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Sunday, April 27, 2008



Me staying here for next few years di....


ask me if you want to know why, dun wanna bore you guys with my melancholy again..

anyway...since I'm here... gonna buy a comp!

desktop? why.. cos students in this course dun need to lug notebooks around for assignments..so why splurge on something you can't really upgrade once its time is up?

And you can't play rough and tough games on it cos its fragile... and you get such better components for the same price when you get a pc!

so.. me aiming to get a "budget" pc, specially customised for gaming...yoohooo!!!

games to get are.. the Prince of Persia series, Hitman Series, Metal Gear solid series, Max payne 2,tho I played it like 7 times, spiderman 2, Fable, Nightwatch, Onimusha, N for ninja, emulator games and.... tell you the whole list later k?

Hmmmm...it's been long time since I asked for large sums of money...and since I won't be using up people's pension fund, think I can get a bit here and there..with my long time savings as back-up... hope to get it done just b4 or on time for vista...but see first la...it's bound to have problems...so might wait a bit for vista but will get XP first anyway....

haish...having double vision again...time to rest lo...

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