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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Return from Hiatus (7/11/2006)

"Those who know how work for those who know why."

This phrase was given to me by one of my network marketing friends.

[note that I am anti marketing, one of my previous public service announcements: “The multi-level dilemma” would attest to that. However, I am not against it per se, I just disagree with its mode of conduct. Otherwise it is quite a venue to learn people skills and stuff (however you end up losing quite a lot of friends in the process) and the up-line people are great motivators, making their captivated audience think about their life. My interpretation is that their teachings are too utopian, but I wonder if that matters to most ]

sorry for the side lecture. I practiced quite a lot of restraint already hehe.
Back to the topic, the above mentioned phrase.

You know, watching an anime (Law of Ueki) made me recall this phrase.

How’d it do that? I’m wondering myself, but that does give u a glimpse into the maze that is my head, doesn’t it?

It starts off like this. Why do I watch anime or cartoons in general? People will say its escapism but I’m only attracted to animes with depth. In terms of plot, character development, emotional value and principles that manifest through the characters. (one good example would be my favourite anime, samurai x @ rurouni kenshin) Another pulling factor is the imagination involved in creating these epics, I really admire the mangaka behind each of them. (AAA… now I’m caught up with yuyu hakusho, death note, naruto and gedoh the unidentified boy…why Animax, why?

I really enjoy the battle techniques, studying them is one of my great pastimes. Whatever it involves, be it chakura, sword techniques, spiritual energies or the ability to turn trash into trees (that’s law of ueki for you) there is the universal theme of plotting an attack and counter attack, and I am just fanatical about understanding their choreography and methodology, which is not unlike he way I am interested in the mechanism of everything in this world. [ explains why I like ‘how do they do it’ and Mythbusters on Discovery] and I would gladly devote my life to understanding the principles involved, and apply them to daily life. (now that sounds like I should be in engineering, doesn’t it? Problem is, I love nature, that’s why I took biology for form six. Then why am I in medicine?......

Now how does that relate to our topic today? The way my friend illustrates is this:

“Students who enter science courses like mechanical, electrical, engineering, computer courses, chemists etc based on their results will come into society one day. But who will they work for?

Businessmen who graduated from the school of life, businessmen who set up car companies, computer software companies, pharmaceutical companies….you get the picture. “

“True enough. But I don’t see anything wrong.”

“Who gets to determine his own salary? Who is the one who must plead and beg to get a raise?

And that’s the crux of their argument, convincing students to join multi level marketing

My problem with this statement is that they make it sound like such a bad thing!

So is it wrong if I prefer to live my life this way, delving in things that I am interested in, with my work surrounding what I love? I mean not everyone stumbles into science courses without knowing what they want, many know what they want and are doing what they do because of interest. And what if I don’t mind gtting a fixed salary, I don’t want to be filthy rich, is there something wrong with it? Why must wealth be a measure of success? That is one reason why I hate mlm so much. My measure of success and stability ain’t the same as yours… why don’t you mlm people get it? (Hehe…I did manage to get them off my back for a while..cool!)

How much money do I want?

Just let me save till I get one million. That’s good enough for me. how so?
If I bank in that amount, with an annual interest of 4 %(which is very low considering the sum)

I will get 40000. Divide that by 12 and that’s 3333.33 a month. I will continue working and the interest would cover my additional expenses. That’s all I ask. Simple, isn’t it?

Many would invest and get 200% returns but that’s if I have another million. Anyway, I’m not looking towards building an empire of my own. Just let me live by myself at the edge of the world with greenery surrounding me and I’m content. Haha.

Mlm people would be laughing their heads off if they knew I have so little ambition financially, but unless anyone comments on this I won’t be defending myself.

But I guess I can’t fault the statement entirely. (but I sure can fault the interpreter!!!)

What I mean is… in life, we must always have a bearing, a motivation or a goal. We must know why we’re doing what we do. Not follow the crowd like what is the trend these days.

Or else you would live like a zombie. I think that should be the correct interpretation of the phrase ‘those who know why’

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