what the director wants you to empathize with.- the innocence of children, friendship, kinship, the sweet melody of a bangle, fear, distrust, lust and finally shocked anguish at the very end. The female lead is commendable for effectively portraying her emotions with nothing but her gaze.

From the artistic aspect,The brains behind the movie really hit the nail on the head with good camera-work and stylish muted scenes and suitable music scores I have a better understanding of traditional Thai dance, but somehow it reminds me of the indian dance, particularly the hands...

There you have it: brains, brawn, heart ...the combination that makes it a two thumbs and 2 toes up movie. I’m rather surprised at the ending but it is forgivable… considering that it is a cliffhanger for…. Wait for it….


-written at McDonald's Mid Valley- Enjoying a RM6.25 Chicken McNuggets Mcvalue meal!

p.s.- If Tony is given the chance for a more expressive role, he may one day be released from the curse that plagues all martial art movie stars... and hopefully that will stop people from comparing him with the wood that is Keanu. :-P
Tony Jaa, Ong Bak
(picture taken from http://tonyjaa.blog.fr)

P.P.s.- Really, if you look forward to a better outing the next time Ong Bak comes to our shores, make sure the cast and crew gets paid handsomely by supporting the original version.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tanjong Karang- Lively Haven

Where buildings are low
The pace of life is slow
Can healthy children grow
Nature has much to show!

As the coconut trees sway
Birds are singing gay
Oh my kite's flying away
Perched, I am on the quay

That quite summarises the carefree life of Tanjong Karang, and here's additional photos from the 'insects on my hand' series!

insect, grasshopper

Iridescent Grasshopper outside my house!

insect, grasshopper

Green Living!

insect,beetle, motorola

Black, is Quality. I'm referring to both, thank you :-P

insect, beetle, animals

"Oi! your hand slippery la..'told you not to shave your hand already, I can't even scuttle properly"
*Conversation if for wu liao purposes only and have no relation to real life events!!*

insect, beetle, animals

'now, that's more like it!'

insect, beetle, animals

'Come closer and let me have a good look at you!'

insect, beetle, animals, interaction

'Errr my shift for interacting with humans in up! But fear not cause here comes my cousin to entertain you, adios!'

beetle, peaceful, harmless,animals

insect, beetle, animals

Praying Mantis on the Prowl
insect, mantis, cute, praying

insect, mantis, cute, praying

insect, mantis, cute, praying

insect, mantis, cute, praying

insect, mantis, cute, praying

insect, mantis, cute, praying

insect,bug, critter, pest

LongHorn on a Stroll
insect,longhorn beetle, animal

insect,longhorn beetle, animal

insect,longhorn beetle, animal
Or two
Contact, wildlife, invertebrates, bug, cute

insect,longhorn beetle, animal

insect,longhorn beetle, animal

insect,longhorn beetle, animal

moth, lepidoptera, butterfly
Moth that's as big as a letter

mole cricket, bug
Mole Cricket!

Mole cricket, shy


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