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Sunday, April 27, 2008

You know... a few years ago... milk was just known as just milk
Well there is liquid milk and powdered milk, cow milk and goat milk
but nowadays It's really scary..

Milk is fortified with Probiotics lah, ARA, DHA, SHA, MAX-IQ, Taurine, Niacin bla-bla
Guaranteed to make your baby the smartest kid in class, the tallest kid in the neighbourhood and the only one left standing when the whole of Malaysia succumbs to the H5N1 virus.

What's wrong with that?
I have this aversion to supplements and it freaks me out.
It's just so unnatural. And they dress up common vitamins with all those fancy names purposely leaving out the descriptions.. and folks just go for the brand of milk with the most number of supplements with names they can't even pronounce.

Then theres the dettol advertisements. If you use dettol, your baby will be sort of a bubble-boy, forever protected in a bubble of anti-germ defense. People sneeze, the droplets get deflected away, he plays with soil and the bacteria evaporate on contact. If you ask me... the bubble case will even bounce off raindrops!!!

Whats wrong with this?

well...If the baby is shielded in this way... how will his own passive and actice immunity ever develop? An early exposure to pathogens is needed if your child is to develop any resistance whatsoever. Kids who roll around in dirt will be healthiest when they are adults. If you use disinfectants everywhere and the living conditions are totally germ free... he will face the consequences when he ventures outside the home.

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